March 24, 2023

In this video Dzifa Kusenuh use Methylphenidate to see what effect it has on her body. Methylphenidate is a psychostimulant. Dzifa dives into the studio to write and record a song in a concentrated way.

If you’re curious about a drug or about a location where we can try it… this week, reaper and naomi buurlage were curious about methylphenidate. i’m curious. i’ve learned to play guitar and i’ve been singing for a long time. this is our pill. it’s a round, white pill with a break line. dzifa is taking a high dose of 30 mg. that’s because… the dose is lower and

It’s spread out over the day. methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant. this can give you more energy or a somewhat euphoric feeling. i feel chill, but super hyper. i want to do something, so let’s go. the thing is i’m good at melodies, but bad at lyrics. but also the unpleasant side, that it can get into your head. an overdose can result in arrhythmia

Or muscles twitches… you can tell by your heart rate, although it’s gone down now. people with existing heart conditions shouldn’t use ritalin. i can see you want to do something. there’s a certain urgency… a producer friend gave it to me, tishan, a great producer. and eventually also the lesson that you’ve learned from the drug. i take one deep breath, will this

Be good or will it be bad? i can notice that you’re more confident. -right? i can notice it too. normally i can come up with melodies, but it’s going easier than usual. your blood pressure and heart rate have gone up. go ahead and take it off. full focus for a while? -yes, all the lyrics fell into place. but i know two hours have gone by. this lasts for three to six

Hours. fast, right? normally i can’t do this. i’d have doubts about every line. it was convenient when i was writing, but it’s not a nice feeling when you sing. what just happened was extraordinary. you could see your temperature… strangely enough, i didn’t notice it. i was very agitated though. you can see that the effects pile up. at first, everything was fine.

And my temperature went up. i felt warm the entire time. you also ate a banana, which you should’ve done sooner. losing your appetite is another side effect of methylphenidate. my emotions also level out. i don’t know, i just feel indifferent. long-term methylphenidate abuse will block certain brain functions… it’s not really a physical addiction, but more of a

Psychological addiction. i can imagine that. -you have to watch out for that. and don’t mix it with drugs, alcohol or other medication. indeed. i wasn’t critical, so i’m curious. -so am i. because normally i have problems turning an idea in my head into words. i had never experienced that before, so that was quite intense. but it was interesting to try it once. let

Me know what you think of the song. let us know that as well. until next time. thanks for watching.

Transcribed from video
Dzifa writes a song under the influence of Methylphenidate | Drugslab By Drugslab