March 28, 2023


Hi gina here and welcome to another video i just wanted to do a follow up on my earlier video about long haulers and the energy crashes and brain fog that i was experiencing so i got covered for the first time in september of 2020 and i struggled with long collars for over a year so i’m feeling better thankfully now and part of that is because i am seeing some

Doctors and practitioners about the depression that i experienced after getting coveted so i’m not normally somebody who is sad and i don’t really feel sad now but i’ve had a lot of change so basically a long story short my covid long haulers hit in the third week of getting coveted and then after that my husband had to quit his job because i just didn’t have

Enough energy to look after my son and during the quarantine and the pandemic early pandemic shutdown it wasn’t possible to get anybody to help us with my three-year-old son so it was definitely a really hard time and i had some thankfully really nice friends who heard me out and answered my phone calls when i needed a little bit of support and i did a lot of

Prayers so on september 1st when i tested positive for covid i started vlogging and blogging so i started posting to my personal prayer journal my personal wordpress blog the things that i was going through the things that i got up at night and wrote about after reading bible verses and getting solace from the lord and so there’s a few things that i’ve been

Doing to treat my ongoing energy crashes for covid longhaulers and the first was and i’m not a doctor so i’m not going to recommend anything this is just my experience but the first was i started taking citalopram so this is 30 cetalicram 10mg tablets that’s generic first alexa and it is an antidepressant and so what it did was kind of help me sleep at night a

Little bit better it helped decrease the anger that i had from having covid and all of a sudden getting these energy crashes that were almost catastrophic i could just not even get out of bed and so that has really helped um i when i moved to idaho in april my husband had found a position there and i went and saw another practitioner a nurse and she prescribed

Bupropion so that’s this one they’re little um they’re little blue pills and so this is 180 bupropion 100 mg and that’s generic for well butrin and so i take that in the morning it’s an activator and so what it does is it helps my brain fog and that’s really been a blessing because i have enough energy if i’m eating the right things so not very many carbs a lot

Of fruits and vegetables if i’m meditating and doing my prayer journal then that seems to kind of help both my mental state and my energy levels i just wanted to give some encouragement for you if you have had covet if you’re having energy crashes brain fog you’re not alone there are many long haulers there’s ongoing research going on and so there really isn’t

Research so far that i know of that really tests the effects of whether antidepressants can help with the brain up from fog and the exhaustion that results from having coveted but what i’ve been doing is meditation the prayer journaling like taking the medications and deep breathing a little bit of qigong in the morning and so i just wanted to share a little bit

Of encouragement with you the bible verse for today is psalms 32 and that is oh lord my god i cried out to you and you healed me so if you are in this position and you’re not feeling well i really feel for you i i know how hard it can be this is a difficult pandemic for everyone and i just wanted to share my experience so that if this helps you maybe you’ll

Have the courage to go see a practitioner if you need to and if you like this video please subscribe so that you won’t miss the next update have a great day

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Does Citalopram and Wellbutrin help with COVID-19 Long Haulers symptoms? By Gina Decker