March 24, 2023

My experience with Venlafaxine so far. Days 1-3, 75mgs

Be you um this is a review for a 92 present which is also used for psychosis and migraines but i have managed by polar depression um i was diagnosed with depression when i was 12 i’m 20 now got to be 21 and i’ve been on and off medications since then it’s been we haven’t really found the right combination of medication for me i was on you know plenty of antidepressant

You know like seroquel lexapro wellbutrin just prozac all kinds of stuff and nothing worked the work for a little bit but then i would just spiral down again or i would just get really agitated and like i finally went to a different psychiatrists because at one point i just was like screw this and flushed all that meds um but then i went to a different psychiatrists

And um this is when i was 18 they were just like you know you don’t have just depression like you were bipolar and antidepressants aren’t going to treat your bipolar disorder so then that’s when they were just like okay we’re going to go to mood stabilizers instead of antidepressant and then they give me lamictal or lamotrigine whatever you want to call um i’m

Now on 300 milligrams of that and it’s been it’s been great i started on 200 and was on 200 until recently and it just it i felt much better like i felt i felt stable i could you know sort of pick and choose how i react to things i wasn’t so angry and agitated and then i would just swoop back down to you know just depressed and then i would go back up and just

Be you know in the mania i would just be you know super super happy for no reason and then i’d it back down i was i’ve been on that for two years the two hundred milligrams and i just recently started to just you know spiral back down um so then they up my lamictal so now i’m on 300 milligrams and then it just wasn’t it wasn’t enough and they were you know i went

Back and they were just like okay we’re we’re going to give you an antidepressant to pair with your mood stabilizer so i was like okay it’s and they were like alright let’s give you a fixer um i was like okay and you know he he told me i would have you know a little bit of sickness dizziness you know but that was normal that it would go away um and then um that

If i don’t take the medicine he was just like you know then it’s you know you sort of start to withdraw from it he was like you can get very sick dizzy um he was just like oh it’s nothing major but it’s not comfortable it was just like okay you know i should have researched this medication but i didn’t i i just i needed something and he said that effexor would

Work fast so i took it and this is now my third day and i hate i absolutely hated um my first day within two hours of taking it i felt super nauseous i took it with food you know i drunk plenty of water um i just i felt just all for i was just so sick i couldn’t eat anything and then um i did drive even though you know they told me not to for at least the first

Week oh they started me just straight out on 75 milligrams of this and then i’m supposed to go to 150 next week um but like i was just it i felt awful um and then i didn’t eat nothing for the rest of the day but like salty peanuts and crackers because i i couldn’t stomach anything i would try to eat and just just get super sick um and then you know i took i’m on

I’m on hydroxyzine also for anxiety and sleeping so it took my hydroxyzine and then evidently in the middle of the night i was clenching my jaw and i was grinding my teeth um i didn’t i didn’t have any dreams i don’t remember dreaming or anything um and then i woke up yesterday morning and my jaw was extremely sore um and then i just i started like shaking because

I didn’t up sleeping to like noon and um i was like i was i was shaking um you know like i just i felt really jittery and just like sick so i was just like okay i was like it’s just the withdrawal symptoms that he’s taking is it because i slept so long and then hatton had to get my system so i went and i got something to eat and then i took my medicine and then

For about an hour everything just cooled down i felt line and then it hit me all over again i was just so sick i was dizzy i had no energy i stayed in the bed all day i got up one time and went outside for about thirty minutes and i just had to come back inside i don’t feel good it’s just awful um you know i haven’t i haven’t had energy to do anything and you know

This is just now my third day and i still feel the same way me and my husband were up all night last night pretty much because i started shaking and we’re making sure i didn’t clench my teeth um so that’s that’s pretty much where we’re at now um day 375 milligrams and this sucks

Transcribed from video
Effexor XR (Venlafaxine) Review-Part 1 By Alissa Sanford