March 28, 2023

Escitalopram is commonly known for its brand name Lexapro or Cipralax and there are many brands out there in the market. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder

Hi everybody it’s your pharmacist here today we are going to talk about a cytoplasm now disclaimer this is not an advertisement i’m not being paid by any drug company it does not replace need to see your doctor or discuss with your doctor if this medication is suitable for you these are information that a pharmacist would give you in a pharmacy setting after

You have been prescribed the medication by a qualified doctor do not self-prescribed at home now if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button now and thumbs up without further ado let’s rock it essential cramp is commonly known for its brand name lexapro or cyprelax there are many brands out there in the market choosing a generic

Brand may be cheaper for you and it works the same acetyler prime is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor also known as ssri used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder if you’re interested in knowing more about how it works in your brain i’ve made an animation illustration for you this video is under the title citrulline i’ll put the link down

Below for you citraline is also another ssri so it works very similar to acetyl brand if you are being prescribed acetyl prime how do you take it follow the doctor’s instructions carefully the usual dose of acetyl prime is 10 milligram daily for adults your doctor may start you initially on a lower dose and increase the dose up to maximum 20 milligram daily if

You have liver problems the maximum recommended dose is 10 milligram a day take acetal operand at roughly the same time each day if it makes you sleepy take it at night before you go to bed if it makes you alert take it in the morning if you miss a dose take the missed dose as soon as you remember however if it is almost time for the next dose skip the mist

Dose and continue your regular dosing schedule do not take double dose if you overdose call your doctor or call the poison helpline of your country immediately do not stop taking acetal or pram or lower the dosage without checking with your doctor do not let yourself run out of the medication over the weekend or holidays continue to take acetyl open even if you

Feel well if you suddenly stop the medication you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as mood changes irritability agitation dizziness numbness tingling or electric shock like sensation in the hands or feet anxiety confusion headache tiredness nausea sweating shaking and difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep when your doctor and yourself decide that

It is time to stop the medication your doctor and pharmacist will guide you into slowly stopping the medication depending on how long you have taken the medication for it may take months to strategically slowly wind it off everyone is different in terms of the time frame but just accordingly like all medication it comes with side effects when a doctor decides

To prescribe you the medication he or she deems that the benefit outweighs the side effects you can discuss with your doctor the benefit and the risk of taking a cytogram acetylene can take one to six weeks before you notice its full effect and before that you may experience some side effects like dry mouth nausea stomach pain changes in sex drive or ability

Excessive sweating increased appetite many people do not experience these side effects if they do it’s usually really minor and it will go away in a few days if the side effects is severe and do not go away speak to your doctor at the beginning when you are first being prescribed this medication your doctor will want to see you more frequently to monitor your

Progress it’s important to keep and turn up for all scheduled appointments note acetal opera may cause angle closure glaucoma a condition where the fluid is suddenly blocked and unable to flow out of your eye causing a quick severe increase in the pressure of your eye which may lead to loss of vision talk to your doctor about having an eye examination before

You start to take this medication if you have nausea eye pain changes in vision such as seeing colored rings around likes and swelling or redness in or around your eyes call your doctor and get emergency medical treatment straight away tell your doctor immediately if you have thoughts of harming yourself or ending your life in the event if your doctor cannot

Be reached call the ambulance or go to the emergency department of the hospital tell your doctor immediately if you are hallucinating where you see things or hear voices that do not exist tell your doctor immediately if you have unusual excitement or a high temperature more than 38 degrees and above with agitation confusion trembling and twitching tell your

Doctor immediately if you have constant headaches long lasting confusion or weakness or frequent muscle cramps these can be signs of low sodium levels in your blood in severe cases of low sodium levels these can lead to feats or seizures tell your doctor immediately if you have a higher tendency to bruises vomiting blood or dark vomit coughing up blood blood in

Your pee having black or red poo these can be signs of bleeding from the gut tell your doctor immediately if you’re bleeding from your gums or have bruises that appear without reason or that get bigger now call the ambulance or go to the emergency department of the hospital if you develop an anaphylactic allergic reaction the symptoms are skin rashes that may

Include itchy red swollen blistered or peeling skin wheezing tightness in the chest or throat swelling of the mouth face lips tongue or throat having trouble breathing or talking having severe dizziness or passing out go to the emergency department immediately if you have painful erection that lasts longer than four hours this may happen even when you are

Not having sex go to the emergency department of the hospital if you have any bleeding that is very bad or can’t stop such as cuts or nose bleeds that don’t stop within 10 minutes now the above are not the only side effects of the medication i’ll put a link down below so that you have more information about it your pharmacist will be giving you information in

Regards to this when you pick your medication up from the pharmacy now the side effects that are listed on this list doesn’t mean that you are going to get it many people do not experience these side effects you need to speak to your doctor to weigh out the risk and benefit of treating your condition notes of precautionary acetylene can interact with many other

Medications check with your pharmacist before taking any medication or supplements including those you bought without a script from your pharmacy health food store or supermarket lastly one very important thing to take note is antidepressant act as a crutch to help you overcome things a little easier while you’re on this medication it’s crucial that you work

On self-help work towards changing the pattern of your thinking changing the way you communicate with yourself so when you’re offered you’re able to stand on your own listen to motivational speakers on topics of depression how to better your life talk to your doctor about psychotherapy go for counseling sessions meditation and etc now i hope this video is of

Value to you if you find value in this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel comment down below on self-help approaches that you have been using and it is deemed helpful let me know as well what other videos you would like me to make now that’s all from me today it’s your pharmacist cynthia with lots of love see you around you

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