June 4, 2023

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All right hello everyone michelle crosmer here with dr shawn hashmi with plant-based kidney health and the question we are answering for you guys today is can lycena pearl make my gfr go down um is that something that is temporary or permanent and are there other blood pressure medications that can cause this to happen yeah so when it comes to looking at lysine

For a life centerpill is a class of drugs that targets the rast system if you watch some of our videos before we’ve talked about ras rest is the renin angiotensin aldosterone system going on and anytime you end up blocking this system what’s going to happen is a few different side effects one of those side effects is his blood pressure will go down other side

Effects is potassium will go up there’s a smaller chance of acute kidney injury that can even occur if the dose is too high too fast and lastly you will see a reduction in gfr going on and there’s some chance or sometimes you need to be concerned others you don’t and that’s what we’re going to address specifically so as part of these ras blockers there are things

Called angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors which is drugs like lycinopril or ace inhibitors so anything that ends with the pearl licinopril panasopril enalapril are all the same there’s aldosterone receptor blockers like losar tan uh other ones and so forth anything that ends in an r10 is going to be the same going on and there’s a few other categories like

Aldosterone septum blockers like you have spironolactone and you have other ones going on that specifically are trying to block aldosterone now that being the case what happens when you take one of these drugs in general you’re going to see your gfr go down anywhere between 5 up to about 25 this is normal so you’ve got to know that every time you start this drug

It’s going to happen it is not permanent when you stop the drug it will go away but here’s where you should be concerned if the drop is greater than 30 we have to reduce the dose or even sometimes stop the medication going on so what is the most important thing you have to know when you start a drug like lysine pro after about five days you must get a blood test

Please it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the drug if we start a new drug or if we increase the dosing you have to get a blood test in about five days now generally speaking the some nephrologists within one to two weeks that’s fine but really according to what the literature says in terms of the pharmacokinetics you’re waiting about five days and getting

That if it’s more than thirty percent you do need to reduce the dose or stop it but five to twenty five percent is expected it is normal and if you ever stop the drug it would come right back so that’s nothing to be worried about all right guys i hope that helps you guys out thanks so much for checking us out and we’ll see you next time

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Does lisinopril make kidney function worse? By Plant Based Kidney Health