January 27, 2023

Effexor is no longer helping with my anxiety so I’m about to try a different drug. However I have to wean off Effexor first from 75mg to zero. My doc seems to think it can be done in 2-3 weeks. Let’s find out!

Well the time has come what a lovely entry to my video i saw my doctor yesterday and we both agreed that my effects or or been defect seen whatever you want to call it isn’t really doing its job i am not depressed but i do suffer with quite extreme anxiety oh god it’s dogs everywhere sit down so yeah we both agreed the venlafaxine is not not doing its job it’s not

Doing anything for my anxiety and i don’t feel at the moment that i am depressed so she said well let’s try something else for your anxiety and come off the effects all which i thought brilliant great and so her plan was or is he listening to me her plan which on hearing it at the time in her office i thought yep that sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan to me

Was to i i currently take 75 milligrams and i’ve been on it i’ve been on 75 milligrams for about four four years possibly five i can’t remember exactly four or five years and the side effects i get from it are no sex drive dry mouth and constipation that no that’s all that springs to mind and so she said well let’s drop from 75 and take half that so 37 point five

Milligrams as of tomorrow so this was yesterday so as of today and she said do that for seven days and then stop completely and then wait for one to two weeks until you feel normal and you’ve got no withdrawals or anything and then we’ll start the new drug so i’m not going to talk about the new drug yet because obviously i don’t know how it’s going to be your what

Its gonna do or whether if it’s gonna be any good so i thought yeah that sounds fine you know go from 1 to 1/2 to nothing because i think 37.5 is the smallest tablet you can get so i thought okay then i went online which i probably shouldn’t have done because i can be i’m one of these people that if i read the side effects i’m too scared to take a drug so when i

Started the effect saw i didn’t read the side effects i just took it and dealt with it and you know well i stupidly googled then i went on youtube and i’ve read and heard horror stories of what it’s like to try and get off it people that have tried and failed and gone back on it people that have had hideous physical withdrawal or you know shaking tremors brain zaps

Vomiting diarrhea dizziness and i’m scared back off scared myself and i’ve got my 7 days worth of here’s my box literally seven days i mean i have still got my 75 milligram tablets so i suppose if i find that dropping to this for a week i want to settle a bit i suppose i can chop one of those in half and and take 75 seven take 37.5 for an extra week or something

But yeah i am i am scared ah i thought i would do a video a day eat daily video of updates for people who are doing the same because maybe it’s not awful maybe it’s not so bad maybe you know everyone’s different so i’m hoping that maybe this will be a positive video and and i’ll cope and it will be okay so today is day 1 and i’m about to take my first half dose

And fingers crossed it all goes ok so wish me luck and i’ll update you all tomorrow ok i

Transcribed from video
Effexor – Weaning off. Is it a good plan?? No more Venlafaxine 😲 By Carolina Braidy Bird