May 29, 2023

I MAKE 2000$ A DAY- Dexedrine

Yes gg ggs me no i’ll just get out of work now i’ll just get out of work now i’ll just get out of work now i’ll just get out of work i don’t work but i do like i don’t work nah i don’t work but i do stuff i i’m not i don’t play every day i’m doing sam darko hello my name is samantha and my youtube channel is sam darko stupid ass yeah wait a minute wait a minute

This is jeff never mind you’re a rat too that’s not the point you’re a rap that’s the point i’m just calling you everything simple as that no nothing happened don’t worry about it world huh you don’t don’t ask no i don’t i don’t want you to know who’s man that was messed up you want me to slip on your neck and make you want to make you not breathe do you

Want me to make you step on your neck first of all you wouldn’t first of all you could have been stepping by first of all you want me to step your neck dad so i can make you not breathe you sound like a you sound like a be quiet jose come get your mans come here come hands i don’t give a i don’t okay okay hey get this in your head i don’t care i don’t give

A that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s not okay then make fun of it i don’t care right this thing is a weirdo oh bozo asked what are you talking about my family would never go through that my family why you bring it up hypothetical i pathetic i don’t care about hypothetical i care about now i care about

Now and is there anything happening in my is there anything happening in my life is it is anything happening no shut the up now shut now shut the up now shut the no if nothing that’s not gonna happen no hypothetically nothing you remove me you removed me for a reason i’m not even talking about that you’re a movie now shut the up don’t talk to me you’re

Okay you think i care i don’t care no you don’t one’s nothing about me either so what are you trying to say hey no you only know me for two you only know you only donate for two weirdo they didn’t girls online that never be me he dated a girl online never mind bro you you lost your valid points you lost yourself how are you going to take them for mom girl

They went to old school how am i an e dater i called him an e-theater not you you did the same thing jose i went to visit her e-dating is when they’re across the country over here flirting with a scream oh don’t matter why are you so why did you get so offended why are you getting so offended why are you getting so offended say to his face i’ll message him

It is i mean you tell jose not to say that anywhere but you say come on now i don’t say that all right vic first of all vic that’s true big first of all vic i’m gonna say no i said hey i know that he’s a slow ass i don’t know why you shot a b in here vic i understand i shouldn’t say it might not 100 uh you’re asking like whatever i should say not i just don’t

Like how you like you tell somebody else not to say it when you say it i say that as a joke i don’t even i’m going to send the truth i’m a calm and i’ll say it i hope you get killed like george foreign powerful yes again if he posts that yes he can yes you can get so much hate that’s it that’s all you’re slow what do you got so this truth and saying that i

Can’t say to truth face and brought up george floyd i said that i would step on his neck and make him say i can’t breathe right right right right no it’s not funny you’re right anyway that besides the point that he said the point they have to set the point that’s can you shut up i’m trying to explain the whole story you keep on talking no shut the up just shut

Up are you to be quiet okay no you’re not you’re still talking you’re my right now steal my oh you’re my all right i don’t like that bro do it go upload it okay okay just do it just do it shut up what’s wrong with the girl live dude calm down vic who the hell would fall in love with words words to their face there’s a lot of people that follow for

Girls there’s a lot there’s a lot of jose jose i don’t know why vic is so slow right now i’m sorry but i don’t get it wow vic vic you’re not understanding we’re all quiet and chilling this pops up out of nowhere oh he popped up out of nowhere talk about how you was talking about george floyd no one had a problem with it no one had a problem with it no one

No one had a problem just because nobody said nothing don’t mean nobody had a problem speak up he’s the only one that’s speaking up okay just all right all right look at that i don’t know him i don’t know him but like he he he’s right he got instigated oh there we go that’s a big side right come on you’re acting like this like your first thumb some more

Bro come some more tell us tomorrow just

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