June 4, 2023

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This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only all right guys so this one is hot off the presses uh rare genital defects seen in sons of men taking major diabetes drug metformin also a favorite of bodybuilders um so it appears uh that metformin taking before uh concern conception from what i read in the article it seems like that metformin causes

Uh issues with sperm formation and and can lead to a rare genital birth defect um so let’s take a look at the article here uh this one is from science.org it says metformin is a first-line diabetes drug used for decades that may boost the risk of birth defects in offspring of men who took it during sperm development according to a large danish-born study sun’s

Born to the men who were more to those men were more than three times likely to have a genital birth defect as unexposed babies according to the research paper and the annals of internal medicine today um that it’s a genital defect called hypo spiders i think i said that right i don’t know it’s when the urethra does not exit from the tip of the penis uh where

Relatively rare occurring in 0.9 percent of all babies who took a metformin in the past three months before conception so from what i understand that it happens in 0.2 point 0.24 percent of of the population the general population in 0.9 so statistically it’s still low while it’s three times more likely or four almost four times more likely that you will get that

Problem with metformin it is still pretty uncommon um but you know it’s still notable it’s something to think about that it has an effect on sperm formation um let’s see what else do we got in here and there’s one about the history of metformin how it’s been around since the 50s i think it’s actually been around longer than that um uh let’s see the research

Analyzed the records of more than 1.1 million babies born in denmark between 1997 and 2016 using the country’s comprehensive medical registries to connect data on births uh paternal metformin prescriptions and birth defects and and 1451 offspring of the men who filled metformin prescriptions during the 90 during 90 days before conception the period one sperm

Are being made the team found a 5.2 percent rate of birth defects compared to 3.3 percent and unexposed babies that translates into a one and a half times higher odds of at least one major birth defect including genital digestive urinary heart after adjustments for paternal age and other factors i mean that’s you know if you’re looking to have a kid i mean that’s

Pretty significant i i you know hearing that i probably wouldn’t want to if this holds true i probably wouldn’t want to take metformin for you know the 90 days before trying to conceive um and let’s see what else they have on here the numbers were small 13 metformin exposed boys were born with genital defects but after the researchers adjusted for factors including

Parental ages and maternal smoking status they found that a 3.39 fold increase in the odds of a genital birth defect that rate was surprisingly high when’s it said um let’s see what else we got in here reassuringly the researchers saw no effect in offsprings of men who took the drug earlier in life and went 90 days without the drug um it really has to do with

Taking it during the window in which sperm is being developed says the senior author michael eisenberg a urologist at stanford medicine the team found no additional risk in unexposed siblings of metformin exposed babies or in infants of diabetic fathers who took insulin and were not on at metformin so it does not seem from that to be related to um diabetes i have

Heard i don’t know how true it is that diabetic men do have higher rates of birth defect than children don’t quote me on that but i have i believe i’ve seen that before um let’s see but the research acknowledges that men with diabetes who took metformin and those who didn’t may have differed in attributes such as obesity or how well their disease was controlled

Data that were not accessible to the researchers so one would think the health of a person would play a factor in it as well i don’t know that you can entirely point at metformin but as with all these things some of it is a bit subjective um let’s say it goes on to say nor are scientists sure exactly how the drug may be impacting sperm studies and fish and mice

Suggest that metformin can disrupt the development of male reproductive organs and one style small study found that metformin reduced serum testosterone levels in men well you’re taking a gram test you’re not worried about that uh the caveats make the scientists cautious about drawing conclusions from the paper this paper is a first word not the last word says

Russell kirby a birth defects epidemiologist at the university of south florida it’s definitely going to require additional research so um it hints at there being a bigger problem i saw an article on cnn that kind of sensationalized this um so it seems like there may be an issue but they are not 100 certain yet this needs a bit more time a bit more study probably a

Controlled study where they can actually go in and extract more data and take a look at this but it is interesting um and to think about the possibly that metformin could cause issues with birth defects guys uh but before i go uh please take the time to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video if you want to get in contact with me about coaching or consulting

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