March 24, 2023

Duloxetine Cymbalta withdrawal has been abolutely horrific and devastating for my life, family, work and everything else for that matter. I felt it was important for me to get this out there because there isn’t too much representation for severe cases on here for people in protracted withdrawal syndrome. I also discuss some things that have really helped me in Cymbalta withdrawal and managing the worst symptoms. Leave your comments down below and I’d be happy to answer any questions. Thanks for listening guys and I hope to do some updates soon on my Cymbalta withdrawal experience.

Hey guys um so i wanted to touch on a subject today that’s near and dear to myself because it’s something that i’ve been dealing with for years now um i’ve touched on benzo withdrawal in previous videos but really what i’ve been dealing with in the last few years is actually cymbalta withdrawal or duloxetine um and i know it’s not super related to my content on

The channel but this is something that’s very important for me to get out there and i think it’s important to get this coming from a really extreme case um i’m going to first tell you about my story and i’m going to get into a lot of the symptoms i’ve been experiencing so uh i hopped on to cymbalta to deal with uh benzodiazepine withdrawal my doctor told me she goes

Here take this low dose 30 milligrams when your benzo withdrawal stops you’ll easily be able to get off this medication i try getting off the medication at a rate of about 10 a month back in 2018 and i realized that this wasn’t going to be such an easy journey for me to get off this poison um and uh i had to stop tapering for about two years after that because i

Got hit with a terrible terrible symptoms i started tapering again um in august 2020 and i was tapering out a percent had a rate of about uh two or three percent a month um and then it finally caught up with me that’s how sensitive i am most people i i hear talk about in these videos or talking about tapering it like 20 a month or going cold turkey and literally

That would kill me it would it would kill me my nervous system is that sensitive and my gut is that sensitive to these medications so when i start tapering again off cymbalta i’ll be tapering at a rate of one beat a month so yeah typically it might be at about one percent a month and i’m going to try that and see how i deal with that um so really realistically i

Mean if i don’t get better if my nervous system doesn’t heal it could take me about eight years to get off of this medication um but around uh december last year um it really hit the fan for me and my tapering caught up with me my little three percent a month really caught up with me and i got just land with symptoms and i feel like a lot of the videos i’ve

Watched on here it doesn’t really do it justice the symptoms a lot of people will talk about symbol to withdrawal either be a doctor who’s never had the problem themselves or it’ll be somebody who had maybe symptoms for a month and they had a little bit of depression or something and it doesn’t really like match up with the people i talk to in the groups in terms

Of having severe withdrawals so for me now i’ve been having severe withdrawals now for about uh yeah i was about 10 months um the main things that really hit me the hardest were intrusive thoughts so for me intrusive thoughts it wasn’t just thinking intrusive things it was like dark images in my head so really like just i would have like a nightmare at night

And that would carry forward my whole day like a people coming after my family breaking to my house uh thinking just i don’t know it’s doomsday type scenarios just looping in your head non-stop and uh just these dark deep thoughts that just wouldn’t let up um dealing with severe depression on top of that uh here at ability having no patience anything would set

Me off anything if someone put the mail in the mailbox the wrong way i would start having a fit about it you know anxiety was off the charts horrible horrible anxiety to the point where i was like shaking uh insomnia um or being overly tired and sleeping too much um all sorts of like histamine type issues so like skin issues gut symptoms i really believe that

This drug just decimates your gut health and that has so much to do with your histamine anxiety and all that stuff is all tied in together uh vision vision is completely messed up uh along with the histamine i i get like terrible sinus stuff going on um constantly like having sinus infections non-stop which i still have um and the nausea and everything else uh

That goes along with that as well um but the main things were anxiety brain fog um intrusive thoughts and heart pounding heart palpitation type type stuff going on and uh gradually over time so basically what i’m doing now is i’m still on cymbalta i’m on 20 milligrams and if that gives you any ideas i’ve gone from 30 milligrams to 20 milligrams in four years

Money i wasn’t tapering for two of those years but still goes to show how long it’s been um and uh i’m just holding at this current dose until the intrusive thoughts are at least mostly gone and then i’ll be tapering out a percent of one percent a month okay if i feel like i could tolerate more than that maybe i’ll bump it up a little bit but one percent is really

All i could handle because my nervous system is so damaged from from this drug and from the benzodiazepine so what are some ways that we could help deal with these a little bit better so there are a few things and some people it might sound kind of strange but i signed up for a meditation class um so i’m doing that i find that very helpful when you’re in that

Fight or flight mode constantly and you’re constantly having high cortisol the main thing is you really want to calm down the parasympathetic nervous system so you can do that through like meditation deep diaphragm breathing um and just working on your thoughts as much as you can going for walks getting out in sun grounding yourself uh you know just walking

Around your bare feet outside in the sun it’s really nice making sure your diet’s on point so stick with low histamine foods because cymbalta really mess with your histamine levels and uh it’s it’s really bad for like blocking um certain enzymes that regulate histamine in your gut so uh you might notice that you get a in a wave after you eat something right so

You eat like aged chicken if you eat like a hot dog like that will set off your symptoms terribly if you eat aged meat if you eat certain types of vegetables that um that induce histamine in your body that will also promote it going low carbs so carbohydrates and sugars that also increases your your histamine and cortisol um so there’s a lot of things there diet

Wise you really want to take a look at now i don’t expect everyone to go to my extreme but i have mostly been on a carnivore diet over the last year and a half right now my diet is about 95 carnivore i have included some other things right now for the time being but um i don’t not everyone has to go to that extreme but it can be helpful for some of you um and

Then uh what i always tell people the main thing is don’t do anything stupid never never take any supplements unless you have tested them out first you you know that they’re you’re okay with them and you or you might really need them never hop on another drug to help with withdrawal ever that never works for anyone it always works against you those are rules

The hard fast rules never drink alcohol um try to stay away from like recreational drugs don’t smoke weed try to live as clean of a love life as possible i always tell people the silver lining of going through all this is learning how to take care of yourself better learning how to live uh you know a good lifestyle live clean eat clean think better handle stress

Better this is what you need to do during this time to manage this syndrome or whatever you want to call it um but this is all these amazing things that will come out of this will carry forward throughout the rest of your life and not only that but when you get to the other side you’re going to appreciate life so much more and you’ll have such better tools in your

Toolkit to live a healthy life and also help people um also going through the same thing or just helping you know your family or friends live a healthier life so i really see that as a silver lining to this but uh really that’s all i want to cover for today um i probably will be releasing some more content on cymbalta at some point um if you guys like this video

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Duloxetine – Cymbalta Withdrawal – Severe Symptoms and Tips By The Carnivore Lion