January 26, 2023

*INSULUN for Types 1 & 2

Excuse me so i wanted to talk to you guys today um if you guys have never been here to my channel welcome i appreciate all the newcomers and the new subscribers thank you i thank you all for your support it really does mean a lot um i was reflecting on my insulin today and you know i thought there’s more to insulin than just what you eat there’s more to diabetes

Than what you eat that’s what i meant to say sorry it’s like i got a little in debt here um so to let you guys know a little bit about me if you guys don’t already know um i am a cancer survivor i do wear this hat a lot um it does have the cancer ribbons on it of the the different types of cancer um and i got another one back here too and my pretty little flower

And this one says fight like a girl come on now fight like a girl so i did i fought like a girl i fought for my life and um i’m forever grateful that i survived but um have you ever known somebody that actually went through this and uh it doesn’t matter what type of cancer i’m not talking about anything specific but just literally going through this um

And some people actually go through this alone you know some people are just not um strong enough to to deal with this type of thing um i had cancer for i don’t know how long but by the time i found out um it was about eight months i did about eight months worth yeah and why i am actually bringing up the diabetes is because there’s two different types there’s

Vials and there’s pens i used to rely on brand and no i’m not advertising them in any way shape or form but there’s different foods i just did a video a few days ago about diabetic food comparison at walmart and it doesn’t matter where i was just it just happened to be walmart and it’s not the prices that i was comparing it was actually like you have to look at

What you eat if you’re not diabetic or if you’re pre-diabetic you really got to be more health-conscious of what you eat what you put in your body because later on down the line he might come up with this problem excuse me i gotta get a drink i don’t know what’s going on with me it might be the dry air it is like noon time um so i’ve got so many thoughts in

My head and i really want to share so much with you and please be patient with me if you have any questions or comments you can definitely put them down below i don’t know if i’m going to be able to see them um on my phone mind you my laptop is totally different so if you know somebody that’s actually diabetic or pre-diabetic or actually going through chemo and

Radiation for cancer the chemo in my experience has messed with the internal organs and my experience was it messed with my pancreas they thought it was my kidneys uh but my pancreas was very it was hit hard and so i didn’t know i was diabetic so it basically put me in a diabetic full-fledged diabetic stage which i didn’t know so that put me into a different

Category so i’m type one and type one is usually in a teenage or a younger years um category that’s that’s basically how it’s categorized but they at first categorized me as type 2 and they were giving me metformin and i was like dude i just know that i’m not type 2. type 2 is completely different so i had to go to an endocrinologist now if you know somebody

That is diabetic and they’re going through highs and lows i have been put on pens because of my travels um i told them that my lifestyle is different and i’m not home-based all the time so if you know somebody that’s traveling and they’re diabetic and they’re on vials that need to be refrigerated i suggest that you tell them if they don’t already know to go

To their doctor and actually suggest pens because they need to be refrigerated but they don’t need to be refrigerated once you take it out refrigerator and you put the needle on it to use it it’s fine as long as it’s not in high heat and i put it in an insulated bag which is back there but i have them out to show you so one is for ongoing and one is for before

Meals so why they put me on two pens is because the first pen is supposed to like keep you at a range now before i had these pens i was doing vials and vials and then the needles and then every time i needed needles the you know pharmacist would look at me like oh i need to see a prescription for diabetes before i give you needles well you know i could understand

That but it was like even after the pandemic i was like okay i’m having given i’m so i told my doctor that i was being given a hard time about the needles so that was another reason why he put me on the pens so the other thing too is if you know somebody that is diabetic and using pens and the needles that go to these pens do not let them buy anything other than

Amazon because amazon you can get i think is a hundred of them for 10 bucks but out in the world they’re like astronomical so that’s another tip so the rely on brand on the meter is which i’ve been told from pharmacists in walmart all the way from florida to tennessee that rely on brand is starting to phase out and you can get the machine but you can’t get the

Strips or you can get the strips or you can’t get the machine damn and it’s not even there’s no smoke around here i don’t know what the hell is going on with me but anyway so i used to rely on brand and now i’m getting to the point where i can’t find the strips and also this machine is starting to fade out so i need to get another one um goodness god i don’t

Know what’s going on i was fine before i started this um okay so the diet so i covered the pens i gave you tips about the pens i covered the machine this machine is the cheapest one on on the market unless you have a prescription or your va and your self-pay and i’m i’m telling you if yourself pay this is the way to go um depends there’s a pen called lantis

L-a-n-t-u-s it’s like a gray pen mama over here got smart and found a generic this is called levomere it’s green and blue that’s the generic atlantis 110 cheaper so just letting you know about that um the diet man i had a list um i did a a a video on the comparisons at walmart you guys got a really good look at there’s a few videos down about the comparisons of

Carbs and sugar and added sugars but you also have to look at the cholesterol because the cholesterol does have a lot to do with your diabetes because um some things can of course clog your arteries and that means that your blood flow and your blood clots you know you can get blood clots not i’m not a doctor and i’m just disclaiming that this is what can happen

Not what will happen so some people have experienced there you go uh different things happening with their diabetes and so you really got to watch your uh aspirin intake uh be careful with that too and um i can’t really suggest anything because that’s i’m not gonna do that but you know if you were my friend and i was in front of you that’s a different story but

Publicly no not gonna put myself in that um so yeah you really gotta look at everything you gotta look at the sodium you got to look at the um the cholesterol the calories that’s fine you’ll burn them anyways but the lower the carb and the higher the fiber number it was taught to me by a nutritionist that let’s say something has 11 grams of carbs and it has

5 grams of fiber that’s fine because i was taught by a nutritionist at a hospital that the fiber cancels out the carbs and it also it doesn’t really cancel it out but it slows the carbs down it makes it to where it’s a slower digestion so you don’t get a um erratic erratic number on your on your meter so just always try to eat something with fiber in your diet

And let’s say like wendy’s chili no i’m not advertising them but i’m just telling you because they got two or three different types of beans in there that it’s best to like eat something uh some kind of chili and then like have a salad and maybe a piece of garlic bread okay but the garlic bread is carbs and it does convert into sugar so you’re you know got double

Duo there but you’re also got the fiber in your diet which will help cancel out or slow down the um absorption of the carbs in the sugar so i only tell facts i’m not doing anything but any facts so it’s very very important so if you know somebody that is diabetic and on vials ask them to ask their doctor about these now walmart has vials of no vlog it’s one’s

Fast acting and one’s regular but anyways they’re like 25 range of 25 dollars a piece they’re small glass vials but they always need to be refrigerated so that’s why i suggest when you use this you you take one out of the box because usually there’s a five pack a five pack of this five pack of that now i can’t even discuss prices because i’m on i have something

Completely than anybody else and some people might have medicaid some people might have va might be covered by va some people might have florida blue or blue cross blue shield or atna or cigna or whatever it is you know i mean you just don’t know but the prices that can’t even be discussed but i can suggest these because they can when once you take one out of the

Box and you go to use it you don’t have to no longer refrigerate it there you go so here’s another tip when you give yourself a needle you always pinch the skin and raise it like like you go like this and then you put your needle in just saying and thank you for the likes i appreciate it very much thank you so with all that said i’m gonna go it’s been almost

15 minutes so i just wanted to give you some really really good tips really important um advice and share my experience so if you guys want to comment below please click the like button and if you haven’t subscribed or if you know somebody that you can share this video with please click the share button and share it out i really appreciate it all right and i

Appreciate everybody that has supported me on my channel thank you so much and i will see you guys again soon tough top have a good day all right until next video like click share subscribe and we’ll see you again on the next video ciao for now you

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