February 1, 2023

In this episode, I discuss a medication typically used for depression and anxiety known as Cipralex (escitalopram).

Everybody welcome to another episode of drunk talk as always i’m your host gary campbell they are gonna be disgusting the medication known as eat citalopram or sip relax this medication is typically used for depression or anxiety now before we get started just be aware that this channel is to be used for information purposes only and not as a source for

Recommendations for your personal healthcare you have any questions about medication just direct them towards your personal health care provider so easter telegram or sip relax is taken orally in tablet form and we see it available as a 10 milligram and a 20 milligram table class of medication is known as an ssri or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor before

Somebody who wants to start using this medication there are some contraindications that a patient will have to make sure they’re clear of one contraindication would be if a patient was to have used a mono aiming oxidase inhibitor within 14 days of easter telegram reason for this contraindication is that if you were to use these two medications together you could

Experience what’s called serotonin syndrome this is a very serious reaction which starts off to present with flu-like symptoms but it becomes very serious and requires hospitalization now if an individual wants to experience serotonin syndrome keep in mind this syndrome can happen if you were just taking a citalopram or another ssri some of the symptoms you may

Experience are agitation changes in mental status my opponents hyperreflexia tremors and diarrhea severe cases when left untreated can develop into rhabdomyolysis seizures and even respiratory arrest some of the following things to consider are not necessarily contraindications but precautions as with all ssris easter telegram or sip relax does have a risk of

Inducing mania in individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder occasionally in these individuals prescribers may choose certainly over easter telegram it’s also important to consider that the induction of mania in these individuals may be dose related using this antidepressant there is a risk of self-harm of course the purpose of this medication is to aleve

Depression and move people towards a place in their lives where they won’t experience the self harming thoughts however it does occur from time to time when people start on these medications this is why it’s important to have a very rigorous monitoring plan when somebody starting a new antidepressant medication especially if they’re an adolescent it’s important

To note before starting this medication that there are withdrawal symptoms that can occur if you stop the medication abruptly these usually aren’t reported to be severe or very troubling however in some individuals it can cause some concern symptoms if they were to occur would typically start within one to seven days after discontinuing an ssri depending on

Which medication in the class it was people may experience headaches fatigue nausea and occasionally insomnia it’s less common that something like visual disturbances would occur for this reason is important to taper medications like this instead of stopping them cold turkey and by this i simply mean decrease the dose slowly over time so after being made aware

Of the country locations and precautions and somebody starts taking this medication it’s typically taking as i mentioned before orally as a tablet once a day typically at the same time each day if you can manage that they can’t be taking with or without food and there’s something really important to note when you first start the medication unfortunately this

Class of antidepressant takes weeks to find maximum benefit and side-effects typically happen in the beginning of therapy so for this reason when people start taking the medication in the first couple weeks they may be experiencing side effects but not experiencing much benefit yet for this reason many people stop taking the medication thinking that they’re only

Experiencing the negative aspects others because of this it’s very important that as healthcare professionals we tell patients about this so they know that they have to push through those first couple weeks to get to that point where they can actually have a chance of experiencing max benefit supra lux is typically started at a dose of five to ten milligrams with

A goal of reaching a dose of 10 or maximum 20 milligrams of course this would differ from person to person depending on whether they’re treating depression or anxiety and how well they respond now while you’re taking this medication as with all medications there are some side effects that you may experience the most common side effects that happen over 10% of

The time are diarrhea nausea insomnia fatigue nervousness and sexual dysfunction with sexual dysfunction typically with males we see a decrease in sexual function and with females we see a decrease in libido there can also be some changes of weight associated with this medication some side effects or adverse reactions that happen less often so 1 to 10 percent of

The time include abnormal dreams dizziness abdominal pain dysmenorrhea excessive sweating hot flashes or joint and muscle pain some very rare side effects so happening less than 1% of the time the abnormal bleeding hypoglycemia and orthostatic hypotension that’s all i have to say about easter telegram or sip relax today as always just keep in mind as i mentioned

At the start of the video this video is for information purposes only and not to be used as a source of recommendations for your personal health care direct any questions towards your personal health care provider if you’re enjoying the videos or find the information valuable you can like the videos share the videos or the most important one would be to subscribe

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