February 8, 2023

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Hi guys in this video i want to solve the problem of basically insulin and diabetes together so let’s understand a little bit deeper about diabetes so before diabetes you know there are two more stages that happens in our bodies first is pre-diabetes sick and before pre-diabetes it is insulin resistance let’s understand each at a time so what is insulin resistance

So the pancreas basically releases this hormone called as insulin the job of insulin is to absorb it it helps the cells to absorb sugar which is converted into glycogen it at a cellular level now what happens when you have insulin resistance insulin is getting secreted properly from your pancreas but the absorption of blood sugar levels is not happening why when

We take a lot of carbohydrate-rich diet or we have a sedentary lifestyle body considers the carbohydrate to be very toxic so hence it stops it closes the gate and insulin is not able to trigger that absorption of glucose into the cellular level if that doesn’t happen what happens is your blood sugar level will remain normal but your insulin levels will always go

Higher so that is why when you test your blood sugar levels when you have insulin resistance it absolutely comes normal the problem is we don’t test this at a very early age so the best test would be to either go for homa ir test or number two would be to test your insulin levels blood insulin levels so generally if you have insulin resistance which is the very

Nascent or initial stage of developing diabetes you will see that your blood sugar level will always come lower but your insulin might be higher second stage is your pre-diabetes rate so what happens when you have pre-diabetes is you will see your hba1c value slowly going up and you will also see that your blood sugar levels have started raising up but to a very

Nominal stage okay so in this stage what happens is that in the entire process of not insulin not being able to function properly and the cells are not able to absorb the sugar properly this time the pancreas become tired okay and then the insulin release is hampered so that when this happens your blood sugar levels start spiking up but don’t be very happy that

You are at a very good stage you are not this may actually be a sign that your body is going to develop diabetes which is where the blood sugar level extremely goes higher from normal and that’s when you develop diabetes so what happens when you have this condition your doctor will you know if you have insulin resistance your doctor will put you under a metformin

Which is going to reverse your insulin resistance or you will take medications to control your diabetes in case of either pre-diabetes or diabetes what is what these medications actually do these medications would only throw excessive sugar from your body through urine but it’s actually not working on the root cause problem so ideally you should never ever just

Depend on medication forever through your life start working on correcting your lifestyle number one start reducing your carbohydrate intake in your diet number two start reducing the food items which are triggering your insulin timing again because insulin if getting triggered time and again is actually causing the problem number three is make sure that you start

Working on triggering other hormones which works opposite to insulin for example start working on triggering growth hormone how you can do that is number one you can start exercising exercising with help you increase your growth hormone number two is you can improve the pattern of your sleep or reduce stress so that uh your insulin you know the other hormone starts

Working better and your body starts metabolizing fat at the same time it is able to reverse this entire pattern of moving from diabetes to pre-diabetes and back to insulin resistance and back to normal so i hope this video is helpful

Transcribed from video
Diabetes Prevention and Management: Tips for Taking Control By Dr Sneha Chopra(Pt)