March 22, 2023

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What’s up youtube i am back with another mental health video i am going to be doing a medication review on a medication i’ve taken called effexor effexor aka venoflaxine is a snri which is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor let’s jump into why i got one effector i got an effector for clinical depression i don’t struggle with anxiety as much literally

Within two days i started feeling great i was feeling amazing and usually when you take a antidepressant you have a period of time where you feel like it’s gonna work and then it stops working people may call that a placebo but i don’t think it’s a placebo i do think that the medication actually works if some of you guys have taken this already you know

This drug has a really small half-life which means this medication leaves your system very very fast the ones that usually leave your system really fast are usually the ones that work with that being said this medication worked like it worked really well okay i was feeling amazing i wanted to go take trips i wanted to go hang out with people like i wanted

To like lay in the sun like this medication was was working okay the reason why i stopped this medication was because i started thinking about doing things that i normally would think about if i wasn’t depressed in a good way like i thought about i wanted to have a family i wanted to extend my family i wanted to do so many things and my thought process was

Well i can’t be on this medication i have to get off this medication my psychiatrist agreed with me and said well if you want to have a baby you can’t be on this medication so i stopped taking the medication and when i tell you this medication came for me honey like i had the worst withdrawal symptoms in my entire life it was bad right when i started tapering

Down effexor comes in these capsules with beads in it so to taper you actually have to open the capsule pour out the beads and like separate the beads so i would go down like 50 beads and then maybe like 20 b’s and then none which is not what you’re supposed to do my psychiatrist told me to taper down within the course of two months he made it very clear to me

When i first started this medication that it is not one to play with as far as withdrawals and you cannot just stop taking this you cannot go cold turkey and guess what i did i went pretty much cold turkey i wanted to get off of this medicine in three days that was my plan i’mma get off of it in three days i’m gonna be fine you know then we can start working on

Kids within you know a couple weeks wrong like i got off the medication and like instantly within a day i had withdrawal symptoms most antidepressants are not like that you can skip a few hours and feel fine you can even skip a whole day and feel fine this one is not like that and i would not recommend you to just go code turkey on a fixer don’t do it it’s not

Worth it i had headaches i was nauseous i was laying on the floor that’s how sick i was i stayed on the floor for about a week okay the first week was absolute it was just horrible the second week it started to kind of lift but i still felt sick i was getting brain zaps i was like definitely vomiting i had to take unison to stop vomiting i just feel extremely

Depressed and yeah there’s nowhere to function when you’re going through a withdrawal that’s that bad so don’t do that because if you have a job or responsibilities you’re not going to be able to do those things if you’re withdrawing from a fixer with that being said i would rate this drug a i want to rate it a 10 because it really works but i also want to

Rate it at like a four because the withdrawal symptoms are so bad like it’s so horrendous tread lightly if this is a medication that you want to take more than likely going to work for you the reviews are pretty good as far as it working but also the withdrawals are very very bad probably the worst just let you know the worst and i have been on at least 10

Different antidepressants that one is the worst that one was the hardest to get off of okay god bless you with your adventure trying these medications getting on them tapering off god bless you um i hope that you guys have enjoyed this video if you want to hear me talking about other medications that i was previously on you can check out my medication review

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Effexor Review By Shay Vidz