February 1, 2023

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Good evening if you wanted a video on vandalafaxing oh what is this an update it’s easy family phase also known as effects or i call anxiety factor okay what’s good about it there’s a small percentage of patients where ssris or nris or triceps are not strong enough or you don’t want to do stimulants with an ssri hopefully in this case an snri very potent nasty

Pure form has been refaccing it’s really the first snri technically since then you’ve seen cymbalta or duloxetine and now pristique or death spent lefaxing so vamlophaxium itself is becoming outdated it’s good for a small percentage of patients who need a stronger antidepressant than an ssri and you don’t want to take you know two or three antidepressants at

Once which i don’t blame you it’s sort of like conceptualizing wellbutrin and prozac in one pill now it’s extremely potent that could be good or bad it’s good because it can pull you out of a bad depression but it’s bad because it can make you agitated activated breathless hypertensive tachycardic can have a heart attack essentially so you don’t want to take too

Much just enough to get you out of your depression so generally i don’t go above 225 ever 150 is pretty strong 30 say 75 would be great if that works 37.5 is the usual starting dose and these are the long acting capsules those big red issue of finland venlafaxine immediate release had come out first those are the nasty shaped pink house-shaped pills that are

Three times a day and if you miss a dose you crash and do a suicidal depression so i don’t like the immediate release effectors i only use the xr extended release capsule what else is good about it there’s not a lot of protein binding but pristine or desmond lefaxane is essentially making it outdated um i mix it well with lithium depakote tegritol it’s for the

Activation i often prescribe low dose benadryl to counteract that now if a frequent mistake is anytime it’s prescribed twice a day instead of once in the morning think about when you’re taking your second effects er why the hell would you take it before bed it’s a stimulating antidepressant so you better ask your doctor what do you mean by twice a day when do i

Take this other one if you’re taking effects or night you’re probably not sleeping well it can also make you restless sweaty nervous it’s serotonergic it doses below 150 so i don’t mix it with ssris that’s a bad idea because you can get serotonin syndrome and it doses above 150 milligrams a day it acts like a tricyclic so you got to be careful with those effects

Of side effects or bad venomous magazine it’s once in the morning okay that’s it if you need more than that and you better discuss it with your doctor sometimes i’ll give it in divided doses one in the morning one in the later afternoon but never the second one before bed think about that it doesn’t even make sense how you supposed to sleep like that does it help

Bipolar depression you got to watch out because you can get manic doctor what you don’t mix is other stimulants of any sort like i don’t mix stimulant psychostimulants like methyl fanny date you’re asking for trouble if you’re gonna mix with amphetamine or street drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine it also is very dangerous with alcohol for medical problems

I would not take if you have heart disease or high blood pressure there’s other ones like surgery if possible or anything else than that for someone who has uncontrolled hypertension or wreaths recent heart attack or an mi or unstable angina or palpitations tachyarrays means let’s see what else it went generic recently it used to be expensive now be careful

Because they’re going to mark at some super high dose so not be real careful again because of cardiovascular complications effects are so potent that the pdr physician desk reference lists things that can happen when you stop it fasciculation confusion magic so it’s very potent i tried not to prescribe it first line i’m using the better version decimal effects

Saying more often as a first line agent or even symbols in some cases because again it’s mainly for depression i know it’s approved for anxiety but think about it how can that help anxiety it makes you anxious but anyway if you do get relief from anxiety with the lucky it’s a good response there’s sexual dysfunction like with ssris especially doses below 150.

If you wouldn’t want to mix it with say bupropion it doses above 150. so you know the dosing is important with this medication i hope this helps you if you’re taking effect sir and if you have any questions please post a comment thank you very much

Transcribed from video
Doctorofmindmd – Venlafaxine/Effexor By Anticenaguy