March 21, 2023

The Doctors discuss how the first FDA-approved pill to boost sexual desire for women works differently than Viagra, its potential side effects and what you can expect if you take it.

Now we’re get started with the topic has millions of women shouting it’s about time as you may know the fda announced the approval of the first female libido booster wow did you all take it this morning dr. ashley offices has been in the news quite a bit yeah it’s a little about it it’s a big story for women’s health it’s a very complex story with medical

Aspects social aspects financial economic big pharma aspects a whole bunch of things but basically it’s being called the female viagra that’s actually incorrect because it doesn’t at all work like viagra but basically this is a libido enhancer it’s approved for pre menopausal women with low libido and it works in the brain so the theory is that it works on these

Chemical neurotransmitters in the brain dopamine serotonin norepinephrine and they are important in libido but they’re not the whole picture so no sex drive is so complicated ladies you notice how you have those herbs and flows sometimes you get up and you’re like you know i think i like some today difficult to wrap your mind around but i think it’s it’s a good

Start and you know what i find really interesting about this though is to treat a woman’s low libido you have to treat the brain that’s what this medication is doing is treating the brain and there’s been this this drug coming passing fda approval has been filled with controversy because it actually failed fda approval twice before this was the third time it was

Taken over by a new pharmaceutical company and when you look at the two biggest things that the fda was concerned with and that we as doctors are concerned with and that women are concerned with two things safety and efficacy does it work well they’ve manipulated the data a little bit and they found that the satisfying sexual event profile was maybe one more a month

Now who are we to say if that’s in the significant gamblers like eighty eight to thirteen percent more effective i don’t know really know what that’s all the way they manipulated the data ladies i want you to keep in mind a gentleman too because there’s some husbands are gonna rush out and be like honey you need to get move ai agra is not gonna make a man want to

Have sex is right so that’s this is where the two are different the whole idea is you take this pill every day it’s not something you just take the day you want to have it you have to take it every day and a lot of women are concerned that taking a psychoactive drug which was designed originally to treat depression but they figured out it works a little bit on the

Sex drive taking it every day to just want to have sex one more time a month you know it’s a bit of a stretch for the average well and i want to coming up male perspective to plead with males out there this sexual arousal drug for women it has you know marginal efficacy you’re you’re gonna potentially put pressure on your loved one and say well you’re taking them

You’re taking this new pill now why don’t you want to have sex every day and i think it’s very important to understand that’s not the way this is gonna work on most women the other thing i want to touch upon is is some of the there are side effects that people need to behind a percent so so what they found is around 10 percent of women taking this drug experienced

Dizziness fainting it has a major interaction potential with alcohol now this isn’t to say that it won’t be effective in some women because all drugs have side effects but gender inequality in medicine is a huge problem viagra edie drugs came onto the market about 17 years ago why did we have to wait almost two decades to have an option discuss amongst yourself

A sex therapist go to a sexologist figure out what’s happening because really ladies when it comes to your sex drive is very complicated and one pill you know might help a little bit but for the rest of you just get some help if you’re truly having trouble with either a hypoactive sex drive you know seek professional help don’t expect a pill to be the cure-all

Transcribed from video
Does First FDA-Approved Libido Booster for Women Work? By The Doctors