June 1, 2023

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Hello friend welcome to our channel solution which slippity other company about the fk oral anti-diabetic a different different type of classification or a given common and if i become the mega tarragona so attributed some star trek evalia only any classification message important to us the mechanism of action or a sir watkyn valium sfx a jokey insulin secretion

Co enhanced a common example that was classy and then we’re mara self when i you is to tell you about that thing a key topic make self an iu is the mecca of atp sensitive potassium channel block good name for hostility among k point wise or the ground key mother said they can hardly have one key mechanism of action could come from the gate 30 cable itself comes

From mechanism of action started a body important diagram v to post a gimmick those are important baggage on alina be our second whiskey bottom is the ground approaching a fill diagram work what a theoretical expression of cahaba milega so as the topic i before the important abdomen example point of view say or serve each other of the g by two different different

Compression example point of view say such a pilot or market in k important important doing formation was kavadi these are important in treatment of diabetes mellitus of type two of subsequent evacuate to click use open the hay the diabetes mellitus have goodbye to killer use curtain hank you hear that to do some of that non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Janicki a as a diabetes the time joki up the insulin may dependent nahin mata in this external source of which will be dependent on you de keeps me have type-2 diabetes mellitus my body body is he all my heart a source case will be dependent he would be happy will you go sleep effectively it’s not avenida hekia maurizio would say they have read up cell and if

I’d classify up in here under little property hey kiara belen to investigation terrain he puts up the mosaic is a kiss occasionally or baba yaga yaga be was a planning to encumber mnemonic a school a perky create company one leaky process custom ratna plu community in swinburne an icky icky be decided wanna in caracas the king for years okay but possible appetite

Yoga type one with the pancreas absolute three cases you know about my into in burrata castle stimulate karenga yeah whose pragmatics elaqid get to that mia due to autoimmune disorder polly to happen one of the overall any hi yes equal do not say or jonathan and he does it big brother yeah well hypoglycemic girl so you have a party anything about to a table a

Table that to type ii diabetes mellitus may use carbon hand you have in kanazawa reduce alpha 9 udacity class said his class and the domain also classic moon of course generation or these are a second generation this cave are at heart become about nagamma male generation is much community which is a disadvantage they use peroxide toxic effect posterity so india is

First direction cool how many jews cannot discontinued vi zki tada homogeneous okay okay second-generation co2 yields an amoeba ven aqui con said well the second generation use what i’m coming to the next point your cell phone i knew esa is key discovery to pair a interesting fact we do now y so if ck category has cell phone ah mike derivative negative activity

In typhoid fever to seek material person to hominid typhoid fever boutique chemically is cellphone amide derivative of dna under um karyotype parvati cornillon yeah it was reitman daily specifically a side effect a movement here the cavity will be body milk was the label from veronica hypoglycemia he can make a militant is hypoglycemia kay scarpetta in quadski

Video pe erica ask if you’re into diabetic granham any killer use here daniel agger okay agar avoid red hypoglycemia faster the hypo definitely items co nt harper decimate yes we use physical check barking okay coming to the next point they enhance the insulin release from vita save just from the palais the kappa pa rappa insulin enhancer key is to enhance that

Menarche beta cells k through the in fluid secretion ever enhance ova to infinity committee various ado booze k level equivalent bharata definitely yahoo ski kimiko puritan america cookie in fluid but we are the winds will increase and khayyam team are providing it to voting glucose to glucose utilization towards the cell in this the contouring hey what is

A financier to see our work if your money we use 30 a giant well-cared whare to ugly postcard use hood unequivocally you post a level kimono surah hood ragga the age of processor is my mother’s birthday no more insulin what is it in squeaky kimiko or rather stimulator gets the feed carnegie-mellon a hammer a cell phone i obviously can’t aggregator than here to

Hoover you say judy we putting pot in john kerry on are there any gators but do you make an ism affection key mechanism of actually put some sonically underneath 30 coco you see i appear right side up our you take them diagram this diagram different different steps polymer chemist organic après-ski ahead what is the opposite of the exist emetic 30 cases 124 my

Explanation so similarly i have moved on cue is that wrong fabulous economic terrain 3s textbook of carbon a color this second edition by p check this pasado you see he theory from the hobby conversion with ramos fell for newly activated the party all but without like you might be book cool which are ela is that non-customers then i got a marker thing is that

Rama – yaa marisela whose cell phone was of night target cell despite our target is infinity activity co-founded is muharram who since william gazecki dupage cosmic movie such similar marker pens tip once it hopped up there’s a thing you both eat and drink or hay casera which is a ryokan last classification of musicality carbohydrate k absorption co effect

Opinion to inhibit clear thing every dot that when i say that he can see from somerset pain remember baby goat died live in how this nightmare as a substantial penny comes to 24 they took the avocado cupcake glucose economically responsible and i have a star to attire that were later so ultimately we impose may convert or then you because when i have a demo

Squadron took you through glucose transporter kooky mother say yeah placenta through under a band whoever says to my heart a proposed obviously mother says lk and there are choking here is say under on ichabod yoga poses with the help of like of kinase a okay enjoyment with steve mothership and motto venice six glucose was bergman iv distance reverse phosphate

Bobby logarithm mitochondria that most i you mitochondria to my body ie power of spirit is a hamada boarding and originated connect it comes with the a micro cornea with of this form six will post prospect iv that atp or atp consensus is the process and stimulate increase their in k increase non-aqueous a travel ban in k increases an equivalence a normal program

Birthday so yes it potassium efflux allows that i have potassium body say gannicus particular still say ahaha better than a normal case magical smile you just pull our by the product which is a it will become a candidate or not or increase on on the petition for influx kappa what a sulfonylurea see so whenever any person text cell phone annual it blocks this

This is side of action for cell phone is erp is potassium tomoko blocked at the end what are some generate we block tunic emergency you each locks for nevada quotation kahoka mo data so the key influx of predation is blown you have been one of the influx of predation cabo blanco gearhead each petition key flux key block unique occurrence a in japan sick well

Saratoga kiowa aware depresses start with language escobar the dependent calcium channel making you happy calcium channel had a voltage dependent sookie obviated potassium efflux in hema parasail under here say aha mechanical power influx kanikama nevada another favor barnacle jana but alaska muhammad slk bahar say under donna – harvey cellphone is a petition

Tuscarora what is simple step and this curve opening evidence in what have you put a rope on or eight of the chaos after open hogatha tamara calcium three yup k is calcium generate the two opposite of course progress selma poaching it would be polarized whaddaya got his key that is a deep person cause of the usa government in case on a given us a age of grannies

Making these are the insulin granny with this common up a second part of it that is the case my upward explain casa the ehr mah degree inoue-san woke up gratefully suraj i’m gay or break when a kebab you exocytosis coprocessor scheme mother think daniel and we release one isuzu who made a vanessa insulin release who are here who the sequence come tourniquet 30k

Convict turkey case car of this infernal urea stuff i mean after a or important cheese’s objects of mine shafts are really key to my cell phone i’ll you really say who sneaked a kia who’s come main point site of action target attraction of this particular why do or diagram is that here not a potassium efflux go inhibit cara hi lupe shampoo is safety and this

Began in he there ahead but his kickham per second came through action persons resident cute we simply entry book allow arrived so this keyword i said before a menorah or ammiraju you to dinner in java is over let me do we post is co utilize that tool availability bodega bodega this is one of the simplest diagram to explain the mechanism of action of cellphone

I you dias is that lamp or even author can explain there than here so no one is going to cut your mark he went out for messiah up explained curve buying a serie of new justified now is that important motive point from you lucky punk asses amma suck my hand you do not actually more the important it so coming to the first point is mechanism of action car i’ve been

Known about tiny because a panic which point extra half a million are poor you know is diagram to justify over subsequently increase the sensitivity of peripheral tissue for insulin a model your cell phone is a yes benefit issue k then student a preppy you sensitivity is increased after hand now what is the meaning of this particular line just america happy other

Met ecstatic is megabot it is newscast in about peru yard akira this example is for that case where there is no problem of diabetes mellitus type do you normally something about the town in salina any failfish omg sensitivity optimum movie so to accept wearing your insulin is not a blooper step up take your utilization ho jayega in this occurrence it ever known

Rosano unknown how my peripheral tissue keys you sensitivity here for in swing the other come whose leg so angela java matter whatever guna movie is reshoot edgewater sensitivity not so curly key whether say introducing additional proper name of by agra hammering insulin receptor pain what is the residual ultimately glucose the update utilisation mean i hope

Ira is problem for the mt currently jason normal dose of pain is the sensitivity cover javier tom whoppers a normal individual key or better suck man yeah commissar chopped toasted diabetes problem take perfect plan to do after self adjustable on february he is his sensitivity to this keep peripheral tissue group scaly this case elliptically into the sensitivity

Into the corresponding in the sensitivity cobra hanukkah tom curren coming to the next point that is increase in number of insulin receptor could be something as actor hey salim disapper kiss and tamil radhika the hey abby atomic level has gone with a regulation jacket optimal solution for mass email okay that this expression who the they say marissa pregnant

Cows kiraku cushioning canal description box misery apple copies are an important link emailing it in co-op the king of the concept here hoorah so yeah insulin receptor kazanka members a number three per minute so you guys have been hanging to insulin by monica jaha with a family you can in java you get aspect to subtract a turbine okay so in cave by demonic

Evil si do glucose a big head celtic vara roman milegi cookie blue most of the cells the target cells that much anna can you comment were entering insulin is a part of bionic body goethe so our number of his autonomy were three where he had to pack our utilization we bodega for corresponding of the movers the point of using that coming to the next one insulin

Insulin and we capture then increase the insulin level yeah my body more basal most impulsive mother yeah every morning a incident a level to increase cutting edge of the ski where sect abu taha in ski possess a rock gig like boozing knievel kombucha you’re my pal a paula makiato see barking after second point my expenditure here he is winkle able to increase

Currently go to school as a part of it like okay celina i couldn’t read google on up gay for the illegal at point m coming to the next one they bind to cell phone iud is here’s the per the age of my cell phone i knew here’s my cell phone i julius is a perfect if by open cell phone ideas is a problem widening occurrence a while either himself ryu vs tiger cell

Phone are you less questioning in other these are receptors which are activity shows by potassium channel activity which is related by atp put in some general with llamada sulfonylureas p receptor and eliminate a sensitive potassium channel and just like a happening maja page that they call ultimately up to you have it affect kuraki second i will you have to

Vote bind with am next point on cell surface of beta cell surface or it has to be the same a cell surface one epic alga close potential genesis you have your mind effect self riley does binomial they put a something up close that they may put some general close about calcium channel opening only orgasm generated through deeper somoza coming to the next point

They prevent the potassium efflux to be become expand current but asymptomatic bonded i got a potassium efflux velocity versus amara depolarization kasuga this be present open the voltage-dependent calcium channel abacus anthem copenhagen calcium channel now a geek america influx of calcium we will start and replace of the insulin release of insulin obviously

Rod of the frankie exocytosis crystal insulin and release one a start rosa had coming to the next point influx of new calcium and who is suing he release costa rica last point eight drug in direction as a one forces situation here as a kwan considered hand joab guess that pope sulfonylureas not interfering or incorrect the negev are in the availability and the

Wonderful safer having will have autonomy from the nova have explained has subsequently master plan as a directly joking at the video he discarded so activity of supplying areas is increased by and sa id was fearing cell phone ah might yet inches a in care to be tico increase containing the outer pane this give us any activity in this would be a that displays

The sulfonylureas from the protein minding your protein my deepest i’d say is self-knowledge oscoda space that they that mean he to availability here which are the whole circuit musharraf because that residue yeah okay alcohol garage beneath all seemingly didn’t make as a conversation yeah rk sulfonylurea steam metabolism cook somewhere mega-concert then observe

Self-aligned movies come meta boy some coconut them in canada storage and destroy unity ability here optimal tabulation process p2 commodity so javi come with appetizing we come destroying that you in chaos a birthday coming to the next one as i drop jokey in key activity could come chemical tanker hey hey come on everett redman qp oppenheimer a dynamic and

Corticosteroids jokey in keep blood my availability but how the opinion across turkey will be coming because he already blood maharaja then say yeah you out the surprise we assign kick commenting about about because my wrist account of blood glucose clever pope come cannot repeal that will be cameras alpha lion vs k activity could sme automatically come current

Repeated are be cam a blood glucose level increase current because of reabsorption thomas opinion the sámi dakara sodium you pose for a sporty they say he come from inhibit carbonate so expressive i’m the arts with america exempt sympathetic as a mechanism of action of cellphone i you really with the help of respective diagram or i mean that one cup one to

Monday for midna of explanation i thought about rotation to scale am chopping upper without a tapas comment box musa plane that cannot be doubtful or at disappear cuts again so we’ve just come about the attack a difference and alia yp that this prasad kumar course i use communicated the particle latest addition to aware of is that screenshot in a chart a few

Multiple books in you have a pointer to of office the speech short race at the end opieop exam two point of view set copy according to graph metaphorically western genre basic video clear description box with the rule check tonight our papers important links reckoning waitaki ups could download perfect a pdf notice that he is a unique with powerpoint presentation

Diabetes peak is karamchedu accepting a so what last thank you very much power things with you not much time you

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