June 4, 2023


So depression is a thing and it sucks pressure is often characterized by a persistence depressed we’re just so dumb to put the word in the description right yeah a lot of other symptoms include self-loathing hopelessness feeling an emptiness agitation suicidal behaviors or self-harming behaviors though self-harm can be related to other things and suicide doesn’t

Just don’t make for depression but no it’s it’s really there are many different forms of depression like the spiny ax which is it’s not severe but more long-term depression psychotic depression which is depression with psychotic features meaning that it’s like it’s like kosis that is attached to depression so when you’re depressed you also go through psychosis but

You’re not like permanently in psychosis it’s a kosis is just attackers reality can be delusions or voices or hallucinations stuff like that yeah russian sucks now there are many ways to deal with depression one of them being antidepressants now i’m personally on antidepressants on lexapro brand-name legs bro scientifically named a single oprah pretty neat my

Notes there is it’s kind of composition is 20 carbons with it’s 21 hydrogens and one what is that it has 20 carbons and 21 and one for m and two nitrogens n one round all that stuff up was actually my project i wanted to find out let me finish like i want to find out how many molecules of acetyl o brown are in 1 5 milligram tablet so i found the molecular mass of

20 carbons and 21 hydrogen’s and one full round and two nitrogens and one oxygen and i added it all up and it came out to be 324 point 43 grams per mole that’s a lot but i add a dot all up so and then i took that and divided 0.005 grams gets it which is also known as five milligrams because that’s how big the tablet is and i got zero point zero zero zero zero one

Five four one two moles with cygnets round so zero one zero zero zero zero two so i took that number that’s how many moles of a seat elope ram iron and five million times that by avocados number of a of a a habaneros number which is 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd i found funny enough there are one point two oh four times 10 to the 19th power molecules of acetyl oprah in

Five milligrams now i thought that was pretty cool now let me tell you a little bit about a su de la creme other than how many acetyl okra molecules are in one receiver lokrum does a super cool thing where it it is it is a time of antidepressant called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or an ssri now what that means is that normally when your brain releases

Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter into your synapses to connect with other neurons when there’s extra it scoops it back up it has like these special little proteins or enzymes or whatever they are who really cares these special little things that match it back up and take it to the sender stay back to the sending neuron but ssris it just doesn’t do it it just

Does it just doesn’t happen like it just it’s like hey don’t worry uptake as much and your body’s like okay cool that’s that’s fine with us science doesn’t really know by the way antidepressants aren’t really science we’re trying it’s like it’s like making superheroes essentially like we don’t really know what we’re doing but we’re trying we’re trying really hard

Like a living actually an education in chat was very baby but uh yeah we don’t really know why but the body for some reason having more trent neurotransmitters in between the space between neurons in the synapses it just alleviates some symptoms of depression for whatever reason like nobody truly knows why but it just does also another fun fact on serotonin 95%

Of the serotonin in your body goes to your gut to regulate digestion so that’s why a common side effect of being on a depressant is bowel issues like whether thought to be like constipation or like diarrhea or something like i like general like bowel movement issues that’s why eventually you want to get to students like oh i just have to make more than they come

Out but yeah that’s how serotonin works i guess on serotonin but the toe and ssri works and matheson specifically how is it a little brain work so i hope you guys enjoyed that you you

Transcribed from video
escitalopram By Tjaden Magdalene