June 4, 2023

All my friends come for you today my name is anna and i’m here to talk today about a spirit lockdown but because i didn’t using its pure locked on for the last three years okay and what happened is one month in half either side don’t know two euros blockers anymore so i stopped all the blockers i was i was using a ladder blockers so i stopped on my blockers and what

Happened is i’m family nice and more than ever and my my testosterone i still no look at that my testosterone i just did not test okay i’m a testosterone before this test was 15 of testosterone and 980 of estradiol well now my testosterone is 10 and my yesterday i went to 1350 and i stopped taking also my pills i’m only taking the injection they strain your brother

Ed that’s the only thing i’m taking so pretty much i don’t know what happened but i don’t know if we really need that spirit and this is what i’m doing these videos because i’m talking about my transition and many other people will talk about different things behind talk and work like what we need to block our living it why do we need to do so in such a thing like

That i mean especially if you’re really older there is nothing to block to change because you know your bone structure your hips well you as you see i have enough games okay but that’s fat okay my bones have not growing so i don’t know what to block and my testosterone is still low and you know as you growing all there is always low you know and sometimes you need

You know by the time right there show it funny you aren’t got low testosterone so well anyway my testosterone is really low night now bad i stopped taking it i just did a new test and i want to see what’s happening but look at what happened what happened insistent my erections get back so that’s my limit that’s my mojo you know this is this is this is this does

Inside phillip the i can feel for sexual desire is very important i lost that i feel like not human just to me like that you know cuz i didn’t feel anything i really didn’t feel like having a boyfriend with you i have my family now but i didn’t feel nothing i didn’t feel like i mean i saw before i like it but i was like not like that you need to they needed to get

Through much to my heart before my own me my my more you mind my sex only me it comes and say yes you know i wanna be with you no i they keep offering i was like no i don’t want to do it because you know what i did it and i think i feel not much pleasure because my orgasmic was minimum i mean it was like nothing so really the true is i don’t think it’s pure electron

Is something that we need and what to block i don’t know exactly what to block but some so far my doctor toy is stop and don’t don’t take it no more because your testosterone is still low so we don’t need to block you testosterone also you need to hurt your kidneys you know you don’t have to you know how meticulous penis teeny in a speedo like column provera 2.5 you

Know what that ravenna they give that to purebred i’m not a parent i don’t need to think those things i can control my my sex limit not to do nothing bad going to be they give us that i mean i’m in such a good person all my life you know that’s not something that only i mean my sex slave it back and i need it and i have it now i really have it so now i know now i

Have erections which is good you know in the morning i wake up and i’m good thank you for that because i lost it and i feel like oh my god i’m getting so beautiful and i’m not gonna enjoy my this no way i have to enjoy it and listen i don’t do this for sex i don’t do it i just don’t do it for sex i do this because i’m a female you know inside me but you know what

My also my my animal my me my human part okay no the male part need sex i need sex in you know what doctors if you listen to this bin you have to make more things wine to give a spin on our town i don’t think it’s a good idea to give it mine doctor she’s such a i got a new doctor jesus so gorgeous she’s very nice i really like her she’s young and she’s very open

Mind i mean i like a woman you know i like it because she’s nice and she always called me i love it so much it was cheese like that sir she’s really good she’s very open mind she’s talking a lot about keys to tracey nuts that’s her name she’s a really good doctor here in alaska and she chains being working out with me if i say i need more chicken me more if i say

I need less say go ahead so cheese working out really good before the other doctors they didn’t know this is no you need to take this people act on and i refuse it because you know what the third day i take his people act on something happened to me i did not feel me anymore i was feeling like yes i feel like i start i mean i’ve seen myself and i was great but

That’s too much to risk yes i compromise myself like i did already with hormones and that’s enough three years is enough and i’m gonna still doing it but i’m gonna i’m gonna lower down i’m gonna continue just eating less being skinny i’m gonna put me some real fake boobs i don’t know how to say you know what those silicone boobs now they wanted with the water and

I’m gonna continue feminize myself but i don’t want to kill all what is inside this person is inside this this human these animal needs have to need to have sex sex is important to me because it kid me in in romance and i remember yeah give him give me romantic keep me alive you know i mean i don’t know how to talk sad eyes but you know the true is sp lockdown

Is not good and i’m not gonna take any no more song i mean doing many videos of the sn you know i’m gonna continue to and you know for does it interest to to see what happen to me but you know my feminization this is the greatest thing did not stop i still feel the same i tell if i don’t think you know you’re gonna i’m gonna feel like the same i did not feel the

Same as before i always feel feminine even more than ever for some reason i feel super feminine i started in buying you know nice underwear bras because i felt sexy again and i did not feel sexy i feel beautiful but not sexy and i want to feel beautiful and sexy even if i’m not beautiful i want to be sexy and that can happen very very easy to me well girls i just

Wanted to say this and well bye

Transcribed from video
Do we really need spironolactone to meke our transgender bodies feminine By EL 1%-Trans