March 24, 2023

Dr. Richardson shares why you should wean slowly off of blood pressure medication. ACPM.NET

I’m dr. william richardson from the american clinics for preventive medicine a cpm net and today i want to talk to you about high blood pressure the medications used to manage it from the medical world and how to naturally treat it how to intertwine all that today i just got a call from a patient who’s been on dialysis for about a year and he’s on dialysis because

He hadn’t checked his blood pressure for three years and ended up sick with kidney failure causing him to vomit so he went to the hospital they found out his blood pressure was sky-high and it hurt his kidneys so first of all that’s why we should keep track of our blood pressure you should get regular check-ups from doctors and you can also go and measure in the

Pharmacies and whatnot a normal blood pressure is 120 over 80 or less and the optimal blood pressures 110 over 70 or less to extend so many people walking around with a blood pressure 140 over 90 but some people like a person i saw him intensive care unit one time or an emergency room i had to put in tests care unit his blood pressure was 280 over 180 that’s literally

The highest blood pressure i’ve ever seen and i had to treat him with medications put him on meds and it saved his life now what we do at the american clinics is that we will see a person if we can avoid putting someone on blood pressure medications we will but if it gets up too high it can cause a stroke heart disease kidney disease and eventually congestive

Heart failure by wearing a heart out so what we will do we will change the diet we will get people on supplements and if necessary medications now another patient called today and he was taking his medications in an inappropriate way that is he would take them for let’s say we’d and then the blood pressure were normalized they would just abruptly stop and the

Blood pressure would go up and get back on the beds and i had to let them know you have to stay on the medication and when the blood pressure is under better control then you can we down from it and eventually off of it that’s the goal really so know how to manage your blood pressure there’s a number of things that naturally lower the blood pressure a plant-based

Whole foods diet stressing of fruits and vegetables in the diet that are wrong fresh also blueberries separately will lower the blood pressure dark chocolate will lower the blood pressure meditation going to bed on time having a harmonious relationship with your spouse at home all these things help control the blood pressure it should be used simultaneously so

In conclusion make sure you work with your doctor and work on getting off the medications but don’t just abruptly stop and use all the positive natural things and supplements and modalities that you can use to have a natural decrease in your blood pressure this is dr. william richardson from the american clinics for preventive medicine a cpm dot net

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Dr. Richardson: How to Wean off of Blood Pressure Medication By Advanced Clinics for Preventive Medicine