November 29, 2022

Depression and anxiety are serious matters this video is intended as an informational commercial and is not intended to make jokes of these subjects in any way if you need help please reach out to a person you trust or a doctor has engineering been making you feel anxious or stressed are you constantly tired and drained has it changed you into someone you don’t

Recognize anymore does it make you think about the last time you had fun well you’re not alone in this depression hurts cymbalta can help cymbalta is an fda-approved drug that can treat the depression and anxiety it can treat nerve pain and numbness for people with diabetes arthritis and fibromyalgia pharmaceutically known as duloxetine this charg is classified

As an ssri or serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor serotonin and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters in the brain that create a feel-good sensation they are released from the presynaptic nerve and when they connect with the receptors on the postsynaptic nerve ending they create that euphoric feeling that makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay

Duloxetine can help treat your depression by bonding to neurotransmitter transport proteins this prevents the reabsorption of neurotransmitters into your presynaptic nerve ending increasing the intensity of the feel-good sensation as they can repeatedly reattach to the receptors this makes the user happier and more alert in studies the specific proteins that

Duloxetine binds to are the 4 mm 6 and 4 mm deep proteins which are both leucine v80 mutants their homologues of the actual proteins that duloxetine reacts with in the body called biogenic amines transporters or b 80s b 80s are unable to be analyzed with traditional analysis so researchers are limited in the knowledge of the actual mechanism duloxetine supposin

Mechanism is described as attaching to the transmembrane helix or tm wedging between tm 3 or tm 8 and tm 1 or tm 6 and locks the transporter in a sodium and chloride bound outward facing open conformation vi t’s fall under the neurotransmitter sodium symporter protein superfamily which are known to move neurotransmitters and sodium ions from the extracellular space

Into the cytoplasm they highly regulate the extracellular content russians like of norepinephrine and serotonin by the process of uptake where the transmitters are translocated back into the nerve terminal but when these transmitters are not balanced or controlled properly disorders like depression can arise in studies the leucine b ats provide a primary active

Site to which neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine would typically be able to bind and return back to the nerve terminal duloxetine competitively inhibits this primary active site limiting the neurotransmitters binding in the active site and preventing uptake or reabsorption duloxetine binds to this active site through several different non covalent

Interactions duloxetine sits in the main part of the binding pocket the dashed blue lines which represent hydrogen bonds are one of the ways to walk satine uses non covalent interactions to bind to the protein specifically the ambien group of duloxetine forms a hydrogen bond with asparagine and tyrosine residues of the protein meanwhile the naphthalene ring on

The duloxetine is sandwiched by hydrophobic residues to tyrosine residues valine and phenylalanine depicted by dashed grey lines lastly the sulfur-containing ring of the duloxetine pokes out of the binding pocket into the outer area of the protein using its pair of double bonds the sulfur-containing ring interacts with the phenylalanine through pi pi interactions

Represented by green dashed line with all these interactions tool oxygen is able to prevent neurotransmitters from being reabsorbed allowing you to feel better and happier duloxetine should only be taken if you have serious or long-lasting symptoms of depression side effects for engineers can include lack of sleep too much sleep increased procrastination due to

Increased happiness overthinking making too many assumptions not making the right assumptions forgetting to assume and many others please consult a doctor before taking cymbalta ask your doctor about cymbalta depression hurts cymbalta can help you

Transcribed from video
Duloxetine By Victoria Lam