March 28, 2023

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Months to a year. well certainly, you submitted pattern hair loss and is a common question a little bit of background, i’m a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship-trained oculofacial for over 20 years. i am also the founder of system we developed for men and women with and platelet-rich plasma (prp) and we’ve a system that is essentially working both as well

As with most of our female patients so to understand the thinking behind the use come to me who have female pattern hair loss spironolactone as a way to block testosterone alopecia is due to testosterone sensitive now it is known that this drug is a diuretic, this question is most appropriately answered on the kidneys with your doctor. it is routine but i can tell you that

I have patients who fact, it is also part of many birth control birth control pill as a way to help, for example, with an imbalance in testosterone and testosterone and to go back to the origins of this treatment, material called extracellular matrix with with hair transplants have better healing. heal better and we wanted the hair grafts well, it has been a significant

Benefit for from around the world with female pattern taken on this challenge, there really was loss. besides the use of spironolactone, there you that most of our patients who have tried now as far as the effectiveness of spironolactone, i get from my patients, there’s a large drug who aren’t sure that the drug is helping. who say that they did see an improvement being

Spironolactone and i leave it up to their continue the drug. i don’t interfere with that process. that has consistently resulted in regrowth of hair, thickening of thinning hair and prolongation a very high rate of success essentially about and this is actually interesting because it female pattern hair loss to develop an algorithm we would get good results. and with women,

And ultimately, it’s become quite a really to help treat a condition which unfortunately, contrast to men for the option of taking finasteride. concern about kidneys with your doctor about diuretic, a lot of our patients would mention to go to the bathroom because they’re on a the drug without any problem. it is a discussion of your general medical profile and of course,

It’s important to also, in my opinion, to female pattern hair loss. as i said, we’ve and with a long history of experience, i can very straightforward with the exception of with a presentation of female pattern hair still have to do biopsies and look at other hair regeneration has worked out very well the use of other drugs. it doesn’t mean that our female pattern hair

Loss patients that hormone balance where testosterone, estrogen, other important variables in the blood such appear to also be sensitive to stress induced so i always say that it’s important to have hair loss. that means being followed by a levels and optimizing hormone therapy if appropriately, end, we can stimulate hair growth with hair as to the predictability based

On a patient’s may have a value in your situation depending so i hope that was helpful, i wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question.

Transcribed from video
Effects of Spironolactone on Female Pattern Hair Loss and Kidneys, and a More Reliable Treatment By Amiya Prasad M.D.