March 28, 2023

Hello, Everyone! I’m Olivia-Dior and I have hirsutism. Hirsutism is when you grow abundance amount of facial hair and body hair for a female. I show you how I get rid of my facial hair by going to electrolysis, spironolactone, vitamins, and birth control. I hope my videos give you support and confidence as I do my hairless journey.

Hey everyone is me olivia you are a long time no see how’s everybody today first of all you want to apologize it has been a very long time since i have been on here but you guys kept asking for it and i’m here for it and this is the electrolysis okay so the real reason why i haven’t been on here is because i haven’t been going keeping it certified 100% 1000 i

Have not been going to the electrolysis i don’t know if you guys remember about the last video i think i made i did say i moved and where i moved to is a lot farther away from the electrolysis that i would go to and i am just too lazy one to drive and two i do not have the money to go get my face done that’s the main reason why i haven’t posted anything because

Some of y’all beyond here if you’re like oh i don’t want to see anything less than electrolysis and stuff like that so i took it seriously and i just stayed ghost cuz honestly i do not want to waste my time making videos and all i get is complaints or people say they don’t want to wash them so i just gave it to y’all just like that like i won’t post anything like i

Won’t waste your time and i’m not gonna waste my time um you know to that point or whatever cuz i still have to record these edit these send them off make the thumbnails and stuff like i have you know other things to do so also okay so that’s update for the electrolysis for the spironolactone i have one up to two hundred milligrams for spironolactone and i take 100

Twice a day basically and with the meal or whatever but that’s really diligent update i did record this before but it’s like 11 minutes long and i don’t want to keep it that long especially for up day like this and ice especially since i didn’t do anything but my disappearance has worked out in my favor i have been going to school when i started youtube i was like

Oh i think i was a freshman in college but now you know my hard work has paid off i have pretty much finished my my prereqs basically and i have got accepted to a nursing school yeah so it did work out my favor sorry for being goes for that long but honestly if i’m goes for that long people if people really know me if i’m going goes for that long if something is

Happening and usually not a bad thing because i’m not like a bad kid or whatever but usually i have stuff up my sleeve and i just don’t say them really to anything like even if you guys like because i know something i found me on facebook and try to add me there’s once upon a time was gonna make a fan page for me um for my channel but i just i can’t keep with all

This i could barely keep up with youtube and half way little of my life then you know make a you know a group fan page or whatever and even like i’m my real facebook like i don’t share like i don’t post anything like you’ll never see any posting any type of a what’s up no statuses you’ll never see me doing that like i think the last status i posted and even like

I’m an instagram like i won’t post anything on there like i’m very private the owners my stuff is not private cuz one i’m on youtube and i do get messages through both actually both of those um thingies other than my email i get messages through you know instagram facebook and my email and stuff like that so that’s the owners one they’re not private or whatever

So yeah so i got it and no i’m not an lpn program and no i had never been a cna i’m an rn literate program so my orientations on january 3rd and i start in january 7th and i should be done in 2020 yeah yeah 2020 for my rn degrees so yeah so it did work out thank god yeah but that’s legit my update i was going to do like make it like a answering your emails uh for

Hirsutism um you know what i mean so like when you guys send me email i was gonna go like on youtube and answer them on youtube obviously i want to say your name or anything but that’s why i was going to do but i didn’t want to do that and you guys weren’t interested or y’all complain time why you want we’re like real electrolysis videos cuz honestly like these

Videos do take time i’ll try to make this as short as possible so you guys won’t be like oh it’s 1111 minute video and she’s not giving any information or not telling us update not only all the update and i don’t want to waste my time especially since i’m about to go to nursing school legit like in a month so i love lisa might like my last of my papers on saturday

Today is friday and that’s it and i start three more weeks basically after that so if you if you want if you want to do the email like i guess how would you call those like answer my letter i don’t know how you say them things but like i guess i will read the letter or whatever and now i’ll just give you my personal opinion a lot of the emails i’ve been getting

Lately since i’ve been ghost was about one dating whoa no one was confidence she was dating and another one was trying to spironolactone and hair loss obviously i haven’t had in hair loss i think the last time you guys saw me i was bald i stopped shaving my hair off last year and obviously my hair’s back so i mean not all of it but the majority because i am natural

Now so it’s been a natural again i guess i can say i was natural 14 years before i got my first relaxer so i don’t know it’s not it’s whatever but yeah i still have my hair my head so and it still keep it growing i feel like i still only benefit of having hirsutism cuz the hair on your head legit never goes away and i have a whole bunch of hair my head like just

Just ridiculous but um yeah but that’s the lid you the update of everything so if you are interested in i guess you call you’ll call it uh answering my letters i don’t know answer my emails i don’t know if you’re interested in that then definitely comment on the comment below or whatever and i guess i might get enough comments i guess i’ll start doing that because

I wanna see that’s a little easier for me to do that then they’d be like oh i went to electrolysis and this one happened to my face so yeah that’s it oh also for the hair removal i just been waxing my face you know what i’m saying so yeah that’s that’s all i’ve been doing so that is literally my update about the electrolysis update you guys wanted it and i’m giving

It and yeah so if you liked the video press like if you want some more press subscribe definitely comment down below if you’re ready for that if you really want that email talk thing and that’s it and i’m olivia doer and i’ll see you later

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Electrolysis and Spironolactone update By Olivia – Dior