June 4, 2023

This is my NEW Endometriosis Story — A life beyond Endometriosis Pain!

If i would have known that this combo of vitamins would have helped me relieve so much pain i probably would have been on birth control so much or i may not have me to go on lupron or i may not have even really have needed a laparoscopy it’s kyla canzater and i am just a that endo mom living beyond my pain and today we’re gonna be talking about managing your endometriosis

Pain and what i did to actually finally find relief that works in the past. i have taken my vitamins here they’re just, you know, taking my multivitamin taking my vitamin c taking b12 all that great stuff, but i didn’t really understand that. there was a true death the vitamins that i needed to understand before i got my combo, right? so i’ve had this book forever. it’s the

Intimate rios’s key to healing key to healing infertility through nutrition and i will share it down below but in this book they actually go through the vitamins so i picked up this book and it talked about the vitamins that i should be taking daily until i see improvement and then switch to taking it twice or three times a month two weeks before my cycle came on. i have been

Taking all of these vitamins consistently every single day. i had no pain. it was no flood of pain. there was nothing that came afterwards my cycle just happened. so i literally had to share this with you guys okay, so when my cycle came on it was definitely like the start of any other cycle i had to do a number two, which is kind of like the gateway to my pain and before i

Laid in the bed, i signal to my husband like it’s going down like coach in hemel your business i’m a commission leave me alone and i laid in the bed just kind of waiting to see what was gonna happen and nothing happened. usually i would lay in the bed. i would experience massive amount of cramps. i would experience you know my muscle spasms, you know a little bit of nausea

Trying to handle it in a way that did not need medicine try go to sleep. but flowing if that makes sense, but that was like the most that i felt i didn’t feel anything else um just taking it slow still like just trying to figure out you know what my body was actually experiencing and going through and it was quite lovely like that. was it the worst of it was my number two,

That was it? i did my number to it. i would on about my business and you know sometimes when i have my cycle, like some of you i would experience a lot of pain like those first two days and honestly the second day was even better like i kind of forgot that my cycle was on besides like needing to change my pad again, like i started my supplements a couple weeks before my

Cycle came on and the only other thing that i can attribute to helping manage, my pain would be acupuncture. so i’ve been doing acupuncture every week for the last three months acupuncture right before my cycle this time around too. i had acupuncture right before my cycle this time around and i think that you know acupuncture is something that is definitely however, i’ve

Been doing acupuncture for three months and feel like acupuncture played a part with me not having the extreme pain that i’ve had in the past i really do believe it was my supplements that aided and finding relief through this whole experience like to the point where i’m literally jumping on the phone with my endo sister like girl what vitamins are you taking girl? like stop

Playing get on this so i’ve sent people screenshots of all of our medicines or vitamins that i’ve been taking because i feel like if i would have known that this combo of vitamins would have helped me relieve so much pain i probably would have been on birth control so much or i may not have needed to go on maybe so but okay, but you know what i’m saying? like i feel like

My journey would have been so much more if i would have known i know for sure if i look into my vitamins, i would never have taken so much pain pills and i’ve had i shared my video about like the amount of pain pills that i’ve been on and i’ll believe that i wouldn’t have had to have a conversation about my liver and my kidneys and pain medicines if i would have started my

Supplements earlier, so this is not in any way shape or form a video that i’m doing or anything like i’m doing this because i know it works i have literally spent a lot of money on all of my supplements and it was absolutely worth it so taking my vitamins every single morning with a glass of water it was a little bit much in the beginning because i’ve never taken that many

Pills at one time consistently and i honestly feel like you know, maybe i had in my mind that because i was never when those people that was like i need one of those little pill kind of containers to but i got past that and i took all nine pills every day in the morning. i was never nauseated i thought that maybe i might get a little sick or constipated or something like

That did not happen do not experience any constipation when taking my vitamins, i never had any backup or buildup or anything like that and i honestly think that that is because of the tumeric pills that i was taking and you know turmeric because i was definitely drinking a lot of water during this time frame, but i’m he was yellow and that was a it didn’t smell didn’t have

An odor to it anything like that yeah, that was the only side effect. i can’t say that i got any headaches or any stomachaches or anything like that but i will say if you are experiencing some type of symptom like that you might want to break your pills up take some of the mornings. i’m the afternoon make sure you take that b complex in the morning and that in the afternoon

Magnesium is great in the afternoon because helps with bike distressing and call me down and mellow you out take me 12 or be anything in the afternoon unless you want to be yet, cuz that b12 is laughs i have been taking them consistently and i’m still taking them until my next cycle so i believe that after my next cycle after seeing how that goes then i’ll probably start

Tailoring my my supplements to be three times a month or twice a month or just really, you know, seeing how my body reacts to it but i’m still taking them every single day because what i realized is that i clearly had a deficiency of some sort when it came to the things that my body needed be a magnesium vitamin c or whatever the case may be clearly my daily multivitamin

Was not enough and we know it’s not enough when it comes to endometriosis or any other disorder that women with their bad area may be happy and i think it’s just really important to start this as a base right. try it out. see if it works. let me know if it works because i truly believe that this is gonna help somebody out there and if you need help tracking your cycle or

Tracking your vitamin intake in your medicine. i have a free mental calendar that i’m going to leave down below so make sure you download that it’s completely free it is just great with just keeping track of everything and i think it’s important to have a diary of some sort so when you have those conversations with your doctor about what your next steps are based off of

What you want in your life, like they know what you’ve tried they know we’re leaning towards they understand that you’re educated about your body and about what’s out there and that they’ll be able to be more researching things with you. alright guys, so i hope this video helps peace make sure you like subscribe and follow and i’ll see you on the next video. we’re gonna

Be talking about how to actually alright guys

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