March 24, 2023

This goes over which diabetes medications help you lose weight and which ones make you gain weight.

Hi i’m dr. kathleen hallinan and we’re continuing today with our weight loss vlog and today we’re going to do diabetes and weight loss and i’ll try to keep this not too boring and not too difficult but it’s very important for you to know that a lot of the medications that you might get put on for diabetes can cause weight gain so i’m going to go over with you

Just really quickly what medicines to look out for on your medication list the cheap old stuff that your insurance likes to cover often will cause you to gain weight what we really want you to do is try to get on some diabetes medications that will help you lose weight so we’ll try to keep this not too boring so very important is my board so faunal ureas these

Are medicines that include glipizide glyburide glimepiride can you see that so those are old medicines they’re very inexpensive your insurance will like to cover them and they will cause you to gain weight try to get off those if you can the next class of medicine is metformin that foreman is also glucophage very well tolerated usually helps toward weight loss if

Anything weight neutral some people get a little gi upset like a little diarrhea or stomach upset with it but usually it goes away in a few days and it’s it has to be stopped if you have a cat scan with contrast that’s the only other really important thing for you to know about glucophage or metformin but very effective and usually first line in not expensive and

Insurance generally covers it the others that i’m going to go over with you if you can get your insurance to cover it try to get on these so um and again if you’re purist about it i’m sorry i have used the brand names because that’s what i think you’ll recognize and i’ve split them up in a way that i think will just like make more sense to you guys so the red-blue

Tide which is a long name for victoza insects enda victoza is the medication that’s approved for diabetes by the fda sec senda is the form of it at a higher dose that’s been approved by the fda for weight loss specifically if you have diabetes you’re much more likely to have it approved for the diabetes indication than the weight loss indication but the the dosing

That’s used for diabetes we’ll help you lose weight this is a class of medication called a glp-1 agonist it that’s a big long name for saying that it actually helps promote satiety it will make you feel not too hungry it will blunt the receptors in your brain that make you want to eat and get a lot of gratification out of eating and people feel really the tolerated

Quite nicely the one thing that people have to get over is that it’s an injectable so it is like a little spring-loaded injector pen and it’s injected once a day there is another medication in the same class eggs and oat i’d which is byetta which is once a day or by durian which is once a week also an injectable but also promotes satiety does not actually have

The fda approval for specifically weight loss is a separate drug but it does contribute to weight loss in will help you much better as far as getting the weight off okay and very interestingly the last class of drugs are medications back to pills that help you control your diabetes by a very unique mechanism they actually cause you to pass sugar through your kidneys

Into your urine and it’s enough sure that actually it will take off maybe a couple hundred calories a day which is enough for me to lose about half a pound a week if you’re being really good with all of the rest of the stuff diet and exercise that class of medication are the sglt2 inhibitors big long way of saying that they block a receptor in your kidney and the

Medications you’ll notice from television i’m sure are invokana farxiga and guardians those are the medicines that i know you’ve seen on television they’re advertised all over the place they they are effective they’re relatively new when i was in training i was told never be the first or the last to use a drug and it is true so be cautious these are much newer

Medications they haven’t been around for as long there are some risks some people have been put into something called ketoacidosis while being on these medications they do increase the risk of fungal infections like in the groin or yeast infections in women because you’re putting passing sugar through your urine so it’s an environment in that area that is very

Conducive to having yeast or fungus grow so not always really what you want however if you don’t happen to have that side effect then great and this is another option for you to help with the weight loss so those that’s my brief going over medications for your diabetes and kind of how to tweak them to try to get the weight down so definitely if you can get your

Insurance to cover the medications that help with weight loss try to do that and try to get off any of the medications that may be promoting weight gain including insulin and sulfonylureas those are the most important ones but again yet must do it in a stepwise effect a stepwise process you can you can add sometimes the medications that help with weight loss –

Like long-acting insulin and then over time be able to decrease the insulin dose so there are a lot of strategies here a lot of finesse to it check with your insurance see what they cover remember the other rules no sugar only eat half will go through some other rules next time okay hope this has helped thank you

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