January 27, 2023

#Diabetes, New – How to Mix the Diabetes Natural Treatment -Not a Cure

Hello so i’m going to show you now how to make this remedy which is proven to reverse type 2 diabetes and dramatically reverse the amount of insulin that type 1 diabetics take very often reducing the insulin by 90 95 so you can either get the remedy from ourselves at healthproductbusiness.com hopefully around here there’s a link somewhere either below the video

Or if it’s tick tock in the bio or whatever so you can get it from us but i’m going to show you how to make it yourself and then so here we are it’s a very simple remedy to make and it’s based on the assumption that diabetes is an illness of the digestive system it’s not just about the pancreas it’s nothing to in one way the pancreas is only a tiny part of your

Digestive system just as your saliva is a part of your digestive system just as your colon or your throat so we’re treating the whole of your digestive system and then stimulating your pancreas or enabling your pancreas to find a state of normality because your body knows how to be healthy i’ll say that again your body knows how to be healthy you don’t need to

Know you don’t know how your brain works how your heart works how your lung works you can read about it in a book but actually in nature in everything there’s a natural intelligence and human beings are the only things on the planet that walk around sticking drugs in their mouths and i’m saying you don’t need to put drugs in your mouth or i’m suggesting that

You don’t need to you can put natural substances in your mouth that’ll gently help your body to find harmony again that’ll get rid of your diabetes to some degree or other okay this isn’t medical advice this is just telling you how i stopped i got rid of my diabetes type two my blood sugar was i think it was about 146 and i i had it back down to 45 in three

Months and i know people who are type 1 diabetic who’ve been injecting insulin from 300 units down to 10 units a day i’m not making any guarantees or promises to you i’m just telling you what this stuff might do for you okay so let’s have a look what have we got here there’s just four simple ingredients that you can buy from any these are just food stuffs that

You can buy from a good quality supermarket now the first one is a vegetable fennel fennel will dramatically reduce the inflammation in your digestive system i’ll say that again fennel now i will say on all of this stuff please please use organic not for any fancy ideas about mother earth or anything like that i’m just telling you if unless it’s organic it is

Covered in toxic chemicals it doesn’t matter whether it’s weed killers biocides pesticides all kinds of toxins are on your vegetables and on your food stuff unless you get organic so that’s organic fennel powder the next one is slippery elm organic slippery elm powder it’s very expensive but it is what it is the next one oh well this what this will do as you as

You can i don’t know if you can see it it is so fine that you you mix all these up you just put a teaspoon in water you drink it twice a day that’s what it looks like tastes very bitter just drink it but when that goes into the digestive system the slippery elm it sort of blocks off any tiny holes or leakage that you’ve got in your large intestine so it provides

A line if you’re in testing to stop toxins getting into your bloodstream again that helps to reduce inflammation the next thing is nutmeg now you know you can buy nutmeg in almost any supermarket but nutmeg is a very very powerful food substance in fact there are lots of countries where it is illegal to even buy nutmeg because of the effect that it has on your

Body but what again what it does do it sort of normalizes it stabilizes it calms down your digestive system not many now be careful if you’re buying nutmeg and i’m suggesting that you do and you become the authority in your own life do not take more than don’t start eating nutmeg on its own like one day i tried a few teaspoons of nutmeg on its own and i was

High as a kite for three days that’s how powerful this stuff is and that’s why it’s banned in many countries so we’ve got fennel organic fennel organic slippery elm and organic nutmeg powder ground up it has to be organic otherwise you’re going to end up putting toxins in your body now the last part is hibiscus hibiscus flower ground up flour and that’s what

Gives this remedy it’s red color again it helps to calm down your digestive system if you look at a human being you’ve got this thing on the top which does the thinking you’ve got a couple of eyes just to have a look around and then the rest of it from the to here it’s just a digestive system and there’s a bit on the bottom here for reproducing but all of this

Is a digestive system you’ve got lungs to keep oxygen keep you alive you’ve got a heart keeping all the stuff going around but the rest of it is digestive system so it’s not about your pancreas of course your the weakness in your digestive system might be manifested or be apparent in your pancreas but you’re going to treat your diabetes or at least i treated my

Diabetes by treating my digestive system so you take this stuff twice a day that on its own will dramatically stabilize control and bring your blood sugar down now what i did do i added to it for homeopathic remedies very very tiny quantities of homeopathic remedies the actual names of those remedies are in latin and they’re on the website for you to look at

Now people say to me often people say to me how can a homeopathic remedy work for instance imagine if you get a bee sting a b you know what it’s like if a b or a wasp stings you so what would happen as soon as it stung me there on the wrist immediately within two minutes i would have a big red thing like this that’s because i would have an immune response what

That is i’m no expert on my immune system even the world experts now are still discovering what the immune system is but what they’re discovering now that the the main control the headquarters for the immune system is the digestive system it’s in the colon it seems that all the instructions for keeping the body healthy are coming from here not from up here it’s

Coming from here anyway back to this bee sting i sting myself there immediately there’s a massive response and in some cases the response is too much and they have these anaphylactic shocks people can die because of the reaction to a bee sting so take that see what’s happening a toxin appears in the body and the body says get rid of it let’s protect ourselves and

It does all kinds of things to protect your body so then what would happen is if you took the tiniest tiniest tiniest amount of the beasting and you put it there well visibly you can’t see anything but your body energetically can feel it and it starts to produce a reaction in the body that’s how homeopathy works so there’s four homeopathic ingredients in there

And if you tested it chemically you’d say there’s nothing there nothing though but energetically there’s enough innard to stimulate your pancreas to get your pancreas going again so it’s as you can see it’s a very simple remedy four herbs fennel slippery elm nutmeg and hibiscus and some homeopathic remedies which you can add or not it’s up to you the full recipe

Is on the website so you take it twice a day teaspoon in the morning i put i used to take it with cold water now i actually pour boiling water on it and allow it to settle because i’ve discovered that if you drink it make it with boiling water allow it to settle it’s as if it brings out the properties of these herbs it’s a stronger remedy so you drink it twice a

Day keep your eye on your blood sugar because you don’t want to go into a hypo especially if you type one it’s bad it’s all if you’re diabetic don’t be tempted to just take it twice a day take it easy and don’t be in a rush to change it my blood sugar took me about six weeks before all the symptoms have disappeared i used to be so dizzy and nauseous i felt like i

Was having a nervous breakdown all kinds of things were happening to me i was depressed when i had diabetes i got rid of the symptoms in six weeks my blood sugar was stable in about three months and just keep taking it twice a day and that is that’s it that’s how you make the lemonade can i ask a question how about the diet while you were having the formula the

Food supplement right well my diet always always just eat whatever i’ve always been a vegetarian but i love eating pizzas i love eating french fries i love eating addicted to bread blah blah so i eat a lot of food a lot of carbohydrates so i didn’t even look into diabetes until i was one day started to feel ill and then felt worse and worse and worse and i was

Taken to the hospital and the doctor said quite arrogantly but i’ll tell you he said oh yeah you’ve got diabetes you’re a diabetic so i said what i said oh yeah i said oh no problems i’ll sort it and i was ready for going on my way again because no you don’t understand you will have this for the rest of your life so i had to listen to this guy tell me he said

You’re gonna have to watch what you eat you’re gonna have to do this you’re gonna have to do this you’re gonna have to do this so i went home i was in shock and i thought i got it right calm down what’s causing this so you go and google you go on anywhere i knew a bit about diabetes but i started from scratch and they all said it’s too much sugar in the diet or

Too much carbohydrate which can convert to sugar too much food that can come quickly convert to sugar so i dramatically cut back on the obvious things like candy or chocolate biscuits cookies whatever you want to call them i don’t drink cola or pepsi or stuff like that so that was easy so i dramatically cut back on refined food so all the you know when you look

At a packet of something if you can’t see the ingredients so you can’t tell what’s gone in it i’ve cut that out i did do that for three months i slowly started introducing bread because i like bread but once this remedy was working it took me a while i tried about 20 different variations of that along with the homeopathy now as far as the homeopathy is concerned

I’m not a homeopath a friend of mine is and i asked him which was or in his opinion because he said you can’t just blanketly treat diabetes i said but if you could which were the four remedies you’d recommend and he said hey they’re in there so we’ve got four herbs four homeopathic remedies and then i’ve cut back on refined food that’s all i did so i still eat

Potatoes but i had baked potatoes i still had bread but i had sourdough bread what else i cut back completely on the biscuit so the cookies and the candy then i have to think it’s like anything if if you hurt your arm you’ve got to start getting it moving i thought well how do you get your pancreas moving so it’s located just up here under the ribs how can i

Get that moving and it was just by you know i i’m an engineer by training so i just looked at it purely as a mechanical question so it’s like for instance if i’m here how do i get see that put your camera on there if i want to get that moving yeah alls i can do is move this what do i do i just push this against that and it moves so i take the same principle in

Order to get this pancreas flexing compressing gently compressing in order to do that i’ve got this leg here in fact i’ll just move this table out the way i can even for people who’ve got diabetes doesn’t matter even if you’re in a wheelchair or if you’re in a bed and you can’t walk this is all you have to do get somebody to help you even get a nurse or a friend

Family whatever so i’m compressing the digestive system here and it’s got nowhere to go except upwards well compressing the whole of my digestive system and then like this so you can do that standing up lying down when i first did it i hadn’t i’ve been busy you know like most people well i was busy in life ignoring my health to a certain degree even though i

Worked with herbal remedies for 20 odd years i was ignoring my own health so what i did i joined the local gym but i don’t like going in the gym i don’t like i think the smelly hot dirt places i don’t like them but i do like the swimming pool now i’m not a good swimmer but i joined the class where they have these exercise classes and i was the youngest person in

The class i was the toy boy in the class wow yeah that appealed to me anyway but i stood up in the water and i just jumping up like this and i could the temperature of the water was keeping me nice and cool and i could do this for 20 minutes like this so just this natural compressive exercise had an effect on my blood sugar level that’s all i can say i can’t say

To you i’m not a doctor i can’t say to you exactly what was going on all i know the overall effect of taking that remedy doing this exercise and then in the end as well i mean i can stand up and do it and combine something down i don’t need to show you now but i can stand up and just keep doing this keep doing this and then doing exploring more i found out that

Stress was playing a big part in my diabetes in my blood sugar levels there were some days when i was taking the remedy i was drinking it twice a day sometimes three times a day i was doing the exercise oh for the first three months as well what are you looking for this stuff here your boxer yeah now i’m gonna show you stuff now remember this doctor i was telling

You about the emergency doctor he said you’re going to be on metformin at least if i said you’re going to be on metformin and there’s another drug in here it was glippy side or something like that he said you’re gonna have to take these large doses of these go back and see your general practitioner your doctor and see him and he’ll give you further advice and

This this doctor said yeah you’re going to be on diabetes diabetic drugs for the rest of your life and things are gradually just going to get worse for you i bit my tongue anyway a few weeks later i went to see my diabetic specialist at the local doctor surgery this diabetic specialist who was at least 10 stone heavier than me saying them all but anyway she was

Telling me yes you will be on these drugs for the rest of your life and i filled this form in and they started sending them through the post could you tell me as a matter of interest what you got a box full of why because let’s film this i took the look they’re all this is i’ve got hundreds of these somewhere i told them i don’t need them and they said yes you

Do you’re diabetic and it’s as if somehow that the doctor gets rewarded for me being on drugs i’m not saying he does but i said i don’t want them they said oh you’re diabetic so these arrive through the post once a month i mean at least it’s free i know places like in the usa they pay a fortune for this these are all full i’m not making this up each one of these

Boxes is a month supplier one two three four you take one daily you’re supposed to take one a day it’s a slow release it says on here 28 one gram modified release tablets one to be taken daily with an evening meal you

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