June 1, 2023

Hello everyone. I’m back with a 2 month update on Effexor.

What’s going on everybody happy sunday so i’m currently driving back to riverside right now to do some more deliveries and while i had a moment i thought it would be a good time to update you guys on how i’ve been doing on effectser so i’ve been taking effects for now for just about two months and this may be my last video in terms of how i’m doing um you know

Regarding my anxiety and you know panic disorder because i’ve been doing really good um over the last two months i’ve been doing really really well i’m currently taking 70 milligrams of effexor every day and i’ve got nothing bad to report to you guys which is very good right um the only side effect that i had when i started effects sir was some uh stomach

Issues like some nausea i felt sick to my stomach for probably about the first 10 days taking effexor and then that just disappeared and i haven’t had any side effects nothing so that’s you know really good um let’s see the benefits of taking effect sir that i’ve noticed are that i’ve had a obviously i’ve had a decrease in anxiety and panic which has allowed

Me to get back to my day-to-day activities you know normally not feeling anxious or panicked i’m able to go out and about um i went about but i’ve been seeing my family a lot more um because like even my family you know um i had a lot of anxiety just getting out you know being around people even people that i knew and so now i’m not having that issue anymore

So um went out with family to the restaurant a few days ago i’ve been shopping and working and you know just living life doing all the normal activities just fine what else so as i said there’s no side effects i don’t have any highs or any lows i’m not feeling like excessive happiness i’m also not feeling excessive like down and depressed or sad uh which you

Know normally i don’t um even when i’m not taking medications normally i just struggle with anxiety and panic but i did have some highs and lows obviously on buspirone if you guys watched those videos on my youtube channel deus perone was sending me all over the place and with the fexer i don’t have any highs or any lows i just feel you know normal i’m able to

Just enjoy life you know as intended as it should be um my anxieties and panics are not there and so because i’m not having these anxiety and panic attacks i’m able to just enjoy my day-to-day activities a lot more so i wouldn’t say that affects her i would not say that effexor made me happier i would just say that because i’m able to live my life normally my

Quality of life has been better for those of you that are new here maybe this is your first maybe this is the first video that you guys have watched of me i hope that you guys you know get the help or find the help that you guys need um i’ve tried many different medications during the last couple years and lexapro worked for me for about a year and a half and

Then it stopped working and so finally you know i got to this point where i was um given effect sir and it’s been working great for me but you guys know i’m very open and public about what’s going on in my life it helps me to open up because growing up for so many years of my life you know let’s say 28 years of my life i suffered in silence you know like a lot

Of people do i was anxious and panic and didn’t know how to get help didn’t know how to ask for help was afraid to ask for help you know because it wasn’t something that people talked about around me or in the family you know it was just one of those things that people kept to themselves but for me personally um silently suffering and being quiet about this made

Life much harder for me so um you know i’m a advocate for mental health awareness i talk about my problems firsthand um and that way i don’t know i just i feel like i can connect better with people by telling them my story because i’m not making something up it’s like this is really my life you know what i’ve gone through or been through or going through and i

Feel like that’s probably the best way to connect to connect to others you know um but with that being said you know um i hope everybody out there that’s struggling right now is able to reach out and get help if it’s from a family member a friend or going to the doctor and maybe seeing a therapist or something like that um definitely don’t don’t you know suffer

In silence don’t think you’re the only one i felt that way for 28 years of my life and all that did was make me feel more alone in my suffering right so i encourage you guys to go and seek help seek treatment don’t be afraid to it’s all right you know um i went through talk therapy for a while which also helped me opening up was my relief as well as medication

You gotta kind of do a little bit of both probably right that’s my opinion um it might takes a little it might take a little bit of medication it might just take therapy or i might take a combination of the two but you know speak with your doctor find out what’s right for you and as always i hope you guys have a great weekend and a great labor day

Transcribed from video
Effexor (Venlafaxine) 2 Month Update By Shane Knight