March 22, 2023

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Would crestor help reduce soft plaque and make it cast fine yes people give me a lot of hating for this i’ve been a statin hater from day one i actually probably delayed my own statin for about three years but i do take low-dose statins and i do recommend low-dose statins if you have plaque if you have plaque at that point you’ve got cardiovascular disease i

Recommend that you do take a low-dose statin rarely well i recommend high dose statin and i also recommend baby aspirin because you have shown now you’re in a different risk category remember we went back and we talked about you went from two percent ten-year risk to somewhere between two and forty percent usually ten to 20 percent risk and you can knock that

Back down to the 2 percent with lifestyle and again a couple of medications when and if you develop hot plaque you’re not going to feel it you’re not going to know it so if that hot plaque goes in and touches the bloodstream it’ll decrease the formation of clots and there’s a thing called pleomorphism cleotrophic mechanisms the prefix plio is scientifically in

Astronomy and medicine means multiple it turns out that statins have a pleotropic mechanism not only do they decrease ldl they also have been demonstrated to decrease cardiovascular inflammation and it was discovered by a couple of guys they were at harvard and they did this with the jupiter trial the wasco they first started noticing it in studies like the wascops

Studies and what they found was they found people where their ldl was lower and it got higher but they still had decreased heart attacks when they went on a statin what they found was the statins also decreased cardiovascular inflammation they decreased that part where your immune system starts attacking that plaque and therefore creating those plots so that’s

What they did and the other thing that they found out was there are certain statins that are better than others in this space and really low-dose statins are what’s necessary not high-dose so with the very low doses that we use it’s rare that we get significant satin side effects for example with crest store five milligrams at most per day usually we’ll do like

Two and a half or often we’ll do two and a half every other day or twice a week lavalo or patavastatin is a low-dose kinder gentler satin and we use a lot of that in fact mostly what we use is very low dose rasubasatin or lavallo we don’t recommend use of lipitor lipitor is great at decreasing ldl but it’s not so good at inflammation especially in two situations

One is if you’re a female well that’s half the population already unless you consider the fact that males get into this first but the reality is once you age you get issues with females too so there you go half your population lipitor doesn’t do as well with cardiovascular inflammation here’s the bigger issue though if you have pre-diabetes well that’s over 80 of

The population that’s having cardiovascular disease if you have pre-diabetes diabetes lipitor is not as good at decreasing cardiovascular inflammation you

Transcribed from video
Do Statins Prevent Heart Attack? Here Is The Truth By Ford Brewer MD MPH