November 29, 2022

Some dogs need behavior medications and that’s a fact. Check out this video to learn about the effect and the side effects of Prozac (fluoxetine) in dogs. What you should check before starting it. And basically, everything you need to know. By the way, there is an FDA veterinary medication that has the same active ingredient as Prozac and is labeled for separation anxiety called Reconcile. More about that and about that and about behavior medication use in dogs in this video.

Friend told you that your dog needs to go   on prozac but you’re freaking out because you  think that that might turn your dog into a zombie.   needs it. and what’s good for your dog is good   a veterinary behavior residency graduate.   the best treatment for different animals   like dogs and cat,. but also other

Species. the  full behavior treatment has a part called behavior   modification which is kind of like dog training.  the second part is environmental management,   which is basically finding a way to get the world  to fit your dog, and that means things around the   house, things in the street, schedules, and even  your

Behavior towards the dog. and the third   and last part, and this part is actually only  when needed, is using psychoactive medications.   prozac or its generic name fluoxetine, is a very  common medication used in dogs cats, and actually   and there’s a lot of experience and knowledge   using this medication. even more,

The fda approved  a specific fluoxetine version called reconcile,   but we use fluoxetine, prozac, reconcile,   in a lot of species with many different behavior  issues. prozac is an anti-anxiety medication from   ssris, but although it’s an ssri for anxiety,   if the aggression has an underlying cause,   before

You will actually see any clinical effects.   don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen that  fast. many times, those adjustments will be   needed. also not all dogs were created the same.  that means that the fact that fluoxetine works   that it will work for your dog. but we have   many other options that we can use. so,

Don’t  worry. the common side effects of prozac in dogs   are sedation and gastrointestinal upset. these  side effects usually go away after two weeks,   but of course, if you see anything, please let  your veterinarian know. there are also a few other   uncommon side effects. for example, increase in  anxiety. but because

They’re uncommon i actually   don’t want to dive into that and freak you out.  so again, if you see anything that’s not normal,   next step should be. it is recommended to have   blood work before you actually start using the  fluoxetine and then you can use it for a very long   a lifetime if it’s needed. but just to

Make   sure that everything remains well, you should have  your dog get blood work at least once a year. some   dogs may be weaned off the prozac after some time.  this process should be done in a very gradual way.   anxiety or whatever behavior problem happened,   he will probably need to be on the fluoxetine  again

At the original effective dose. now,   this is important. don’t feel ashamed and don’t  feel embarrassed that your dog is on fluoxetine.   that your dog needs this extra help. if he needs  it, it’s just like a dog with a heart condition   people who need anti-anxiety medication. if   please write below in the comments and

I will make  more videos exactly like this, or even better.   like the video and subscribe to the channel.   this video and other videos from the channel   to other people interested in the topic, and maybe  by the way does your dog eat cat poop? i  have a video just for you. check it out.

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Dogs On Prozac | Veterinarian Explains All You Need To Know By The FURRY and the FURY