February 1, 2023


What is up you guys welcome back to my channel if you guys are new my name is ashley renee on this channel we do beauty lifestyle and vlogs so if you are not already please consider subscribing and turning on your notification bell that way you never miss a upload so in today’s video as you can tell by the title we are going to be doing our skin update number

Two we made it we made it y’all new year new skin we’re doing this period so my skin care routine has changed just a little bit and i will show you guys a little bit further down the video what products i’m using however i did go to my dermatologist on wednesday so today’s saturday when i’m filming this i went wednesday and that was my three month mark of being

On the spyro and the retin-a so i kind of just want to show you guys kind of the condition of my skin that way you can see how three months of being on 50 milligrams of spiro and then the retin-a 0.06 percent so i think i’ve made a lot of progress in my skin i will try to put some photos for those that have not watched my first skin update so you can kind of

Compare now and then just to see the little difference i will say overall like the texture of my skin feels like softer like it is super soft it’s not as bumpy as it used to be i will say i have not been breaking out in cystic acne as often i will say they still come up but i feel like they turn over pretty quickly i mean that could be the spiral that could be

The retin-a but either way they’ve been zapping them out of here unfortunately i feel like my dark spots are still there my hyper pigment hyper pigmentation y’all know this from the last video i cannot say that word i don’t know when i went to the doctor he did tell me that i was not using my retin-a enough i told him i was using it like three or four times a

Week and that’s because i told you guys i’m i’ve been like buffering the retina yeah i’ve been buffering my retin-a so i will put on wash my face do my skincare routine put on my moisturizer and then wait 30 minutes and then go back and put on the retin-a but a lot of times i was like forgetting to put on the redneck with that being said my doctor suggested that

I try a different topical treatment other than the retin-a something that could be used day or night so what he ended up prescribing to me for this kind of next honestly the next six months was the epidural forte and it’s adaptolene and benzoid peroxide so it looks like that but this is just how the package looks i think this um cost me like 65 dollars but

They said it should last maybe like a month and a half you want to kind of start it slow like you do the retina so he told me to use it monday wednesday friday and then increase the days as i go on because this can irritate your skin so that is the new product for this next six months i don’t see him again until six months i am remaining on the spironolactone

Until the next six months i don’t really want to be on this long term my goal is to kind of be able to wean off of it however i still get cystic acne so i’m clearly still needing it and again i’m only going to be doing 50 milligrams and these are the 25 milligram tablets so not a whole lot of changes this is just a different topical treatment but i am excited

To see how the dappling and the benzoyl peroxide works on my face because i feel like the retin-a has been doing like excellent so i’m gonna give the epidural two to three months see how i like it if not i’ll probably go back to my ray nade but i will show you guys before i do any changes

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Epiduo Forte & Spironolactone Skin Update (ACNE DIARIES #2) | ASHLEY RENEE TV By Yupp It’s Ashley