May 29, 2023

Book review of THE DIABETES CODE by Jason Fung, MD. Fung goes against the mainstream in explaining insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. The big problem is too much insulin. Fung explains what causes insulin resistance, how to reverse insulin resistance, and ultimately how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.

Prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes  and reduced carbohydrates are the keys to  changing insulin resistance and treating   great resource for patients with diabetes,   haven’t had a chance to read it yet, i’m here   to help you decide if it’s worth your time. stick  around to the end of the video and i’ll give you  

You can use whether you read the book or not.   i’m steve goldring from i help  healthcare practitioners with easy to understand   channel and click the little notify bell to find   out whenever i post a new video. dr jason fung’s  a nephrologist a kidney specialist from toronto,   ontario, canada. he

Sees hundreds of patients in  his clinical practice, mostly diabetic patients,   obesity, and insulin resistance. he’s kind   of developed a reputation for going against the  mainstream when it comes to diabetes treatment and   obesity treatment. i haven’t yet read the obesity  code by dr phung. it’s something that’s on my

List   sure there’s a little bit of overlap between   the obesity code and the diabetes code. but that  remains to be seen. if you know of a great book in   the integrative and functional medicine space  and you’d love other people to know about it,   see if i can review it and get the word out.   dr fung has some

Paradigm busting ideas that not  everybody’s gonna agree with. he doesn’t pull any   punches when it comes to the ineffectiveness of  diabetes treatment over the last 40 or 50 years.   health journalist nina teicholtz provides the  forward for the diabetes code. her 2014 book   the big fat surprise talks about a giant hoax 

That was perpetuated on the american public   that was basically an experiment with disastrous  consequences for our health. what she’s referring   to is the idea that saturated fat is the main  cause of chronic diseases like heart disease. i’ve   also got the big fat surprise on my list of books  to review. hit the notify

Button to find out when   that happens. well the diabetes code starts out  with the realization that reducing our fat intake   hasn’t really stopped diabetes from becoming an  epidemic in the last 40 years. instead the number   108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.   obesity’s seen an almost identical increase in 

The last four decades. 14% of u.s adults have   type 2 diabetes and 38% have pre-diabetes. that’s  a total of 52% of us in the u.s that have problems   metabolizing glucose. in one generation, diabetes  has increased by 1160%. fung places blame for the   of the 1980 dietary guidelines for americans   of the guidelines. it

Almost seems like the   guidelines’ intention was to decrease our fat and  increase our carbohydrate intake so that we eat   55 to 60% of our diet as carbohydrates. well that  strategy has worked. we’ve been eating a low fat   high carbohydrate diet for 40 years and we’re  fatter and more diabetic than ever by a mile.  

It’s rotting every system in our bodies. all that  glucose floating around in your bloodstream means   that your eyes rot with retinopathy, your kidneys  rot nephropathy, your liver rots with fatty liver   disease, your brain rots with alzheimer’s, men  have erectile dysfunction and low sperm counts,   women suffer with pcos

Insulin resistance and  eventually type 2 diabetes. ultimately our   hearts rot. heart disease is the number 1 killer  of diabetics. uncontrolled blood sugar is the   culprit but hyperglycemia isn’t the only problem.  hyperinsulinemia and overproduction of insulin in   problems. jason fung points out that diabetes  

And obesity are basically inseparable, especially  in terms of metabolic syndrome. the nurses health   study ii in the 1980s showed that obesity was the  single most important risk factor for diabetes.   it also showed that maintaining normal weight,  getting regular exercise, not smoking, eating a   “healthy diet,” all of those

Could prevent up to  91% of type 2 diabetes. fung says that he can make   you fat. he can do that by prescribing insulin.  it’s well known that insulin causes weight gain.   of course, insulin is secreted in response to  carbohydrates. for over a century, the basic   treatment for obesity and diabetes was a reduction  in

Carbohydrates – cutting out beer and bread and   sweets. that’s until we decided that fats were  mass murderers and we need to eliminate them   from our diet. now we treat diabetes with drugs,  low-fat diets, and insulin. jason fung presents   3 paradigm-busting ideas in the diabetes code. the  first idea in fung’s book is that

Hyperinsulinemia   is the real problem. that’s what causes insulin  resistance. fung compares cells to packed subway   are so packed solid with glucose they couldn’t   possibly fit another molecule in, just like the  passengers are packed in tightly to the subway   trains and the conductors are trying to push more 

And more people in. at some point they just can’t   get another single person into that train. this  paradigm goes against the lock and key concept   that insulin is a key that unlocks the door to let  glucose in the cell and somehow the key is damaged   or broken and no longer works. fung says that  the insulin “key” works

Just fine. it’s just that   there’s too much glucose already in the cell and  no more will fit. fung devotes 3 chapters on how   about insulin and how it makes insulin resistance   worse by increasing hyperinsulinemia. he talks  about results from the accord study where 10,000   including high levels of insulin which

Reduced   glucose. however, the patients that received   higher levels of insulin died 22% more frequently  than patients receiving a lower dose of insulin.   chapter 11’s about how oral hypoglycemics also  fail to reduce insulin resistance. sulfonylurea   drugs like glipizide and glyburide decrease blood  glucose by

Increasing insulin secretion. that   makes insulin resistance worse. fung talks about  a 2012 randomized trial between sulfonylureas and   metformin. they both decreased blood glucose but  the sulfonylureas increased vascular disease by up   to 40 percent more than metformin. sulfonylureas  also caused a lot of weight gain in

Those same   patients. thiazolidinediones do reduce glucose  and they don’t necessarily increase insulin,   but they increase the chance of bladder cancer.  they also appear to increase heart attack risk.   multiple reviews of all the randomized trials of  diabetes drugs including metformin and insulin   have basically

Shown that none of them reduce the  complications of diabetes. most of the drugs have   failed as hyperinsulinemia treatments and some of  them actually made hyperinsulinemia worse. chapter   12 is about how low calorie diets and exercise  really fail to make any difference in weight   loss or insulin resistance. an incredible

2008  statement from the american diabetes association   told diabetics, “dietary strategies including  reduced calories and reduced intake of dietary fat   can reduce the risk for developing diabetes and  are therefore recommended. intake of sucrose and   sucrose containing foods by people with diabetes  does not need

To be restricted.” carbohydrates   and glucose are exactly the things that cause high  blood glucose, high insulin levels, and decreased   blood glucose. fat does not increase insulin.   fat does not affect insulin resistance. but the  ada is telling diabetics that they need to eat   that they need to not worry about

Sugar???   logic behind these statements. the nurses   dietary fat or cholesterol and heart disease.   study, had about 50,000 women eating a low-calorie   with really good compliance, there were no   improvements in heart attacks or strokes and the  total weight loss for all of those women averaged   less

Than a quarter of a pound . . . after eight  years of dieting. well, exercise has been a   major treatment for both obesity and diabetes for  a number of years. unfortunately it hasn’t really   resistance isn’t caused by a lack of exercise.   that lead to high levels of insulin. drugs,   low-fat diets, calorie restriction,

Exercise –  none of those make a dent in diabetes. so how can   we effectively treat type 2 diabetes? that’s the  last section in the diabetes code. fung’s answer   is pretty simple and it’s based on the idea that  diabetes is a dietary disease and so it can only   third paradigm in the book the diabetes code.   how

Do you fix insulin resistance and diabetes?  you fix your diet. fung suggests 4 simple rules   that are easy to follow on diet. the first is  to avoid fructose. fructose contributes to fatty   that are both common in type 2 diabetes. rule   and enjoy natural fats with a low carbohydrate   food. enjoy whole foods that don’t

Have a lot   of chemicals and added carbohydrates and number  4 is burn off excess glucose through intermittent   fasting. well it doesn’t take a massive clinical  trial to understand how to effectively treat type   2 diabetes. reduce carbohydrate intake. reducing  glucose is the simplest and fastest way to reduce  

Or reverse insulin resistance. it often happens  within a couple of weeks. so here’s the bottom   line – 3 takeaway bullet points that you can pass  on to patients, whether you read the book or not.   1. hyperinsulinemia – too much insulin – is the  real problem in diabetes. 2. insulin resistance   is caused by too much glucose

Already inside the  cells 3. diabetes can be reversed through diet.   you can do that by number 1 – reducing dietary  carbohydrates and reducing the glucose that   comes in and then number 2 – burning off excess  glucose using intermittent fasting. should you   take the time to read the diabetes code by dr  jason fung and judge

Its merits for yourself?   will clarify and simplify insulin resistance   or patient. this stuff just makes sense.   it’s also very patient friendly. dr fung has a  relaxed, engaging writing style that uses a lot of   vivid illustrations to help patients understand  complex concepts that might be difficult to grasp  

Otherwise. the diabetes code definitely isn’t  too difficult for most lay people to understand.   friend of mine i was coaching through pcos   it’s been really informative. i’ve been  decreasing carbs the last couple of weeks,   from 100 to 75 to 50. i’m going to try to stay  in the 20 to 50 range after that. i also started  

Doing intermittent fasting and eating within about  an eight and a half hour window. it’s been great.   i feel really good and full.” if you like this  review of the diabetes code by dr jason fung,   hit the like button and the subscribe to find  out the next time i release some new videos.   forward to talking to you again soon.

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Dr Jason Fung on Hyperinsulinemia, Low-Carb, and Intermittent Fasting: The Diabetes Code Book Review By Simple Hormones