January 26, 2023

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Through that in just about a week it’s time there have been two big rug halls in just about a week and there is a heroine crackdown the other one is a meth crackdown recovery of 312 kilograms of methamphetam methamphetamine with the heroin seizures were made in lucknow and also in noida the value is about 1200 crore rupees delhi cops arresting two afghan nationals

Staying in india since 2016. the consignment from afghanistan and smuggled in from chennai that’s the first case dated the 13th of september then on the 20th of september recovery of 345 kilograms of heroin seizures from nawasheva in mumbai the value is 1700 crore rupees again linked to this afghan drug racket that was busted in delhi consignment arrived on the

21st of june at nawasheva heroin was coated with licorice and shipped by a dubai-based firm we’ll have on which srivastava joining us live but i am also going to check if we have the special cp hgs dhaliwaji joining us uh mr daliwal is there with us on which stay on i’ll come to you because mr daliwal is through with us let’s go and ask him mr daliwal first up

Congratulations to you and your entire team at the special cell because you have perhaps been at the forefront of trying to bust this entire uh syndicate that’s been operating a lot of afghan nationals did the meth also come from afghanistan originate from afghanistan mr dalibat yes it did yes it did so are you surprised that not just heroin but also meth is now

Being manufactured and being moved in from afghanistan into india so we are not really surprised because you know we have been continuously working on these and since last three four years uh there has been a a bit of a discovery of plant-based ephedra uh you know the ephedrine is drawn from a plant which is like grown in uh you know almost grows on its own in

Various hinterlands of afghanistan and the drug consumers of meth uh amphetamine they are you know some of them are most of them are rather i would say uh from pretty uh you know sometimes educated well of backgrounds and it has a huge market in western world also so there has been a preference of consuming drugs which are plant-based then which are totally uh

Chemical uh based so methamphetamine has recently seen in last three four years lot of mushrooming of local units in afghanistan which are manufacturing this drug and the primary constituent of which is ephedra plant mr daliwal another aspect is the ingenuity they use traditional trade routes containers uh try to hide the heroine in bitter minus coal and also in

Talc semi-process talc now meth tabs coated with licorice and then being tried to smuggle in can you explain this entire nexus where does this originate who are the people who are linked and how ports like bandar abbas etc are being used is there a pakistan link to it too yes so the primarily you know till the time uh i mean our investigation up to date i can

Only share uh what we can share in a public forum is that in this case we have been working on a syndicate and a drug cartel which is like headed by a afghan national named ahmad shah who is apparently based in pakistan and in this case also it’s a classic case where the origin of the drug is from afghanistan the consigning company is based in dubai the shipping

Route is from another country to have a decoy and the methamphetamine shipment it comes to chennai and this shipment of licorice which is coated with heroin comes to jnpt mumbai and both the consignments came last year the methamphetamine shipment came earlier than that it has been almost stored at chennai port for close to one year before it was transported to

A warehouse in lucknow and from there it was being transported to delhi and we caught it on kalindi kunj water area hmm this shipment of licorice which is quoted by heroin it had come to india on 21st june 2021 it had been lying there for one year and three months apparently you know other agencies also would have done some groundwork but since you know there’s a

Huge quantities on the ports and so many commodities comes in such bulk volumes it’s not always easy unless you have very precise information and very extensive groundwork and that is where we think our teams of special cell did wonderful uh work groundwork and it’s a it’s a record for any unit to have such huge seizures in a span of two weeks of two very different

Drugs but both of such high volume and value but the quantities are also surprising and was delhi the hub and who was receiving it here again afghan nationals or are there indians also involved because the amount of money is also huge see we have rested to afghan nationals one is mustafa stan exai the second is both are afghans and the both have been living in

India for many years and uh both have had refugee status also and we are already working on it further to see you know whatever and wherever it reaches the market for this drug meth and heroin is spread across different states of the country and it has been you know we have seen continuously that it has been a target of our hostile agencies and anti-state actors

For india who have been trying to peddle in drugs not only from the perspective of economics but also to addicting the entire generation of youngsters who could be very vulnerable to such influences and it is estimated that if you consume let’s say 2 kg of heroin over a period of time it almost cost a young person is life so if we see the potential of not only in

Value terms uh the potential of life saved then also it is quite humongous chennai kolkata so it’s it’s they’re using multiple ports as points of entry but how are they able to create such legit fronts or seemingly legit fronts to bring in such huge consignments that’s one question and how much of this money is actually being sent back and how much of it is remains

Here for perhaps uh subversive activities terror activities see this is now ongoing investigation we have had a previous instances where we have seen that money earned out of narco has been used for terror activities and we had a case of we we have been you know doing a lot of cases we have had a terror financing case and we have had some other cases where we have

Seen there is a there is a fusion of these elements and that is why we are always on the state of very heightened alert and we try to do our best to keep delhi safe you have also been mr daliwal at the forefront of busting this entire gangster network nexus are they connected somewhere with this drug gang and somewhere uh are they all linked with arms with terror

And drugs see you see you see there are seats a lot of you know they know watertight compartments and world of crime so at one what point of time anybody who is just doing plain organized gangs or killings will do something uh anti-national and somebody would do narcos muggling it’s it’s very it’s very like uh very fluid we have had so many of these drone seizures

Also where we see the same drone which transports narcotics is also transporting weapons or ids so they’re all three different dimensions narco is essentially you know narcotic smugglers etc ids is primarily you know used by anti-national actors and weapon supplies are sometimes also used by these organized gangs so there is no water tight compartment it’s a very

Fluid and a very very melting melting pot kind of a situation

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