June 4, 2023

What symptoms can you expect on coming off of prescribed Effexor / venlafaxine and how you can minimize the crash, brain zaps, and mental fog.

The doctor is in hi guys it’s dr. taub from dr. secrets calm thank you so much for joining in today we’re going to take a look at coming off of faster it came venlafaxine aka the friend now effexor is a very effective drug the chemical name is venlafaxine and this is this chemical structure here so what you’re really seeing here is in molecular key in your brain

That opens up the doorways to happiness and how it does that is by working on two specific neurotransmitters so the snris stands for serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor so in other words when you take this pill in shape what it does is artificially raises the levels of your serotonin and more clever indian brain pulling you into feeling that you’re on top

Of the world you just won the lottery even a rule maybe you burn it down around now it is very effective i have a lot of patients on this drug and i’ve been very pleased with the results in majority of cases the problem comes when is time to come back off of it and you have to pay the piper so the effexor make a venlafaxine produces this effect here the problem

Is that when you try to come back off of it especially if you are rapidly that smile that it creates turns it upside down into a frown and it also comes bundled with a bunch of other side effects that’s why i call it the frenemy is your friend and an enemy so let’s talk about some of the side effects you can expect to get on suddenly coming off of effects are in

Fact the most common use probably within about to two or three days of taking your last dose if you decide to come off cold turkey aka zero 150 milligrams and sudden you drop it the next day at zero again that is not a recommended way to do it but this is what tends to happen to patients that are aware that or ignore instruction the most common side effects are

That people typically complected fall in nature so you can get stuck with headaches you can get insomnia where you just can’t sleep you can get sweats and interestingly enough the effects are low dose is actually one of those indications is for treating post menopausal sweats when you come off it though suddenly it can cause sweats of this home another complaint

That people really dislike on coming off of been faxing is something called brain shocks some people have described this to me is feeling like somebody took a rubber buy on in their brain smack them in the head other people have described it like electrical shocks and then i’ve had other people describe it as electricity running down their arm into into the

Fingers for example i’ve also had one way to tell me cause a very world numbness so numbness wrong multan lips so a lot of really unpleasant nasty side effects in addition to that you could also cause problems with dizziness so you’re kind of off-balance with some of the other cons or can also cause something called photophobia and photophobia which also has to

Do with the headache phenomenon or migraines so photophobia basically means loud sounds or excruciating photophobia basically means a bright light now hurts it’s painful you can also get brain fog where it’s just hard to pay attention and stuff this is not the type of scenario you want to be doing coming off of venlafaxine if you’re doing your taxes at tax time

Because you’ll hide you’re likely to make mistakes you also get clumsy the mention the brand fathers are all other autonomic side effects so besides the sweating you can also get dry mouth in in gastrointestinal system you can get vomiting nausea and then of course because the venlafaxine or effexor initially was used to make you feel happy obviously one common

Side effect of coming off of it is it made a mass depression i like to call this cinderella’s carriage i cinderella thinks that her carriage is a character but in actuality it’s still a pumpkin so whatever baseline emotional stairs you were going to have without it the chemical when you take a chemical away you revert back to the way we’re going to feel and

In some cases it can also be an illusion you may get a put an exaggerated increase in anxiety or depression because of withdrawal from the chemical so some people trying to do this on their own may also prematurely stop the trail of coming off the drug because it feels so rotten that they decided hey i i still need the drug if they had held up longer though and

Along the drug to completely wash out then they have found that they actually really didn’t actually need it any further they were just going through withdrawal symptoms so how long till he’s miserable withdrawal symptoms lasts most people that i see a blast for a bottle month maybe six weeks but i’m going to go through next a few ways that you can avoid this

Trajectory of misery the first is to realize that the same way that you started the drug where you gradually ramp the dose up or at least i saw you’re supposed to do it that’s how you should also come back down in the step fashion so typically when you first start on it you’re not going to start straight at 150 milligrams typically you start at 37.5 and you work

It up at 75 then 112.5 150 180 7.5 225 etc so the most common mistake that people make is trying to go from hero to zero to fats so they started high dose and suddenly crash and the nervous system just goes haywire because you pulled the covers off from under it so the first thing i recommend my patients when they’re when a trend comes back offered effexor or

Dental faxing is first of all to take great taper and i do it i tend to do it pretty slowly so the smallest dose you can get is a thirty seven point five commercially milligrams so what i often do is say every week drop them by that amount or every two weeks up until the very final 37.5 notes so when you’ve gone to the very last tragic the very smallest ability

If you get then i might do that once a day so foldy for silly two weeks and then if i want to give them a real easy descent off now after the once a day then i’ll do it alternate days so alternate days for another two to four weeks typically what i tell them is after the second week you’ve been feeling no withdrawal symptoms that feel fine you don’t need to

Do the distance to go all the way to the fourth week so that’s that’s method one for reducing misery come on so table another method i can do is to substitute he’s still taper but when you get to the end if he’s still having a lot of withdrawal symptoms like actually saw lady today she was down to this amount and four days ago she she ended she was doing the

Alternative snake and she still started getting the brain shots brain freeze and all miserable stuff so whatever i committed to her in some other cases like that is to substitute an over-the-counter herbal st. john’s wort the reason for that is the st. john’s wort has in a very natural mild ssr a i don’t get these two mistaken s nr a is serotonin and work and

Effort the st. john’s wort is just pure serotonin reuptake inhibitor but that’s that is still covering a few bases so i think that part officially boosts your brains serotonin level then you can fool it into feeling happy and pleasant again a final method in some some cases some people are so sensitive when they’re coming off of it that even those two methods

A part sufficient for them so one final trick that i’ve occasionally used is even though 37 point 5 milligrams is the smallest output or dose that is commercially available if you go to a firm a flouncy that does something called compounding nein lavetta pharmacies a compound can take the 37 point point 5 tablet and open it and reduce your dose by eat half of

That into a smaller on cat see so that just can again reduce the the steepness of the descent so a few people what i’ve done is put them after after the ratio 37 point 5 on even half of that so 50% then of the 37 for 5 and of course the fourth thing you can do small s fills is basically just a way to go that’s the most unpleasant to brutal so way to go eventually

If you don’t feel nothing your brain is very adaptive it will keep trying to heal itself so if you give it enough time it will gradually extinguish the effect and all those miserable withdrawal side-effects will basically take care of themselves so i hope you found this video on coming off of effexor aka venlafaxine aka the friendly useful edit to yourself or

Someone else that you know this try to growth going through some withdrawal misery right now and if you have any questions you can post them here on youtube sometimes i’m too busy to answer them individually but i do try my best and i hope you have a terrific rest of your week and thank you so much for watching thanks for watching get notified of new videos subscribe now

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