February 1, 2023

You know the story of The Wizard of Oz, but do you know how that story came about?

This weather guy is crazy yeah y’all seen braces lately dorothy i don’t know you know there’s like a torino watch we should go like we should go to the show look at that weather out there this is fine somewhere in the water nah ain’t nothing wrong with water how long did it happen i think about 30 minutes ago wouldn’t it yeah i don’t think there’s anything

Wrong with water there well you know i think i’m just gonna test it just just to be safe yeah i don’t think there’s anything wrong with water we should we should test it we should test it i’ll try to test the water okay no not like that let me show you how it’s really done more than likely need to test the water all right which cup should drink out of this one

Yeah that one that one she’s drinking that one she drank out of this one i don’t trust you she drank out of this one i know for a fact she drank it in this one all right let’s see all right down you man she drunk out of this one man i don’t trust you i’m telling you that all right look water’s fine i’m still drinking water spine we got your water might be but

Yours isn’t drugged hey who brought up the factory and drug he brought that up not i did sir i’m ignoring both of you because you’re both idiots you know for professionally you’re not supposed to be laughing around this time he’s really bad at this isn’t he laughing during a very serious exactly you know i think we should probably fight with them with the yeah

Dhs vhs what the hell they sending the homeland security out here for you this man since this became a war crime nah i’m just kidding you about that look at places i got beat dude you gotta take your fingerprints yeah yeah you ain’t getting my favorite i didn’t even know i’m taking your fingerprints people only refuse things when they have something to hide

You think here get me first bro why are you still laughing this is a very serious matter you were laughing first yeah because i didn’t do nothing i don’t care would i be laughing if i thought i was going to jail you can’t probably go to college what’s that that’s what i thought oh bro come in i was a legacy to yale god there’s wishes for you i was a legacy

To veil what veil virginia nobody cares virginia agriculture labor labor education do you even know how to spell that nah not really that’s what i thought all right mail vwl checks out farming yeah props hey i’m the government i can move as slow as i want and get paid as much as i want i’m just kidding but they’ll still put me the same no matter how slow

I move it’s not very good god all right it’s time to touch the water oh my god i thought you already tasted the water i just tasted the fingerprints how dumb are you i went to vail i tried to prove to my point look now if you spill that you really will make from the government because they can’t do anything yeah i might just because you said that nope oh

Man didn’t spill it you know why are you trying to make him spill it hey man nobody asked for your opinion i went to the van did you did you go to the virginia agriculture labor education what’s the old mama’s house that’s why i got my education what about down here yet nope tonight’s gonna this is gonna be a long night i got time for this we got drugs drugs

Drugs what do you want now so what do you know about what happened earlier you see anything suspicious not saying anything yeah you you’re from the government hmm let’s see is there a reason you don’t trust us government workers nah not really you have anything to hide no not really really looks like you’re smiling most people wouldn’t be smelling this is a

Very serious situation in your life this is a very serious situation most people would be laughing in this very serious situation i’m just laughing at the predicament you’re putting yourself in it’s uh quite quite funny but i’ve seen this case many times before so why’d you solve them why didn’t i fail yet because you’re my prime suspect no no no it didn’t work

Like that all right so cutting the deal here you admit that you did it i can get you free housing and food for as long as you want man i did what drugged her ain’t drunk her i don’t have any drugs to drug her with really yeah really got anything on your hat yeah you sure pretty sure i know it’s in my own hat there officer only had a search warrant yeah but you

Don’t you’re on you see yeah so you see anything suspicious going on at the bar you might have seen something can you uh you tell me what it is i’ll make sure you have a meeting in court he did it the witch she’s melting she’s melting somebody did something man all right i really just figured it out yeah i’m seeing them you did it i got your fingerprints

On the cup all the other ones suckers all right also he told me he saw you you snitched i bought you a drink last week you said put the word down drop it down in daylight for a while let’s go you

Transcribed from video
Dorothy Experiences the Wonderful World of Zolpidem By Erin Price