June 4, 2023

CHEM1880 ChemBio Film Project

Hey guys listen up michael is up on the roof and acting strange whoa what’s the situation i think he’s suffering from depression rishon okay when’s the shunning thing going to happen never rishan i think he wants us all to come out to the parking lot and watch him die is it nice outside it was snowing earlier today let’s go do i need my jacket you will all

Be fine in exactly what you are wearing now come on let’s go come on guys let’s go my life oh my life michael what’s wrong everything is wrong the stress of my modern biochem class has caused me to fall into a depression depression isn’t that just a fancy word for feeling bummed out what you ignorant depression is a very serious illness approximately 280

Million people suffer from depression according to a 2020 study is that the last year the data was available yes ah my head is in such pain in turmoil michael i just got an email from dr childers the final exam is curve really white check if there’s an email uh i’m looking through my inbox not seeing an email they might be bluffing wait oh oh here it is

Yeah ten point curve michael come down and see all right hey boss man hey creed i heard you had depression i have just the thing for you oh wrong pocket the walks the team don’t do it michael don’t do it i need more information on this deluxe teen if i’m gonna take it i don’t know what michael’s thinking drugs are bad i didn’t become a lackawanna county

Volunteer sheriff’s deputy to have drugs peddled in this office so according to the internet people with depression have less norepinephrine in their interstitial fluid on average now i’m not interstitial i’m just a little stitchel so maybe i should hear creed out okay cool cats creed explains to me like i’m a 10 year old in the brain norepinephrine is released

By axons and received by adrenergic receptors now after some time the neurochemical is either transported back to the axon via the norepinephrine transporter or into the interstitial fluid if we can competitively inhibit michael’s norepinephrine transporter with deluxe beam we can direct more norepinephrine into the interstitial fluid i think so a normal

Function norepinephrine along with sodium and chloride ions pass through the transporter without competition without inhibition whenever diluxitine is taken it matches and mimics the structure and interactions of norepinephrine essentially competitively inhibiting and blocking the transport now speaking of that structure and that interaction we can see here

These balls that’s what she said so anyways our diloxatine is here surrounded by our receptor complex and as you can see diluxed in hydrogen bonds with tyrosine 21 it has a pie to cation interaction with tyrosine 21 and it also has a pie to pie interaction with phenylalanine two five three this effectively blocks up the complex all right explain it to me like

I’m a two-year-old the drug makes your happy brain juices flow why don’t you just say that so after talking with creed i feel a lot better about taking delexitine and even with exam 3 coming up and they say it’s the hardest one i think i’ll make it through michael can i have some you

Transcribed from video
Duloxetine Video By Sean MacDonald