June 1, 2023

My take on Effexor XR for Anxiety relief. There is a lot of info in this video (see time stamps below) because I was basically just ranting lol, but there is helpful information all throughout. Please leave a comment if you have other questions about my experience with Effexor I’d love to answer any questions! Might make another video.

Hi everyone um gotta back up here i wanted to make this video um about effexor for anyone who might have questions about it when they first get prescribed it or their psychiatrist puts them on it or maybe they’re switching from another uh ssri or snri or their therapist recommended it to them or whatever but um i’ve been on effexter for let’s see almost nine

Weeks now i think it’s the ninth week um it’s the first like not the first medication i’ve ever been prescribed or taken but it’s the first like uh snri or ssri or anything for depression and the anxiety i i take it for anxiety um so it was my first experience with sorry what the this fedex truck is like sitting in the middle of the road anyway it’s the first

Medication that i ever took and you know i always did a lot of research when i started i wanted to know about people’s experiences and things like that so and there wasn’t too much information like i found a couple videos from just um like regular people talking about their experience with it um but mostly there was like just like educational stuff or like

Doctors and whatnot so basically i started me i started on 75 milligrams which i think is a little bit high i think most people start on um uh 35 i think or 30 i’m not really sure but i started on 75 milligrams and i remember oh and i also started taking guanfacine at the same time although i don’t think that has much of an interaction with effexor so this

Information should be good for you if you’re just taking effect through but basically the first couple days i took it it was like really rough like the side effects were terrible i remember the first day that i took it and i used to take it in the morning every morning but now i take it at night you should take it at night more about that later maybe you should

Take it in the morning but i took it in the morning and then i just like felt like like i was like in bed all day i felt like i could just sleep all day and i remember i woke up from a nap that day and i got up it was kind of late i think it was like 7 p.m and i just felt so like i remember i got out of bed i walked into my kitchen and i just kind of like

My ears started ringing really loud and my vision was hazy and i remember just standing there alone in the kitchen like staring at the cabinets like what is going on dude like i’m like messed up and it was just really weird i was really uncomfortable mainly really exhausted very fatigued um and the side effects lasted for a while i’d say about two weeks and

Also i on the weekends i work in a restaurant so i was really nervous about going to work during those first two weeks because i i was like oh my gosh i i’m not gonna be able to do this so like you know i feel like i’m exhausted i’m anxious my anxiety was pretty bad honestly in the first couple weeks i mean i was anxious because i was worried about the side

Effects but i think pretty quickly it helped with like social anxiety maybe a little bit some people say that um it works super fast for anxiety you know i mean everyone’s experiences will be different but um another thing i had this like feeling in my chest like this anxious like pressure on my chest that i hated that um it was hard to swallow i remember

That um that lasted for around like a week and a half two weeks as well um i think there were some other side effects too mainly just being really tired um i just didn’t want to do anything and i think i didn’t do anything i work from home during the week and i just like it just put me out dude um you know but so i was doing research this whole time trying

To see if other people have the same experiences and things like that and you know look at him a lot of the internet i also tried to call my psychiatrist like three times although he never i could never get to talk to him i was always talking to the nurses there and because i was like are these side effects like red flags am i you know is this not for me like

It was bad you know i was you know i was worried like that and i asked a bunch of people if they had not affected another side effect was um sleeping it was easy to go to sleep which was kind of nice for me because i have a lot of trouble sleeping but it’s like as soon as i fell asleep i just like would wake up the next morning it was like completely restless

Sleep no dreaming it took me a long time to have dreams since i started effexor um some people say it gives you crazy dreams that i think that may have started happening for me um the night sweats have started happening to me now at about nine weeks in um but hold on i got i got i got to go around this i got to go around this happening but anyways um basically

The point is if you’re if you’re starting effects right now and you’re worried um it definitely does get better like those side effects will drop away after a couple weeks um like i said i started on 75 and like my body did not handle it so well i was like dude holy holy man like i um i don’t know if i can do this but they say it takes about two weeks for

The side effects to go away in like two two weeks for you to start feeling the effects and so far honestly it has been so good like you just got to push through the side effects like my anxiety is like basically gone and what’s even more important i still feel like myself you know a lot of people say ssris make you feel like nothing like that’s how they combat

Depression it’s just by making you feel nothing you know and i know effects is not an ssri exactly but you know it it inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine but i feel great i i owe a lot of thanks to effexor it has helped me so much i started on 75 and then i think it was two weeks after that i increased to uh 125 or 150 yeah i know 150. i feel

Like maybe i started lower because i don’t know um but i increased from 75 to 150 i was on 150 for a while and um when you do increase the doses sometimes you get a little bit of those side effects back but for me it’s only like for like two days it’s not nearly as bad as the initial side effects when you start it um and then this week or at the end of this

Past week i started taking 225 and that’s apparently a very popular dose like a lot of people stick with that one i don’t feel any desire so far to bump it up again um so 225 is like a popular dose um also interestingly my psychiatrist told me um at our last um appointment that 225 is the dose where it starts affecting and regulating norepinephrine and any

Dose before that is just serotonin i think he might have said that it’s different for everybody because he did say that while we were having that conversation but i think he might have been talking about something else but sometimes it’s hard to understand my psychiatrist he has a really thick accent and that’s kind of you know you want to make sure you can

Understand your psychiatrist so i don’t know if that’s the best but anyway now that’s just interesting because nor you know norepinephrine is basically the way my psychiatrist explained it to me is that i have anxiety because i have a um um uh a surplus of norepinephrine in my brain and so effector should regulate that for me but apparently up until this point

It’s just been serotonin which i guess is having more serotonin could help with anxiety of course um or maybe the norepinephrine kicked in earlier for me i don’t know but the point is if you’re on a fixer don’t be scared um just stay off dr google for a while i mean there’s a lot of um there’s a lot of people on effect on like reddit and on the internet on

All these forums that just say that like wrecked me like that ruined my life like just just give it a shot you know don’t don’t be scared because it’s really helped me i feel great um side effects are gone um i guess the last thing that i want to talk about and what a lot of you guys are probably wondering about is this uh sexual side effects which are very

Real unfortunately um and i’ve heard some various like tips for these um i think with me it might be worse than it would be for other people just taking effects here since i’m taking quantity at the same time which i recently learned um you know can cause impotence and things like that because it works on uh your blood pressure um guamscene is a non-stimulant

Medication for abd by the way but i think i’m going to try to get off of it and go back to adderall because um blonde scene is expensive and it just is not really working for me and we popped those up the dose a couple times okay sorry my phone stopped recording anyways sexual side effects um i got to stop going on these tangents like yeah at the beginning

Of thinking effects are um and not even just the beginning for a while um my libido was like non-existent dude like i had no interest in you know doing anything with my girlfriend and so i had to transition to my house but um yeah the sexual side effects are i mean i think they’re pretty bad for a lot of ssris but so you know um it was pretty rough with the

Vexer um i mean it’s supposed to go away you know i don’t really know if i mean my libido is definitely coming back um but not all the way i mean my psychiatrist said like oh you know sometimes that it doesn’t go away for certain patients and so you can switch medications but i really like in fact that’s like really the only issue with effexor is that for me

Someone else on youtube talked about effector and they recommended for for sexual side effects they recommended this um panax red ginseng this is not the exact brand that they recommended um i wouldn’t i’ll link to this in the description and i’ll also link to the one they recommended that said worked really well but basically their psychiatrist said they should

Try red ginseng for um the uh libido loss and they said that it worked really really well um i got this one rather than the one they said to get because this one is pure extract and i wasn’t sure if the other one was and i mean you know my research said that like you gotta take pure extracts if you’re gonna take ginseng because if it’s not pure extract then

You have to take like way more but this stuff might be too strong though i’ve really only taken it once um i got it i wanted to take it every day as a supplement to see if the libido got better but um and i and i i think i will but the first day i took it i took two that’s the dose on here is two and i was like it’s like i had so much energy that i like just

Wanted to pass out like i felt like i had like a headache all day and i was just like whoa like it was intense um so then i think i took one the next day which was a little bit better like maybe you need to do it like that and get used to it slowly but this is supposed to help with energy stamina focus people say it helps with focus a lot in performance and um it

All yeah it’s supposed to help with libido and um ed as well not eating disorder i i mean erectile dysfunction um yeah panax red ginseng or korean red ginseng i don’t know this is from korea i think it’s supposed to be from korea um i don’t know but i’ll link to that other guy’s video and i’ll link to this in the description and his brand um so i like effexor

Um i think it works very well i wish i had gotten on effects or way earlier in my life um probably would have had even more fun in college if i uh was on effects within or similar and medication but yeah it works really well really well for anxiety um i guess mainly for me it was social anxiety i want to say i’m not really sure i never really pinned down my

Anxiety but it’s helped me like i just feel like myself um i don’t get nervous nearly as much i don’t worry nearly as much i was always overthinking and worrying that was the biggest thing and i just don’t really have those thoughts anymore um i just kind of get things done i do what needs to be done i don’t i don’t think too much about things i shouldn’t

Be thinking about um it can make it easier to sleep too for some people i just have sleep problems in general so i not it it did help me at the beginning like i said um it helped me get to sleep because i could i mean i could sleep all day but i was taken in the morning some people like taking in the morning because it some people say it makes them feel kind

Of like wired but not for me um i’m not going to take my night i don’t know it’s easier for me to remember to take it at night before bed and um i usually have like more food in my stomach at night did you take it with food like at least a little bit of food that during the first couple weeks when i was taking it i like made sure i always ate before i took it

Like uh because i was you know terrified that it would come on really strong and like make me dizzy and stuff i was really dizzy that was another side effect at the beginning but yeah final thoughts if you’re starting a fexer and you’ve watched this far thanks for watching this much don’t be worried you should be excited you should be optimistic works really

Well for me like i said i wish that i started it way sooner in my life yeah the anxiety is gone and you know i’m never really diagnosed with depression or anything i mean i’ve wondered about it sometimes but it seems to have helped with that too like i don’t mope around as much i don’t worry as much i don’t you know i’m not like nervous or scared for things

Um yeah effects was pretty awesome um take it at night time and don’t miss a dose people say that withdrawals are really bad that’s the one thing that you hear about this medication a lot is that coming off of it is like hell and maybe that’s true i have obviously not started that process yet although i’m sure someday i will my psychiatrist has already told me

That he doesn’t think that i am like you know i’m not going to be a lifelong user of these um medications he thinks that after a while the effects will help my brain adjust and then i’ll go off of it but some people go off effects are like for that purpose or some people go off to like start another medication and apparently the withdrawals are awful you get

A lot of brain zaps that’s another big word everybody’s wondering about these brain snaps i haven’t ever haven’t had any brain zaps um but well i think i’ve actually had them in life before but not because of effexor and um they’re just kind of like jarring but they don’t really hurt or anything they’re more like annoying and like kind of startling but it’s

Not bad for you and it doesn’t do any damage to your body or your brain and it’s they don’t hurt per se they can just be really uncomfortable um and yeah i think that’s it um okay thanks for watching good luck with the faxer um it’s worth it it’ll it’ll help you it’ll help you out and if it’s not tell your psychiatrist and switch something else but i would

Give it like four weeks final take i give it like four weeks before you change okay bye

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Effexor for Anxiety—2 Month Update (Side Effects, Success Story) By snow ghost