January 26, 2023

Hi today i’m going to be going into effexor or venlafaxine into a little more detail with that drug so effexor is an antidepressant at ames the oolitic it’s indicated for a major depressive disorder generalized anxiety disorder seasonal affective disorder and social anxiety disorder there might be a and ocd there might be a couple of indications i am not remembering

But it’s a serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor so generally people would move on to effexor as it would be a second option after ssris that failed them also if tricyclics have failed them effexor and snris can sometimes in some cases be effective for that so the difference between an snri versus an ssri is ssris only touch serotonin the serotonin transporter

On the axon terminals of neurons but snr ice also touch norepinephrine so if you imagine chemical like i was saying with my paranoia video of kind of lock and key that idea that you have a chemical that can go and it can go bind to a certain protein so in this case if it’s antidepressants it’ll go bind to serotonin transporters like a lock-and-key so you could

Imagine an ssri is the perfect key just for that serotonin transporter nothing else whereas an eye center eyes kind of a chunky ball with two key sticking out of them one fits nicely in the serotonin transporter meanwhile the other norepinephrine key sticking out not doing anything however on a norepinephrine transporter the other side of the molecule will go and

Bind so a good way to think about it is yeah like like a chemical with two different keys attached and the keys can bind to do two different receptors with effexor it’s much more efficient at binding to serotonin than nor a nephron so generally in low doses it’s a tax like ssri so doses from 37.5 to 150 it’s acting like an ssri there’s not there’s not a lot of

Marpa nephron binding however doses above 150 so let’s say 150 to 225 it acts like an aura a nephron reuptake inhibitor in addition so now the second key is effective now because of the increased concentrations because it’s it’s not as efficient with the north and effort at doses above 300 it also interacts with dopamine so i guess you could consider it as a third

Key on it but generally people don’t go above 300 milligrams as quite a hefty dose there are a lot of cardiac side effects with this antidepressant other antidepressants don’t necessarily have these kind of cardiac effects it could increase blood pressure causes tachycardia racing racing apart generally these are experienced in higher doses so is stuff like than

The flaxian are effexor can actually be a toxic antidepressant you know a lot of a lot of ssris are relatively forgiving and overdoses you can’t you can’t you can overdose but generally the range of toxicity is fairly high however with s n arise like effexor there they’re more toxic in in higher doses so it’s so it’s so it’s easier to to od on them unfortunately

But they’re often a very effective antidepressants after tricyclics and ssris have failed someone and they’re looking for second line treatment so the pharmacokinetics of venlafaxine are so great basically it has a relatively low bioavailability and as well the half-life is very short so like i said before half-life is the amount of time it takes for half of the

Amount feck sir you took to be metabolised so the half-life is i think it’s 10 to 12 hours so really really short so that means after five half-life that’s officially out of your system so unlike other antidepressants you know most have half-lives of 24 hours plus but effects there’s fairly short and there’s kind of there are a lot of drawbacks to this especially

Concerning withdrawal side effects effects there’s one medication that you don’t want to skip one dose if you do skip a dose you might feel like you’re in a club with the strobe light set on full blast so yeah so so for instance another another problematic antidepressant like paxil has a half-life of 24 hours if you skip a day you might notice something but it’s

Not going to be you know too bad however something like effexor honestly if you go on this med you have to make sure you stash a couple away somewhere so that you don’t run out it’s not a med that you would like to run out of on short notice this is almost like you have to take it like insulate sometimes oh i mean nothing bad is going to happen but you’re just

Going to feel really really crappy during during a an acute withdrawal but that that your total you know effects are totally out of your system because you hadn’t taken it for the next day or two so there’s yf which is the manufacturers of packs manufacturers of effexor two now one by pfizer they made effexor xr which is the extended release formula so but before

That you had effects or ir the immediate release and since it had such a short half-life you had to take this these pills in three doses or two to three doses during the day you know that’s kind of a hassle right you’d think that just antidepressants nice to take in or once daily dosing instead of you know a couple of hours later you have to take the next steps

And what more if you take the ir you’re much more likely to crash if you forget even a single dose in the day so yf came out with effects or xr which is the extended release so basically it has the same half-life but since it slowly releases the drug into your system it takes a while for your blood concentrations to peak the effects are the venlafaxine concentrations

In your blood to peak so it kind of delays the absorption and the release of the drug leading to a kind of smoother experience and it allows for once daily dosing unlike the immediate release so now side effects people experience nausea when first starting up especially in the first couple of days kind of dizziness they’re kind of uncoordinated sometimes lethargic

A another side effect that people will notice almost immediately is very vivid dreams and these can follow you well into well into the treatments alert so their initial startup side effects as well but they these vivid dreams tend to stay to some extent and and they’re quite they’re quite involved they have pretty complex plot when they’re disturbing they’re really

Disturbing and when they’re good they’re really good you know a couple of times i would wake up and you know it’s i just i don’t want to go back to sleep again you know it’s it’s they’re very very intense even sometimes it’s a it’s not a restful sleep because it’s just like you’re caught in the middle of this really intense plot you know you’re not really resting

It’s not well like it’s like crap you gotta run something there you know i had a dream last night that this huge train was filled with lead shot and it was going to hit a wall and you had all these workers that needed to to go on top of the train and spread out the lead shot evenly so we can go under a tunnel but they did at the last minute and then they like

They like ducked so their head didn’t get you know so they didn’t get decapitated by the tunnel entrance and the dream two days ago had to do with emigrating to mars so you had to take you know a space shuttle but of course the space shuttles were waiting like like in the water like a boat like that’s how you knew that’s how you took off you just took off from

From the space shuttle floating in the water and admission was free you could just walk on i think it was the un they were encouraging you to to emigrate to mars because earth was getting too full so you know i i was running away from someone i needed to escape something that they were chasing after me gonna shoot me or something so i saw a dock you know i saw the

Dock full full of these spaceships so you know so i’m running to them thinking or crapping and you ticket and always a ticket booth i gotta buy stuff so i’m freaking out looking for a ticket booth can’t find the ticket booth and then i just go up to one of the shuttles that hadn’t taken off yet and i say could i just get on and you know sure nope no problem at all

I’m aboard you know you know do i need to bring anything no just just come in the door shut almost immediately after so i made it the last minute and then it was kind of nice inside it was spacious they had a bar the seats were dirty i had to remove a couple of food trays with some some pretty fine fine foods on it was caviar i was sitting next to a short person

And they were telling me their stories it was quite interesting but a lot of the seats were empty they also had an option where you could there was a spaceship mm aboard you know the kind of cyclone at amusement parks so this is i guess it was really big and so i didn’t look big from the exterior but the spaceship was huge inside so yes they have it they had a you

Know a centrifuge amusement park ride inside so i went on that it made me dizzy because first of all you’re experiencing the g-force of the launching spaceship on top of being in the gyroscope you’re just feels very nice it was very cool i was quite happy to be on borden and running away from whatever was chasing me back on earth so yeah stuff like that you know

And that’s it’s i could see every that’s a full involved dream and you know i went i woke up from that today i don’t want to go back to sleep it’s just more work i just got up you know sorry if i was boring i think the dreams are quite interesting there are a lot more some we’re pretty dark but some we’re quite funny of course you never question the strangeness

In a dream when you’re when you’re in the middle of a dream you notice that it’s like someone could say complete you know gibberish to you and you would understand it it’s it’s very strange i can you never say this is–we’re it’s just the next situation it just like okay sure like the corset that makes sense course that would happen next absolutely okay let’s go

On you know you don’t say well this is yeah this is weird it’s not real anything so there’s my little tangent on effexor dreams so that’s all i could think about for side-effects i actually know a big one is aggression at the start of the treatment this medication can make you really really edgy and snappy at people it this dud this does go away you have to write

It out but it’s really really intense when it happens and you almost need a warrant people that you know you’re you’re you’re on the edge like you really will snap at someone this could also indicate that the dose is too high but yeah just inform people that you’re you know or wherever you are that if you want to let them on a new drug and i might be irritable and

Snappy it catches you by surprise you don’t even want to tell them because you’re so pissed off so it’s not not really good you just just want to wallow in your own angers just get angry so talk to your doctor if that happens it’s not particularly good like i said before could indicate that the dose is too high and i think that’s all i can say on effexor it’s often

Very effective for as as the guy crazy meds mentions it’s effective for whale at the bottom of the ocean form of depression this is the worst of the worst depression it’s good it’s good for anxiety but it’s a it’s a it’s a coin toss because unlike ssris which tend to be sedating effexor sometimes can act like triple espresso it could make people pretty agitated

And on edge at least at least during the start of treatment and during higher doses you know above 150 when the norepinephrine action starts kicking in so that could also be that could also indicate if the dose is too high an agitation irritability the song yeah you know so this kind of activating side effect so like to indicate that the dose is too high and even

If it’s not just waded out see if it goes away but yeah just be careful with this medication in withdrawing from it you hear some horror stories and they all they are all true i can attest to that just you know talk to your doctor when you’re going to withdraw from this like i said before keep a couple stashed away for emergencies some people do will go to the

Emergency department if they’ve stopped taking their effects or cold turkey by accident or deliberately they’ll have a panic attack it feels awful my experiences to some extent during lexapro but of course this kind of crisis happened five days after i stopped a lexical cold turkey because of the short half-life so now that i think about it if i imagine that maximum

Lexapro withdrawal uncomfortable period that i experienced five days after stomping i can almost picture the effects or withdrawal to be just that taken out and just experienced right away so it doesn’t it doesn’t progressively get worse you just get the worst of the worst of antidepressant withdrawal immediately just because of the short half-life so yeah just be

Careful with this med it’s often very very effective i find it very effective i i’m less lethargic i’m more outgoing i want to do do more things so it has been working for me like i said i’m not taking it for the depression aspect certainly it elevates mood but i’m taking more for for the anxiety but yeah so be careful it affects er it might be good med for you and thanks for watching

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Effexor review + weird dreams By brokenharbour