May 29, 2023

My first video explaining Effexor XR withdraw COLD TURKEY!

Hi guys this is nikolas sam i’m here doing my first youtube video on medication that i’ve recently been taking called venlafaxine a lot of people also know the medication as effexor xr than the faxing is just the generic name initially i wanted to make this video when i was feeling better coming off the medication this is a video about withdrawals actually coming

Off of the medication instead of me going on the medication but i decided to just get this video done and over with i’m feeling terrible there’s not much i can do otherwise so decided i just get this out of the way so i started taking them at a fair medication about three and a half weeks ago now prior to this i was taking an ssri called lexapro or sc tala for him

That’s the generic aim of that that wasn’t working for my depression and anxiety so i decided to give venlafaxine to try it seemed like it was working at times you could tell it was a strong medication i was at least feeling something off of it some days i’d feel better than others but in the end it wasn’t a medication that was gonna work out well for me during the

Time i was trying to be treated for what the doctors had assumed was depression anxiety comes down the road to figure out that i actually have bipolar one and taking an ssri or an ssri while you have bipolar is not a good thing and can put you in manic episodes so that’s one part of this whole thing that i was prescribed medication that wasn’t actually going to

Help with the symptoms that i was going through even though the symptoms are closely related to what you would be going through dealing with anxiety and depression anyways i’m now coming off the medication i was taking a hundred and fifty milligrams the doctor suggested that we titrate the dose and go down so i was given 75 milligrams to take every day for a week

And then we’re gonna half that again so everything from 150 then to 75 for a week and then after that week we were done half that which was thirty seven and a half and then i would be coming off of it me being me i’m being stubborn and i decided that i would give it a shot and the first day i took the 75 and then the second day i just decided i wanted to completely

Come off of the medication i decided i’ve only been on it for three weeks and it can’t be that bad coming off and boy was i wrong i’ve been pretty much laying in bed most of the time been sweating a lot been just feeling the best i could describe is like flu symptoms extreme lethargy like i have been getting brings up there’s a lot of people have talked about it

I mean that this has been the worst this has been the worst withdrawal effects i’ve ever had from anything i mean i’ve quit smoking before both cigarettes marijuana i used to drink compulsively every day and i’ve quit that as well and i can say the side effects were nothing near what the the effects there has been today will be my fourth day without taking it and

I honestly can say i feel just as bad as the first day not taking it i’m hoping but you know give it another couple more days and inside of my system just because i haven’t been taking a long time but we’ll see and i’ll keep you guys updated as to how that goes it obviously varies like if you’ve been taking a higher dose then it’s gonna be harder to come off of

It if you’ve been on it for a longer period of time it’s gonna be harder to come off of it because i was taking a moderately well i guess it was quite a large dose but again i was on it for such a short period of time hopefully i can come off of it easy anyway this if you guys have any questions i would love to answer them i’m actually gonna start posting videos

More consistently at least once a week talking about some of the trials and tribulations of kind of just what i’ve been dealing with kind of what led me to start taking medications in the first place and seeking help the kind of confusion i had in my diagnosis how i feel now with my diagnosis being bipolar one and just kind of the treatment that i’m gonna be doing

Going forward and what i find is helping me i just want to find some way to you know take these sour lemons and make lemonade out of it and make this into a somewhat positive experience and share some of my knowledge throughout this and see if i could help you guys out at all if you guys are interested in a citalopram and how that affected me i’ll make a video on

That as well thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video like i said that the videos will be getting better as i get better and i’m feeling better i do have a better camera that i’m gonna be pulling in and i will take more time to make the videos and not be so all over the place but i just wanted to get this one done and out of the way i hope this

Helped at least one of you and if you’re going through depression anxiety some for mental illness just know that i am with you and you have a huge community that will also stand by you and just try to keep hope that tomorrow is gonna be a better day if you have any questions or if you just want to talk please don’t hesitate to contact me thank you so much guys bye

Transcribed from video
Effexor XR (Venlafaxine XR) Withdraw Cold Turkey By Deep Sessions