June 4, 2023

Contains 10% Ethanol talks about his unprofessional opinion and personal experience with Zoloft and other antidepressants.

Happy pills happy pair of gonna take my happy pills hi ellen welcome back to canadian something ethanol my name is ethanol and does the zoloft work order of ser tralee i think that’s what it’s called and that is the question but it is also a trick question because depending on the person and depending on the medication it can work yes or no for me personally it

Does work i was on prozac before it was on zoloft and i spent most of my days like this it’s still sad and my big boy sheets and with every type of antidepressant there is a dosage that goes along with along with therapy and finding other ways to stay motivated and positive and happy when i was on prozac i was on like a hundred twenty five hundred fifty milligrams

Or something crazy like that and it was all optimally on 25 milligrams and it keeps me up it keeps me motivated when i was depressed on prozac and all that fun stuff i was unmotivated i slept a lot i cried a lot it really meant instances as i started self-harming and tried to kill myself once or twice but i’m still here so and i’m also someone nice uno therapy

On top of taking antidepressants like i said before each person is different people will react differently to medication and differently to therapy or medication or other ways to build themselves back up i’ve been on medic on and off medication since i was 16 i’m 28 now i’ve been in therapy for a long time since again 16 until now and currently on the look for

Another therapist because i know in my current situation where i’m by myself unemployed and trying to move forward it’s really hard to stay motivated and not feel like everything i’m doing is just garbage and not worth the time and i’m not worth the time and why can’t they get a job because i have all these negative things weighing down on me i’m contradicting the

Soul on medication they call have one really good day where i miss like fb i chord like three videos i go outside and i could go for like two hours i meet people i talk to people and they don’t have like two or few days where i just sit by myself and be like no good with zoloft it does help me i know a lot of my friends are on zoloft i know other people on prozac

And other antidepressants but like i said each person is different and each person reacts differently to the medication sometimes you have to take a few guesses to figure out which one works for you and that’s really shooting heart and you also have to remember with being on antidepressants it takes about two to three weeks for to really kick it you’re not just

Going to take the pill the first and be like let’s do it i’m all bubbly and happy and back together it it takes a little while to get going and once it gets in your system and bounce us out of the chemical imbalances in your brain you are better and sometimes meath more then you know the minimal dose sometimes need to go hand in hand sara p and all that other fun

Stuff one thing that i always been really helpful to educate friends or other people about my depression and like how antidepressants work is i would ask them like when you were a kid did you ever have to take the flintstone troubles but you know because you had low iron or low calcium or we need like counseling pill but more calcium vitamins and all these things

And then i got yeah actually i did like okay well antidepressants kind of work as a vitamin for your brain and that would kind of make those thing and if you think about a you know a chemical imbalance in your head your serotonin levels are all sorts of up ins luxuriating which make you all up and fluctuate you take this medicine and balance is about three dozen

Connections and you’re able to move forward i know it’s not the most scientific way to explain it but it’s the easiest way for me to explain it and i hope it makes sense you know back to the question does so loft or sera sera sir tralee does it work yes and no again you gotta find out which works for you for me 25 milligrams works therapy works they go hand in hand

So i would say yes it doesn’t but that doesn’t mean it works for you research talk to the therapist talk to your doctors find out what works for you and go with it i hope that makes sense i hope my jumbled explanation of if it works helps answers your questions so it don’t forget research ask questions talk about what’s going on and hey ethanol here thank you so

Much for watching leave a comment down below so i know what you thought give the video a like if you want to subscribe you can click that circular icon if you want to watch other videos you know you just click the little square video boxes and then look videos you remember if you feel mad bad sad or glad there’s someone who cares about you it’s me and i’ll see you in the next video

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Does Zoloft (Sertraline) Work? | Contains 10% Ethanol By Ethan Roebuck