May 29, 2023

Hey guys! So this video is actually a two week update on my weight loss journey using Phentermine 37.5 mg! My phentermine weight loss results have been amazing so far and I’m loving the fast weight loss! I was prescribed the Phentermine 37.5 over a month ago and have been going hard ever since!

Welcome to this week’s update on my little weight loss journey y’all and it’s gonna be a good one it’s gonna be great i got a lot of information to cover but we’re gonna get through it yes we will so hopefully this video doesn’t end up super long but i’ma try but y’all know my name is jd if you’re new to my channel – this video is going to be on my update with my

Weight loss journey i’ve been using venture mean if you do not know about it or have any like questions or wondering feel free to leave me a comment down below or check out my past videos where i’ve talked about it and also like the first few weeks well i’ve been on this journey i also do other videos on my channel it’s not all about benjamina weight loss and if

You’re interested make sure you hit the subscribe button okay so this is actually going to be a two week update i didn’t do a video last week just because i didn’t get a chance to and plus it’s like i kind of feel like after a certain point it starts to be very similar and it’s just a matter of like how much weight did you lose so this week is gonna be two weeks

Bundled into one so as of right now i’ve officially finished 4 weeks on this new weight-loss journey with using phentermine i’ve just about finished my bottle had 30 pills so i have one left so i’m pretty much done with the first bottle and i’m here to update y’all on what has been going on with in those past two weeks so for my second week update i had mentioned

To you guys i was going to try to make my goal to be to lose 4 pounds a week because before that i was trying to do 7 pounds a week and i just wanted to set the bar a little bit lower and not like be so hard on myself if i didn’t meet this like expectation or goal and i just want to be like easy on myself i don’t want the pressure on myself i just want to do what

I need to do because it’s going to happen in its own time and as i guess no one really looks in my window when they drive by which is a good thing so my goal was 4 pounds for that next week for my you know week 3 but i am very happy to report i surpassed my 4 pound goal and i lost a total of 7 pounds for my third week of course obviously i was really happy about

That that brought my total of three weeks of like eating less and working out a ton my total weight loss was my total weight loss was 20 pounds in three weeks so yeah that’s amazing that’s crazy 25 pounds in three weeks i still can’t get over it y’all when i start talking about in these videos that’s when i really started hitting me i’m like wow like in three

Weeks in a matter of three weeks which three weeks goes by like this in my life i’m sure in your guy’s life too like it goes by so freaking fast so to think like in that quick amount of time i was able to lose 25 pounds to be like 25 pounds closer to where i want to be like that’s pretty crazy pat on the back jade cuz you’ve been doing it you know what i need to

Give myself a little bit more credit like my husband has been like my biggest fan my biggest truly like he’s had my back it supported me so much like through this and it’s almost to the point where i just feel like oh no i don’t want to talk about it i just want to keep going cuz i feel like like i’m almost nervous that i’m gonna like let myself fall off but like

No i i’ve been doing this so i should i should be proud also that was also the week of mother’s day and so i was kind of nervous about mother’s days because this was going to be the first time where we got together like as a family or as a group and there was gonna be food and that’s usually where i will have like if i’m ever on a diet or trying to cut back i will

Usually be like i’ll give myself a pass you know for today it’s just this day and that’s like the beginning of me falling off i was already a little bit nervous going into it and then guess what i was in such a rush trying to leave to get to my nana’s house so we had brunch at my nana’s house i was in such a rush to leave i forgot to take my phentermine so i’m

Just like oh boy well it’s it’s really 100% all to me out but i could do it i could do it it’s fine it’ll be okay so what i tried to do is just keep the same type of mentality and the same type of thing i would do how do i set my picture me pill or whatever cuz i mean yes it’s supposed to help but i guess it mean it’s that magic y’all i still have to be the one

And i eat the food right so i’m like i can’t do it i’ve got this once my nana’s house and there’s a whole bunch of food and i only had a little bit i had half of a croissant sandwich with no male-only mustard because man it’s got some calories girls ladies gentlemen whoever i had that a little bit of scrambled eggs and some salad that was all i eat and it was

A little bit it wasn’t even a lot and i hadn’t eaten prior to that i can’t eat all day so literally i basically did what i would have normally done on phentermine which is good for me in my mind cause it’s like letting me know like once i’m ready to transition to not taking it or whatever then i know i’m gonna be fine like i had the mindset i know how to do it

And i’ll be fine in this as far as feeling hungry like maybe there’s a little bit more feelings of feeling hungry but it’s i’m so much more stronger mentally to be able to like it’s not that serious i don’t need to eat just because i’m starting to feel a little hungry i don’t gotta eat no i’m just gonna do it like i would if i was on my venture me so i was really

Happy with that but i did still eat like usually i wouldn’t eat like a sandwich with regular bread i’ve been like trying to do like lower carb options like low carb wraps or like a lower carb flatbread or something so that was the only thing with the croissant croissant so kind of hang calories whatever other than that like i feel like i did pretty good and then i

Came home i like meal prepped a little dinner like i had been doing which wasn’t much at all not many calories and i was good to go so i was really happy about that and i felt really good because i’m like this gives me more like confidence for when it’s like time to transition out of like using the phentermine and just totally doing it by myself so that was pretty

Good i was really happy about that and so and that was during my third week so after my third week when i was going into my fourth week i had a doctor’s appointment with the doctor who prescribed me two phentermine to begin with he had told me when i first came in that he wanted me to come in in three weeks just to you know do a follow-up do a follow-up and so

I’ve scheduled an appointment and i went in and he was like pretty surprised i had lost like over 20 pounds in three weeks like he was like wow like you’ve really been doing it i’m like yeah i really have like i just been going hard i figured i would normally not be taking any medication because i’m really not a type of person to be like taking anything for the

Most part so it’s like if i’m gonna do this i’m gonna make it worth it so i’m gonna go hard and that’s what i’ve been doing they did that same like body analysis that they did that first appointment which i’ve talked about in my very first video when i was talking about vinter mean and so they did that same thing i don’t have the paper do with it i do know that he

Said the fat level is going down obviously which is really good he said my water levels have gone up and my weight is obviously lower but the only thing is that my muscle mass or whatever terminology they use has decreased which made my metabolic rate go down a little bit and he said that that’s not really good because once i’m ready to just maintain a way if my

Metabolic rate isn’t as good then that makes it harder he wants my metabolic rate to get better not worse and it has to do with like muscle mass or whatever so he said it could have to do with like hormonal things and whatever i said i want to give it another month and see where i’m at and then we’ll like dig into that stuff and in the meantime what i want to try

To do is like start toning basically and doing some like weight lifting type of stuff i don’t i don’t want to do like heavy lifting or anything because i’m already like bulky you know and i know that i don’t want to add too much muscle on there but i know muscle helps you burn more fat so i want it i wanna have some muscle you know i mean those are gotta have a

Balance in there and i just i i’m already acted like a really like strong woman and girl it’s weird for me to say woman about myself is that that’s probably terrible i like to say like girl or young lady like woman sounds so mature anyways so i already feel like i’m pretty strong but i just want to like tone up and like try to keep my muscle mass where it needs to

Be he said that might work that might not i said we’ll just wait till next month and we’ll dig into it then because as of right now i’m doing good i figured there might be a little bit of muscle loss just because i’ve lost so much weight so fast i think that’s actually normal so we’re just gonna see what happens and update you guys on that one once i had the next

Appointment and i have more information so that was the appointment that went good everything’s great was actually really quick it was like a little bloop bloop bloop talked a little bit do my prescription and they just sent it to the pharmacy so i could get my next look oh and don’t forget i had to pay if you guys want a video on like kind of how that process worked

Let me know in the comments below because i will do a separate video on it because i don’t know how it works at other places i can explain to you guys how i was able to get in mind because i had someone leave a comment asking about it because their doctor wouldn’t prescribe it and i had that same thing my doctor regular doctor wouldn’t prescribe it to me either so

Leave a comment if you guys want to know more about that so basically at this point like i’m just trying to stay like focused with what i’m doing day to day the things i’m trying to accomplish day to day like getting ready for summer getting things around my house ready because the kids are gonna be home 24/7 my husband will be home we’ll be together and i just want

To have things set up the way i want it already so that’s what i’ve kind of been trying to focus on and like still getting into the gym and doing the things that i need to do and of course eating the same i don’t even really have to think about it as much anymore it’s just like i’m more like in a routine i’m at that point where it’s a routine which is really good

And i want to keep it that way so there’s no setbacks later when summer starts my husband comes home because that’s when we be like hmm whoa yeah so yeah i’m trying not to be like tube says but how much weight i lost today i just want to be like really just focus i’m gonna need to do and just let it continue to happen because i just i don’t know it’s like almost

Like pressure inside of me to feel like i gotta keep losing weight fast i got i can’t losing weight fast i don’t want to put that pressure on myself i just want to continue on with what i’ve been doing cuz besides the weight loss stuff life has been great i’ve been getting stuff done i’ve been feeling like accomplished like you know i literally i don’t watch tv i

Don’t look at my phone all that much i just in like focus on things i’m trying to do and that feels so good like important things you know so freaking so long i’m seeking to well these are my notes and then so on my fourth week i actually had started my period t and i sorry y’all whatever i don’t even care honestly who cares all women have periods it’s really not

Even tmi if you think about it like it’s not like i mean we don’t all have them usually you know what i mean so anyways normally when i start my period though my weight like will jump up a few pounds like it’d definitely be fluctuating i’d be like oh well it’s just it’s just hormonal right away whatever i don’t know i know this already so i kind of was expecting

That but it really it didn’t really jump up that much it kind of maintained itself throughout when i started and throughout so yeah i was i was actually happy with that and pretty surprised because i mean it does suck when you look at the scale and it jumps up like three pounds or something stupid when you just was like doing the same exact thing as before but

Whatever but for my fourth week i lost five pounds which is still great it just surpassed my 4 pound goal so that brought me to a total of 30 pounds in four weeks and i’m just a couple days over that now so basically one month because i have one more pill which was i had 30 pills i have one more so that’s basically a month’s worth and i’ve lost actually over that

So i’m over 30 pounds in one month you guys that is so i almost like a cry like wow i can’t believe i did that i feel kind of crazy that i was able to do it cuz i’ve been trying to do so many different things for so long and this is really actually the most i’ve ever lost in one like run and obviously this quickly like this is the fastest it’s ever been even like

For once one time when i was breastfeeding after my son i was like really doing good i lost like 20 pounds in like a month and i was like oh like that was the best i had ever done and now i’ve even surpassed that and at the weight i’m at now i’m actually lower than the weight i have been since before i had my daughter my four-year-old almost five-year-old daughter

And this is this is the lowest i’ve ever gotten where i’m at right now so i’m really excited about that i’m really happy and i’m really proud but and i know this might seem bad but there is a but i’m not gonna lie it is kind of hard because when i look i see that it’s changed a little bit but like my upper body where it just is my biggest physical struggle i just

Feel like they’re the change isn’t as much as i would have wanted to at 30 pounds i know that sounds bad i’m not trying to seem ungrateful because i’m so grateful for having lost day already but it’s just like i lost 30 pounds and i’m still like i’m not trying to be negative because i’m really not a negative person i’m not negative on myself for my body honestly

I just take it for what it is but it is kind of just like a bummer a little bit you know what i mean like i wish it would have just been a little bit more sorry a little bit more you know like the difference i mean there is a difference i can’t act like i look exactly the same like obviously i look slimmer in my opinion and in my husband’s opinion and in other

People’s opinions because i have had people notice now and be like wow like you look good or you look like you lost weight like my cousin texts me i post a picture i’ll post it right here naomi graduated from preschool i think people can notice now obviously and that also feels weird and makes me feel kind of uncomfortable because it’s like i still don’t feel like

I can’t explain it i don’t feel like i’m where i want to be you know you guys know that i’m not where i want to be but obviously it’s still good and i’m not trying to be negative about it but it is kind of weird to have people notice and it is kind of weird to i don’t know how people notice that still not feel 100% like satisfied i guess but i am satisfied so i

Don’t know i this is just i’m not even explaining myself well it’s like it’s like there’s like a balance part of me is like super glad like yes girl you’re doing it you look good and the other part of me was like oh like you already lost 30 pounds and you’re still like i don’t feel comfortable and this or that blah and my clothes is what funny cuz my clothes i’m

Still wearing the same clothes 30 pounds lighter obviously but that’s because i feel like i was really school wiesen into them clothes 30 pounds ago like these jeans i’m wearing right now let’s go wheezing into these jeans and now they fit more so like i feel like they were supposed to you know videos it’s have so much to say but i love y’all if y’all stuff this

Wow also i just want to mention as far as through those two weeks that i just updated on i was pretty much doing the same thing going to the gym in the morning eating um like a snack and then dinner a healthy low-calorie dinner and as far as my snacks i kind of switched it up a little bit and stopped doing like i was doing kind of like turkey roll-ups like a low

Carb tortilla with some mustard like really just really basic but filling and i decided to try to do more fruit as my snack because of digestive things i’m trying to help my digestive system and situation out a little bit so that’s what i’ve been doing that’s the only with the only real change with that and i do want to mention i used the mag oh seven if you’re

Familiar with jj smith’s green smoothie cleanse then she mentions that i will show you guys in the next video probably because i’m gonna try one more time but it kind of is supposed to cleanse your colon make sure you go to the bathroom i did use that one time just to kind of help things along this is so embarrassing about laughs whatever i used it and that’s that

Other than that everything else pretty much had been going the same and still going to the gym my daughter is at a preschool now so i’m going to be re-evaluating kind of my system and how i’m doing things i’ll update you guys that on the next week too once i’ve kind of figured it out i have a set and stuff so make sure that you guys are subscribed to my channel

So you can see the updates and any other feature videos that i’m putting up and don’t forget to hit the little bell just so you know when my videos come up i’m a small little youtube channel my stuff begin lost sometimes so just make sure you guys do that and hit the thumbs up button if you guys like this video that would help me out a lot too i love you guys young

Forever so good stuff i’m almost then i’m almost a mess okay that’s it that’s all i got so i’m just gonna show you guys a little body shot and i’m gonna show you guys where i’m at today and hopefully i mean there is a different sound of y’all gonna know the difference and for once i don’t have up like leggings yesterday no black legging today but they’ll be in the

Next video probably like i don’t know okay guys so this is after 30 pounds lost on phentermine 30 pounds of changing how i eat exercising doing all the stuff they say are supposed to do and this is definitely different than before again my upper body is still the sore spot the lower body it’s fine honestly like i don’t care like let’s just start working on this

Like i know my stomach isn’t like it was before obviously but like these are high-waisted jeans i’m just gonna show you guys so i still have like you know this little extra belly in here and we got the back step i feel like i can do this because i have on these high-waisted jeans even though it still shows but some yeah other than that this is it after one month

And about 32 i think it’s about 32 pounds now this is it guys i’m gonna keep going though because like i said i’m not where i want to be yet but obviously in one month it’s a transformation in itself for the most part and i even look like phil like i look more vibrant and younger like i just feel like i was looking so i don’t want to say sunken and i’m not saying

This in a negative way towards myself cause like i said i don’t talk i try not to talk negatively about anyone really but it was that’s really just what i was looking like kind of like a sunken version of myself and it feels good to be more vibrant and like full of life ya know if you guys have any questions or comments make sure that you put them down below and

Check out my other videos if you haven’t already just to kind of get caught up with any other information that i left out of this terribly long video i don’t see how i could have left anything out with this much as i was talking but i’d be having like to say do so love you guys i will see you in next week’s update bye i said i would do a song serena lyrics guys

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