June 4, 2023

I am not a doctor or any kind of professional! This is just my experience , everyone I feel can have a different experience when it comes to prescription drugs as it’s very personal. The song I used for my intro is “Cigarette Daydreams” by cage the elephant and the outro song is “Daddy Issues” by the neighborhood! I am a tad bit nervous in this video since this is my first ever video uploaded !

Hi my name is mckenna and today i want to talk about the drug dextroamphetamine um i have mixed feelings about it it’s like good and bad um but again like i am not a doctor um so strictly just my experience so take what i say with a grain of salt um so pretty much today’s my first day taking it so can i gonna walk you through my experience so i took it at 7 in

The morning and i gotta say first hour i felt so sick i felt weird i feel up like i took an actual street drug or something like i felt just out of it but after that i feel like i could focus better i felt more confident i can’t say it made me smarter like a lot of the idiots say that it’s like a smart drug or something it’s not but it did help a lot until i

Had to take my second dose around i believe it was 11 to 1 and that’s not everything went terrible i ended up feeling nauseous dizzy i felt like i was high i couldn’t talk properly um it was just a really really bad time so i like me myself i’m just gonna stick to the five milligrams in the morning and give myself an hour to kind of relax before going to school

Because that was honest pretty hell and i’m not gonna put myself through that again but after a couple of weeks i’m gonna check back in and all you guys know my experience and how it’s working and by the way i’m not taking this for like no reason i do have adhd so i do have a hard time focusing and studying and communicating and all that stuff so i really wanted

To give this a try and see if it work not a fan of the idea of adderall even though i know adderall is leavis amphetamine dextroamphetamine together i’m not entirely sure like again i’m not a doctor but i’ve tried adderall before and it me up so i’m not gonna try that modafinil i heard isn’t really good either i haven’t tried that one but um dex so far i like

Just in the mornings fine if anyone actually ends up watching this video and you’ve tried acts or know someone who tried dex like leave it in the comments below and tell me your experience cuz i’m honestly curious i’m just trying to find something that will help me get through school that’ll you know maybe make my life a little easier in the meantime i know it’s

Not really like a permanent solution but so whatever helps right so anyways thanks for taking the time to watch this video hope you guys have a great day or night or whatever um so yeah see you in the next video bye you

Transcribed from video
dexedrine & my experience (part1) By Mikenna Pastion