February 1, 2023


So today we’re going to talk about why you lost your butt yet you gained a belly and there’s some data i want to share in this book right here the siba collection of medical illustrations volume 4 endocrine system on page 85 okay this is the picture of someone with too much cortisol cortisol if excessive can break down the quads and the glutamus maximus right here

So let me just explain and i’m not trying to diagnose you with that condition which is called cushing syndrome because you don’t just one day wake up with cushing syndrome which is a high level of cortisol it happens gradually so you can have a version of that but not a full-blown cushing’s disease just because of high cortisol so since cortisol is a stress in a

Survival hormone what it tends to do is keep your sugar levels available so you can use it as quick energy and also it will rob peter to pay paul it will take extra things from your body that you might not need or you have extra like the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body so apparently it has extra amino acids to convert over into glucose then you

Have the next largest muscle which is the thigh muscle the quadricep so both of these muscles are then broken down and that process is a catabolic effect catabolic means you’re breaking down something from protein to amino acid and then from amino acid to glucose and the process you’re developing also atrophy of the muscles which could look like cellulite but it’s

Really not it’s just a loss of muscle fiber so we get muscle amino acids sugar glucose and then that’s converted to fat with the help of insulin so now the question is what causes this condition and then of course what can we do about it well there’s several things it could be that you’re on prednisone because you have some type of inflammatory condition that’s

Basically a synthetic version of cortisol and one of the side effects is cushing’s syndrome which is that high cortisol now when women goes through menopause they will lose the ovary function or to some degree not 100 but there’s a backup organ called the adrenals so if you go into menopause with adrenal weakness or adrenal stress then you can develop a higher

Level of cortisol because the adrenals are now coping with that extra function and that can affect a lot of things it can affect the loss of collagen in your joints even you can have bone loss because there’s less protein in the bone itself but also this is probably why you see a lot of women after menopause that lose the butt in the quads and then we just have

A situation where you go through chronic stress for a period of time that can do it or let’s say you have a tumor on either the adrenal gland or the pituitary gland that can also do it birth control pills this is interesting birth control pills has many side effects one being pseudo cushions now what is pseudo cushings well it’s not necessarily coming from the

Same mechanism it’s coming from a different mechanism where there is an increase of something called corticosteroid binding globulin now what does that mean that means that where there’s an increase of this thing in your liver called cbg okay cortical steroid binding globulin and what the heck is that that is a combination of protein connected to cortisol so

In other words about 90 of all the cortisol in the body is bound to a protein and so that way it’s not free it’s not available and we have similar mechanisms for testosterone and estrogen as well but we don’t necessarily want all this free cortisol in the body so we have to put it in an inactive or a bound state to protein well the problem is birth control pills

Increases this cbg thereby increasing cortisol okay now you also see this same mechanism in pregnancy it probably could also happen if you are on some type of estrogen therapy as in hormonal placement therapy possibly or even possibly if your estrogen dominant okay for some reason the more fat that you have in your body both both men and women the more estrogen

You’ll have because the fat cell makes more estrogen but i did include that because there’s not a lot of research on that topic now there are other things that are not related to necessarily cortisol that can create atrophy of your butt and your thigh okay like one would be sarcopenium now what is a sarcopenia that is a condition where you’re just losing muscle

Mass and strength with age okay and i had done a video on that and i will put a link down below so that’s one cause you’re just getting older but there’s things you can do to counter that inactivity so if you’re sitting all day you have a desk job and you have no exercise well this is the body shape that you’re going to get or let’s say you have chronic low back

Pain that prevents you from activating these muscles and that could do it as well so what is the solution right here if you are on prednisone you want to find an alternative okay and i don’t know what reason you’d be on prednisone for whatever reason i would there’s a lot of different alternatives in fact i do have a video on that and i will put that down below

But typically there’s always an herbal or some natural solution to whatever medication you’re taking of course check with your doctor like adaptogens for example like ashwagandha um is a great stress reducer and it can greatly support your adrenals the gland behind the cortisol also vitamin d is a natural anti-inflammatory very potent and powerful one and it’s

Great for pain so if you’re taking prednisone for that reason maybe you should try something a little different all right number two reduce your stress so whatever the source of your stress is do whatever you can to reduce the stress doing physical work is one of the best remedies for overall mental stress it takes your mind off things and it works your physical

Body and of course exercise itself is great for stress especially long walks or any type of exercise as long as you avoid over training which is not good for high cortisol number three if you get in the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting you’re going to reduce the flight or fight mechanism the sympathetics and increase the parasympathetic nervous system okay

That can help lower cortisol and this is why when people go on keto and if they don’t feel as anxious anymore they feel better less depressed so it can actually change your whole mood number four the key nutrients that you need to help balance and reduce cortisol potassium eat foods high in potassium or find a potassium supplement potassium is a natural physiological

Tranquilizer it relaxes the muscles it calms down your body and also magnesium very very important just so happens that potassium magnesium are in leafy greens like in large amounts of salad b1 which i like to get from nutritional yeast also is one of the best natural things to lower cortisol you’ll feel the difference you take it like in a form of nutritional yeast

And you wait like four minutes you just wow it just gives you relief um all right so now we have sleep of course that is vitally important because the less sleep you have the more cortisol you have the worse the blood sugars i have a ton of videos on that which i’ll put some important ones down below and then number six limit to the amount of things that stimulate

The adrenals like caffeine like tea like chocolate like um energy drinks all that will prevent you from sleeping and there’s one last point that is kind of invisible emf electromagnetic fields from your cell phone from the computer i bought a tester okay i did a video on this i found that sitting behind a computer for i don’t know how many hours i mean probably

14 hours a day i was being bathed in electromagnetic fields which when i completely rearrange my computer and things i felt an instant drop in stress so i think this has a really big factor you should watch the video i did on this because it’s an invisible stressor that is so common yet it’s not really mentioned hardly anywhere so i’m going to put that video up right here check it out

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臀部與大腿肌肉流失,卻有肥肚子的原因,柏格醫生 Dr Berg By 柏格醫生中文 健康知識