March 28, 2023

Diabetes meds- Metformin, Glimepiride, Glipizide. How they work and why you should know.

Yo what’s going on what is going on so um stepped outside and in florida we spoiled right you know we’re used to it being hot 365 days of the year the temperature may be around 60 and it is freezing if you ask me so i had to be a little extra and put a jacket on um but i’m just going to walk around try to get some sunlight it’s important you got to make sure

You’re getting sunlight you got to make sure you’re getting something light um especially if you’re black african american you have dark skin brown skin black skin you got to you have to get vitamin d you have to getting it in a supplement form is not sufficient enough and also we have to understand that vitamin d is not even a vitamin it’s a hormone and so when i

Tell people that that usually helps them out as far as understanding how important it is um so while i’m walking around me which direction do i want to go another thing about florida is we have a lot of gators so i’m not about that life and um i don’t want to roll up on the gator because i don’t feel like uh you know having the sprint right now so while i’m going

To walk i have to be very careful about where i’m walking because i don’t want to roll up on the gator but i wanted to talk about a couple things as pertains to uh diabetes so i’m always telling patients um you know you have to understand how your medication works you don’t have to understand in a way where you can be a pharmacist but still i highly recommend that

You know not only do you understand how medications work but you also have a basic understanding of our anatomy and physiology because if you don’t then it’s hard for you to ask high quality questions to your practitioners because you won’t really be able to relate or understand anything they’re saying or any advice that they’re giving you so particularly i want

To talk about type 2 diabetes and uh two types of medications that people are usually prescribed the second type i’m not even sure why why it’s really still being prescribed but nonetheless it is and that’s uh metformin and then the other class of medications they’re known as sulfonylureas um we have uh glimepiride and uh clipazide glimepiride and glipizide

Uh so let’s talk about metformin and how it works so metformin for the most part works uh the mechanism of action works in three ways for the most part uh the first part is that metformin is going to inhibit the actual absorption of glucose in the intestinal lining so when you eat food that contains carbohydrates and those carbohydrates from being broken down

Metformin is going to actually decrease some of that absorption so that’s the first way now you’re not absorbing as much glucose as you would have the next way uh metformin works is that it actually uh decreases it slows down the actual release of glucose from your liver so our liver is uh holding on to a lot of sugar a lot of glucose in stored form is called

Glycogen and so during the hours so when you’re actually eating a lot of that glucose is being released to you from your liver into your bloodstream well what metformin does is it actually decreases of the decreases that uh sugar release which is called gluconeogenesis so it decreases that and the next way that uh methyl1 works is by increasing the sensitivity

Of your cells to insulin so those are the three ways that it works this is why a lot of times people have a lot of stomach irritation stomach pains when they’re taking metformin because that’s the first the first way works is by slowing down the actual absorption which means slowing down the actual motility of the stomach lining in the actual intestinal lining

So some of the biggest side effects of metformin is think pain nausea vomiting also the b12 deficiency because it decreases the b12 also it decreases folic acid and it also the combination of those two also increases homocysteine which has a high correlation with cardiovascular disease now let’s talk about the sulfonylureas glumeperid and glipizide i don’t know

Why these medications are still being prescribed right so let’s talk about how these medications work largely those two medications work by working on the pancreas these medications they they go and stimulate the actual beta cell so when we’re talking about insulin insulin is the actual hormone that’s responsible for uh allowing glucose into the actual cells

We have 37 trillion cells they all need glucose they all uh have uh you know have to run off of or run off of glucose well insulin allows the actual glucose to go into the cell so insulin is coming from the pancreas but there is a specific uh cell inside the pancreas that allows that secretes insulin it’s called the beta cell so the sulfonylureas glyphoside

And glimepiride they stimulate the beta cells to actually release insulin now they’re going to release insulin they’re going to stimulate pancreas and the pancreas is going to release insulin medic on a continuous basis so with that being said one of the number one side effects of those two medications stefano ureas uh glomephoride and lipizide is hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia so what is hypoglycemia well this is when your blood sugar goes so low a lot of times it’s going to be below 70 below 60. but your body your blood sugar goes so low to where you’re not able to remain conscious you’re not able to stand you feel light-headed you feel dizzy you start sweating uh get clammy you can’t think clearly and it’s because your blood

Sugar supply is so low now this is one of the reasons this is one of the main reasons why this drug was uh there’s been a sharp decrease in the actual prescribing of this medication but still patients are still being prescribed i just finished seeing two of them and they’re young individuals i don’t know why um is being prescribed but nonetheless um so you’ll hear

A lot of patients complain about that happening and the recommendations that they’re given when when they’re told that that’s that’s happening is to you know go ahead and eat something and then this is this is the reason why a lot of diabetics are told to constantly eat throughout the day check this out when you prescribe these medications whether it be metformin

Whether it be the one of the sulfonylureas glimepiride or glubazide you are being prescribed those medications at a dose that’s going to manage your blood sugar based on the foods that you’re eating right then and there so what does this mean this means that as long as you continue to eat the processed foods as long as we continue to eat the diets that are going

To help diabetes progress those medications for the most part won’t cause us any uh any side effects that are going to be like hypoglycemia uh you’re still gonna have the side effects as far as the b12 deficiency uh the weight gain um pcos from the soft one ureas but as far as hypoglycemia you don’t have to worry about that because the diet is going to continue to

Fuel uh that that constant stimulation of insulin because of the glucose however and this is the crazy thing however if you’re taking those medications and you decide that you want to start moving a little bit more you decide that you want to start eating more what happens patients will come in and tell you um like this sister i just finished speaking with you know

We’re talking about um the medications that you’re taking how she’s doing with it and everything like that so it’s my first time seeing her and um so i was like you know so let’s start talking about the healthy eating she told me she already tried that but she had to stop because she was always feeling she’s like i would try that but i had to stop because in the

Morning times i would just feel real weak lightheaded and my blood sugar was like 65 and she was like and so i just stopped because i had i was to the point where eating better i think she because she thought that she was so diabetic that she was permanently on those medications and that there’s nothing she can do well the reason why that’s happening is because

She’s taking a medication called glimepiride and if you’re eating healthy and you’re taking these medications these medications are not fit to deal with you while eating healthy foods they’re only fit to deal with you while you’re eating unhealthy and while you’re not eating moving as much because this way if you’re eating the same foods that are highly processed

The medications will always have something to work with specifically the sulfonarias glyphoride and glimepirat i’m sorry glyphozide and glimepiride will always have glucose to actually put into the cells because of the foods however when you start eating whole foods in conjunction with actually moving more well the whole foods won’t be processed they’ll have more

Fiber and nutrients in them because now with them having more fiber and nutrients in them your blood sugar spikes or increases won’t nearly be as high therefore you won’t need as much insulin because there won’t be much glucose in the bloodstream but what happens when you’re taking software in urea they’re like we don’t care but none of that secrete insulin and

So the sulfonylureas they beat up on the pancreas so much and make them secrete insulin it doesn’t matter how much glucose you have the hit’s already out your pancreas is going to continue to secrete insulin regardless of what you just ate or what you didn’t eat and this is what’s causing the hypoglycemia and this is why when patients start i’m always telling

Even if i’m working with online clients you you we have to actually understand have a have a understanding that you’re eating better you’re moving more therefore you got to work your provider to actually help you decrease your medications now whether they do that or if they do it on their own because i’m going to educate them in a way where they’ll be able to be

Independent you know you’ll know how to track your blood sugars uh you know when it’s time to you know taper off medications based on my own personal case studies because i won’t be giving you any medical advice but at the same time you’ll be so educated and empowered about how your body works and how these medications work and how the foods work where things will

Start clicking to you and so with these medications they don’t they’re just once you start eating healthy and you saw decrease in the amount of glucose in your bloodstream that insulin that is being forced out of your pancreas because of the medications will now bring down your blood sugar so much so to where you you have hypoglycemia and you start having issues

Uh with cognitive like thinking and um actually being able to stand up and uh be having chills and clammy you’re going that’s what they call hypoglycemia and so a lot of people go to hospitals for that matter of fact uh i think the numbers are like most people when they go to uh hospital for diabetic issues it’s not because of high it’s not because of high blood

Sugar it’s because of the side effects of the medication making their blood sugar extremely low so this is why um even with uh with fasting so this is the thing and i’m saying this out of love and y’all got to know i’m saying this out of love um medications are for people with medical conditions medications are for so medications are for people who are

Going to continue to be quote unquote sick now the sick word i’m a little easy with because you know there’s a whole lot that goes into it but you’re going to continue to the medications are going to continue to manage you the medications are going to continue to make your numbers look you got a patient all right i’m sorry about that so i got a patient waiting

On me um but yeah so the medications are going to continue uh they’re going to be fine for you as long as you continue in that direction but they’re not fine for a person who’s going to be improving their health and they’re not they’re not going to be uh pleasurable for a person who is actually eating better and moving more because you’re going in the opposite

Direction the medications are going to be for you if you’re going in the progression direction but the moment you decide to turn around and start moving more and eating better the medications are no longer suffice for you because you don’t have the unhealthy levels of blood sugar the medications are for unhealthy levels of blood sugar therefore if you don’t have

Those unhealthy levels you’re going to start to have those side effects such as the hypoglycemia and so this is why it’s important to make sure you work with your providers or someone who has the actual education and knowledge on how to um direct you and guide you when you’re doing these things so that’s why i need for everybody to make sure they understand

How these medications work on a basic level um and this is why um you know it’s so empowering when patients actually uh are able to understand and this is why there should be this this education in the doctor’s office or wherever you’re going distribute this education patients should know that if you’re not eating then you don’t need to take metformin because

Metformin once again works in three ways if you’re not taking in glucose then what is metformin inhibiting so there’s no need to take it and then also that’s why you would have a lot of stomach pain when you’re taking metformin but also same thing with the actual software ureas you know if you are eating so much better and you are fasting and doing all these

Other things then no software and ureas they may uh they may cause more problems than they they actually do good because and also another thing software and urease along with them causing hypoglycemia uh they’re also notorious for causing weight gain why because they’re forcing your pancreas to pump out insulin insulin stores uh stores glucose as well as fat um

And that’s why insulin i’m sorry uh sophomores also cause uh increases the chances of you having pcos women and gynecomastia for men pcos for women is polycystic ovarian syndrome uh gynecomastia for men is pretty much when it’s the flip so insulin high lows insulin which you get from the actual injecting insulin plus taking the medications it pretty much causes

A biochemical sex change in the male and female so male with men would start to have exhibit more feminine characteristics their breast tissue will start to develop very differently because their testosterone is being decreased by the high levels of insulin and for women their estrogen levels is being decreased while their testosterone levels are being increased

Causing what we call uh heritarism this is when uh there’s an increase in facial hair growth but also irregular menstrual cycles and uh multiple other things so um just make sure y’all know that um i’ll be back home a little bit i gotta go see a patient but um make sure y’all share the video like the video and check out the new program we have coming out um you

Know it’s open right now we haven’t completely uh finished up the website but you go and check it out other than that appreciate y’all highlight you later all right peace

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