March 28, 2023

Hope you will join my journey to a start of something good.

Hey guys my name’s brian and today i am making a video about something i’ve been wanting to talk about for a very long time and i just haven’t got the chance to do so i want to talk about deluxetine and how it’s affected my everyday living the luxetine is the worst drug you could ever possibly take it’s a drug that has ruined my life it’s a drug that has

Ruined the way i think my just just in general like i can’t even i can’t even talk correctly anymore i can’t think on my own i can’t put correct words together and just kind of like i feel like my english is broken at this point and um obviously there’s more you know side effects to deluxetine and um that’s just something i’ll have to talk about in another

Video but if you are ever thinking about taking diluxetine please don’t i’m saying this from experience do not take diloxatine and um there are thousands of other people that will tell you so um deluxe teen has ruined thousands of lives and it’s just one of those drugs you really want to stay away from and obviously there’s a bunch i want to talk about you know

How to deal with the side effects and how to get off deluxe team if that’s something you really want to know how to do um i’ll be making a video about that and but obviously there’s no cut scenes here this is just one take and i don’t want to waste your time i don’t want to make this video too long but if you’re someone that’s kind of struggling with depression

And you know need somebody to talk to or you know have somebody that understands what you’re going through i am definitely here for you um i understand exactly what you are going through um so i’m actually thinking of making like some sort of group or i don’t know something like that that will kind of get people together and just help people cope with with

Depression and anxiety and people who are taking antidepressants or deluxe team and to be specific um but yeah so i’ll be making a lot of videos on on deluxe teen and you know depression in general and i’m going through the same thing you’re going through i’ve been through the same thing you’ve been through um i’ve been through you know withdrawals and i

Feel like um withdrawing from any type of antidepressant is just a living nightmare and i’ve been through that nightmare um but i’m still on it i’m still on antidepressants i’m still on deluxe teen because i just couldn’t handle it i couldn’t get off it it was too much to bear too much to handle but okay guys again my name is brian and this is just a journey

That i’m hoping you guys can join and a beginning of something that i hope will become um that i hope i can you know make new friends and people that understand the people that are going through you know severe depression and severe anxiety and um you know i just want to you know i know people that i know people want to vent and you know that’s just one of

The things that i really wanted to do when i was i still am but when i was to a certain point where i just you know really needed somebody there and i really needed somebody to talk to and that’s something i want to create that’s something i want to do and i hope that i can help you and you know hopefully you could help me and we can talk about you know things

Like that i don’t know what i’m trying to say but i hope you understand yeah but okay guys this isn’t the greatest video i know but it’s the beginning of something new so take care

Transcribed from video
Duloxetine & Depression By NoMoreDepression