March 24, 2023

INSULIN RESISTANCE, OBESITY, GERD: MEDICATION BREAKTHROUGH. This video has value for everyone who has CARBADDICTION insulin resistance, obesity or gastro-intestinal acid reflux. These insights are not beliefs or conjecture. They reflect real data from an extremely busy clinical practice dealing with metabolic health transition. Know the scientific truth about how your body works. Ask and answer the right questions to optimize your health! Whether you agree or disagree with our content, if we’ve made you think and ask questions, we’ve done our job. Leave comments below.

Hi folks this is dr rob savas and you know recently i’ve kind of had an aha moment about a topic that i just had an epiphany on it just was so obvious to me as i understood this and it is talked about a little bit in the literature but nobody’s really put this together so i’m going to try to put this together for you today and what we’re talking about is acid

Reflux heartburn and carbohydrates and i did a a video a little while ago on new medication that we’re using and i’ve been using it myself uh to experiment with it to understand it and i i had some epiphanies from the comments that you guys made in the comments section on that video and then also my own experience and it just it seems so obvious once you see this

Pathway clearly and what i look for in everything in science and in my clinical plaques is clarity of the pathway the path is true sometimes you can’t see it for the forest and the bushes and the and the twists and turns but there’s great clarity here so let’s talk about it for those of you that have acid reflux for those of you that have tried a carnivore diet

And suddenly found magically that the acid reflux got better that you were able to throw your prilosec and your omeprazole and things away because you didn’t have it that often or you could take your omeprazole every now and then but the reflux went away i’ve still got the hiatal hernia why has my reflux gone away and we’ve also combined that with a medication

That we started using very effectively love this medication and i’m not a medication guy i am not a medication guy i don’t prescribe a lot of meds i’m not not a fan of medications i’m not that doctor throws meds at people quite frankly i like to take people off but using this medication just epiphany so there’s a medication i took called it’s a glp1 agonist a

Glycogen like polypeptide or glycogen-like peptide number one and what this medication does is it produces it supercharges the release the production and the release of glp1 by the upper intestine the lower intestine now why is that important because most people are talking about insulin some people are talking about glucagon but most people are not talking

About glucagon-like peptide i hope i said that correctly earlier on glucagon like peptide i’m just going to call it glp-1 but glp-1 because it was discovered late doesn’t have the spotlight on it and probably should almost as much as insulin glucose glp1 is a hormone that gets released in the upper intestine as well as the lower intestine and the brain and glp1

Gets released in response to food in particular carbohydrates it’s a so-called there are a couple of them two or three of them that are out there forget about the the scientific nomenclature but what glp1 does is several things first of all it radically reduces the contraction of the intestine it slows the stomach down and it’s dose dependent so the stomach

Doesn’t the stomach stays full for a much longer period of time secondly it allows a slower release of food from the stomach and when that food gets to the lower part of the intestine so the upper part of the glp1 upper intestine glp1 release slows down intestinal a slows down stomach emptying it also that upper intestinal release triggers the release of insulin

So you’ve got this blip this early blip of insulin release and it blocks glucagon so it’s saying to insulin dude the sugar coming at you get ready get pre-released and it’s saying hey glucagon you that’s releasing sugar into the bloodstream stop doing that so it reduces the release of sugar and it switches you from a catabolic phase a breakdown phase to an anabolic

Phase which is where now there’s incoming you have to store and distribute this so that’s what that’s what that upper level of glp1 does as the fat and the other food that travels through the intestine gets to lower intestine a little bit lower down that triggers a second release of glp1 that goes back to the brain and says dude you’re full it is your satiety

Hormone now one of the other things that glp1 does very aggressively because it’s triggered in the upper release is triggered by sugar in particular is it makes you feel queasy it makes you feel sick to your stomach it makes you feel like i’m nauseated i’m throwing up i feel miserable when you eat carbohydrates it doesn’t do it when you eat protein and fat it

Does not there’s no upper intestinal glp1 response when you eat fat because you don’t need insulin so you don’t get that insulin bump right at the beginning and you don’t feel like crap because you want that stuff to go through the intestine when the fat especially the soluble fat goes through very quickly triggers that lower intestinal glp1 which says brain dude

You’re full and if you’re eating sequentially if you’re eating slowly you eat much less and you feel full for a very long period of time as that food is not being digested by the intestine just a beautiful thing the way the human body works but glp1 reduces glucose production by the liver increases insulin which is the removal of glucose and helps with diabetes

But the epiphany was this oh everyone’s got reflux the amount of people taking a meprazole the amount of people taking ppu um proton pump inhibitors ppis this medication that is highly toxic to the kidney that’s an awfully now we’ve discovered a dangerous medication where even the drug companies that produce it say don’t take it for longer than six weeks to six

Months it’s a bad drug but i knew it for my reflux well the needed reason you have reflux is because your carbohydrate consumption now you’re taking a toxic medication to get rid of your reflux or to control your reflux instead of just coming off the damn sugar and starch but we didn’t have clarity on that we weren’t sure what caused the reflux oh it’s your hiatal

Hernia half your stomach’s up in your chest oh it’s caffeine oh it’s spicy food oh it’s folks it’s sugar and starch it’s carbohydrates it’s glp1 mediated and if you don’t trigger glp1 you don’t get that response and the healthiest way to do that is on a carnivore diet now they’re producing more and more glp-1 agonists to make eating carbohydrates problematic so if

Diabetics eat less carbohydrate and their diabetes gets better and it works but it works particularly well in terms of eating less for weight loss for improvement of insulin resistance when you go mostly carnivore or eat leafy vegetables not the starchy vegetables and mostly an animal-based diet works incredibly well with weight loss and for rapid correction of the

Insulin resistance but that’s not why i’m talking about it i’m talking about it because the epiphany is that carbohydrates cause acid reflux carbohydrates cause acid reflux by a massive release of upper intestinal glp1 that affects the rate at which the stomach empties the stomach works simple simple to understand simple strategy to correct tougher to do in practice

But how many people have i not operated on how many surgeries how many tens of thousands it’s the second commonest operation i do is anti-reflux surgery tens of thousands of patients i’ve operated on and millions billions of people across the world suffering from acid reflux millions of people taking toxic proton pump inhibitors and all these medications to deal

With their reflux because they can’t get away from and don’t understand the carbohydrates so folks glp1 is an incredibly important hormone especially triggering so many of the diseases and more and more the drug companies are discovering and this is what i will give them credit now mistakenly so but they’re producing glp-1 agonist medications that trigger glp1

Release to help with diabetes and then here’s the interesting science glp1 is an enzyme it’s a polypeptide it’s a hormone sorry not an enzyme it’s a hormone that quickly gets broken down and the enzyme that breaks glp1 down is something called dpp4 so what’s interesting is the diabetic manufacturer is saying okay let’s produce a glp-1 agonist produce something

That triggers an overload of glp1 to help with the diabetes and let’s also give them dpp-4 antagonists if we block dpp-4 production the glp-1 effect stays for longer and that combination works extremely well so pretty smart when they use an antagonist and an agonist together to keep that glp1 elevated then your insulin production goes up your insulin resistance

Goes down your glucose production by the liver which is often paradoxical where you’re releasing sugar from the liver despite the high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes is blocked it also delays the release of fat from the from the fat cells and it’s a beautiful beautiful drug that works extremely well and while i’m not a proponent of drugs the reason i’m doing

This video is not to help to to get you on the medication so say hey use your natural glp one use your natural glp one don’t eat carbohydrates your reflux goes away and you’re not eating carbohydrates your diabetes is getting better your metabolic syndrome is getting better you’re losing weight benefit benefit benefit but this is the clarification this is the

Aha moment that i would love to hear gastroenterologists talk about more advise your patients not to eat sugar and starch but what do we do we tell them not to eat fat we tell them not to drink alcohol we tell them not to drink coffee or eat chocolate that was the aha moment that i had the connection with carbohydrates and reflux i know it sounds simple i know

It sounds small but it is enormous if you look at the reflux treatment industry just watch tv you see ads for anterior oh my heart burns so bad i gotta take this medication everybody knows what prior sick is because it’s so common i’ve made you think my i’ve made you understand the beauty of science and the beauty of seeing pathways that i get off on that i

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