November 29, 2022

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Um please consider subscribing i would love  to have you join our little dolly family here   and um if you are one of my returning uh friends  i just want to say thank you so much and let   you know how much i appreciate each and every  one of you and how much you guys have added so   much to my life anyway um so i’m doing

Disney  monday and uh let me tell you who this little   girl is right here this is penny penny is one  of my toddlers she is maddie by bonnie brown   reborn studios she is beautiful i am of course   biased but i personally think that she is one  of the most beautiful maddies that i’ve ever   know every mom thinks

That their you know baby   um before i get into changing  her um i wanted to let you know   um those two are the two cuddle babies the andy um  cuddle baby by linda murray and she was reborned   a big cuddle baby she’s size zero to three   was reborned by a cradle of wildflowers  nursery they are both um authentic

Reborns   um there is a video that’s up the line a little  prior to this one if you go there you can see them   um and their prices are in the description along  with what they’ll come with along with my email   and if you’re interested just drop me an email  and uh and we can we can get one of them adopted   my

Furnace fixed my furnace is not working   my air conditioning is working but my heat is not  working and i need to get that fixed before winter   so that’s in um and i’m also trying to pay off  reyna’s of that bill so yeah i had to sell four   of my babies two of them have sold and two of them  are still available but go take a

Look guys um and   give me an email if you are interested in adopting  one of them and in that video there are numerous   testimonies in the comments of people that have  adopted from me and have had good experiences   okay now that that little plug is over with i’m  gonna do disney monday with this little girl and  

Um i uh really like it that renee uh when she set  up the theme for reborn um toddler tuesday uh for   it’s mickey mouse bambi and pooh and we are   going to get this girl dressed up in a winnie  i just went and had a long walk this morning   and i’m a bit hot and thirsty so let me show you  what i’m going to change her into

You guys know   this outfit i think it’s probably a favorite on  my channel um i’m gonna change her into i have   changed numerous babies into this outfit it’s one  of my favorites it’s a white winnie the pooh dress   just really wide um it is uh it’s kind of   just spills out into this beautiful full skirt  

It’s like a really soft cotton and  designs on it and then it’s got um a beautiful  little winnie the pooh artwork all along the skirt   and it’s um it’s in shades there’s piglet too  it’s in shades of like light blue navy blue   um like fluffy flower right here on the waist   and then the bodice is um i don’t know how to 

Like an eyelet basically a material it’s  it’s scratchy in a good way it’s  good at describing what kind of fabric it is  so that it’s got a little um a ruffled diaper  cover that i’m gonna try to get on her you know   maddie’s got pretty chunky thighs and then i’ve  also got a really cute little peach headband   the dress and

It’s got two little roses it’s   got little sparkly flowers little sparkly gems  basically two little silk roses in the middle   i’m hoping it’s gonna fit her because it is   zero to three and she is actually bigger than  that but i think it’s gonna fit her just fine   i’ll get miss marigold changed as well to her 

All right up we go oh she is heavy  this girl is weighted so so well it is she’s waited so well she’s a heavy girl   she is like as far as like weight goes she feels  so realistic when i hold her um she’s probably a   good 10 or 11 pounds um and the only reason why i  can change her comfortably is because she is small   she is

You know i consider her i call her one  she’s the size of like a  six to nine month old baby um camillo than duncan but she’s still  so i’ve been doing weight watchers um i was  talking a penny yesterday for a while on the phone   penny i forgot to call you back i’m so sorry we’re  girl you are slipping there you  go let’s take this

Off your hair okay maybe you’re not slipping maybe mommy’s just  not sitting up enough i think that might be the   issue but yeah i’ve been doing weight watchers  um i’ve lost when did i start weight watchers   um i have lost a good bit of weight um at one  point i had been on a diet where basically i   was just kind of like it’s

More like it’s kind of  like a lifestyle where i was cutting things out   that and then um that’s when i got put on   fibromyalgia and i’m gonna turn her over for tummy   time i actually do think this is going to fit  her just fine come here baby girl oh here you go   face yeah there we go that looks like i was  

Doll instead of a real baby huh sweet girl   um but when i got pet on gabapentin gabapentin  caused me to fall into a huge pit of depression   having a channel and having to try to be happy  but going through like massive depression   i gained back everything i had lost plus  probably an extra like 15 pounds so yeah  

The heaviest that i have been in a long time   um a really long time so anyway how cute she is  with her little butt in the air this dress fits   here come here honey let me turn your head   around you look like linda blair and the exorcist  um yeah i started doing weight watchers on the  10th and i am down i think almost

10 pounds   since the 10th so i’ve had good luck with weight  watchers in the past um long time ago when i was   in college i was what i thought was really heavy  i thought i was really heavy in college you guys   heavy in college like i thought i was so   big in college it was not big i look at pictures  now of me

Before i lost all my weight in college   and think i would die to be that size again i  think i was like a size like 16 and i was like   oh and and i know that that that  like 180 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot  of weight but um when you’re five foot one   um you know at that time i felt like i was really  heavy but no i

Was you know i was actually by my   definition pretty slim um i weigh a lot more than  180 now um and i desperately need to i would love   to get back down to 180 originally my goal was  like 160 but i kind of feel like that’s never   going to happen so i would love to get down to um  i would love to get down to 180 again um and

You   know and you can be five foot one and be you know  well over you know 200 250 pounds and fill pretty   good if you’re healthy but i’m not healthy i’ve  got fibromyalgia um because of my hysterectomy   and not being able to take estrogen i’m at risk  for osteoporosis so all these things combined   um my weight at

My height is not healthy i don’t  want anybody to hear what i’ve said my height is   gosh you know no that’s for me because i have   fibromyalgia and i have arthritis and i’m at risk  for osteoporosis so yeah i’ve got to um i gotta do   something you know my pain level would be reduced  quite a bit if i could get a lot of weight

Off   but anyway um but yeah i’m having great success  on weight watchers um if you guys are interested   in hearing like what i’m doing um or like how i’m  handling it i can go into that in another video   i still need to do a little bit of housework  before i get ready for work but there she is   this oh my goodness

That fits her perfectly   it’s a zero to three but look at that it’s not  too tight or anything it fits her just fine   oh yeah she’s adorable oh my  goodness let me adjust her head   quite looking at the camera but that’s all right   see that’s okay there she is oh my gosh she’s  so stinking adorable alright guys so

There she   is she is she is finished for disney monday and  she’s ready for toddler tuesday all right guys i   will let you go i love you guys take care take  care of each other and i’ll see you again bye

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Disney Monday with Maddie by Bonnie Brown & Talking About My Weight Loss Journey By Mandy’s Cuddlebug Nursery