March 24, 2023

Dr. Ergin, Founder of SugarMDs, tells you all the secrets about Janumet that every patient must know. Januvia is a diabetes medicine. It is Januvia and metformin combined. Also, refer to our individual videos about these agents. Janumet as a single agent has good efficacy to reduce blood sugars. Although some patients with diabetes may need injections such as ozempic if they need better control and weight loss. Janumet definitely has a lot of side effects as well. Dr. Ergin explains the mechanism, risks, benefits of Janumet in lay terms.

Welcome to sugar andy is today we are going to talk about medications know your medicine series alright everyone we are going to talk about today two gentlemen one of the most commonly prescribed oral agent so what is gentleman it is stay gluten which is genelia and metformin so it combined to to make it easier for you to take the medication gentlemen can come

In xr form which means that the metformin extended-release is incorporated with jeannie viet instead of just regular metformin which means it easier on your stomach as net protein can cause diarrhea or some other gastrointestinal upset now when you combine the two agents such as metformin and geneva you get more benefit since geneva and metformin has totally

Different mechanism of action and psychologically makes you feel better because you are taking one pill instead of two and it’s also more convenient and also you will not have to pay two different co-pays for these agents since especially when you are using agenda met they are actually using the d branded metformin instead of generic metformin and all our people

Tolerate branded metformin compared to generic metformin so that may be another advantage for you i’m not saying tournament is the best medication for you most of time actually it’s not and you will have to talk to your doctor about if that medication is good for you we have right around 80 plus different medications for diabetes and gentlemen is one of them and

It’s a fairly good medicine it is still a branded medicine so there may be a crummy copy associated with it so let’s talk about the components of the german so as we talk to jenna mia is a what we call dpp-4 inhibitor you don’t have to know how to dpp-4 is recipe what it does i’ll tell you we it inhibits certain enzymes that destroys gastrointestinal hormones

So normally when you eat the food cause your stomach and mangos your intestine immediately after you eat because your intestinal hormones are secreted which sends a signal to your pancreas to make insulin now the problem is patients with type 2 diabetes generally lose that ability so they will eat however then i can be able to make enough insulin so jamelia

Initially was designed in order to prolong the action of gastrointestinal hormone that the patients make since they are making small amount of this gastrointestinal hormone and over they are resistant to it the agent was designed to keep whatever is already released by the body the problem is gastrointestinal hormones they have to be degraded right so since you

Eat and after couple hours you will eat again if you keep making this guy so intestinal hormones it will accumulate so anything that is made in the body is subject to degradation so there are certain enzymes of you appealed to degrade they got so intestinal hormone now the problem of cases with diabetes when this happens and they are not already making enough

Gastrointestinal hormone ticket to do the job the g area kicks into play and prolonged the action of custom intestinal hormone allowing you to make more insulin especially after you eat so jamelia helps to reduce the blood sugar spikes after you eat so as a result it is a horrible agent is an injectable it’s not a very strong agent however for a new diabetic less

Than five years gentleman may be a good option if you have any problems with the medications side effect the cost the dosing information please call us at sugar musicom you’ll find a way to help you out

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Don't Take Janumet Before you Watch This Video. Doctor explains! By SugarMD