June 4, 2023

A favorable first time tripping with morning glory seeds.

Everyone’s first time should be like this yo what’s up there’s someone that’s someone and welcome back to today’s report today’s report is coming from artemis off eurowood when this happened 2009 the substances used morning worries tobacco and ibuprofen added osa 240 seeds throughout administration orally gender male weight 200 pounds first prior experience

Alcohol and cannabis and the setting at home all right so here we have a report introducing morning gory seeds which this isn’t the first report i believe we do have a reported this up on the patreon and i think we did cover this in a combination at some point but this video is the first official one where we’ll break it on as you guys did vote for this next

Now if you don’t know morning gory seeds are known for being a naturally occurring psychoactive psychedelic most commonly you’ll hear about the substance lsa being the active compound but it’s possible some others may be playing a role notably another with surgimide called lsh now we have a whole report on lsh where we break it down but to keep it simple it

May be similar to lsd and effects while lsa may be more similar to mushrooms and if i were to guess this report is more lsa dominant which we’ll get into why i think that and more about these compounds than others after the report but this is a really good one in description one i’m sure you’ll enjoy so without further ado let’s dive right into this one day i

Was talking online to a friend of mine a few times away who’s quite the hippie type we had countless nights of rampant alcohol consumption together and half a dozen times smoking marijuana often in conjunction with the alcohol but nothing else he had tried mushrooms and lsd before though i hadn’t and i was itching to try something out i was curious and i had

An appetite for something new so over our online conversation he revealed to me his great new idea that he had tried a couple times and this idea was morning gory seeds he recommended to me that i shot with a couple packs and therefore get a free trip count out exactly 250 crush them as finely as possible mix them with applesauce and eat them around 4pm for an

Ideal evening experience i procrastinated probably a month until i got around to getting the seeds i went down to the local lows and bought four packs each containing 1.5 grams of seeds according to the label not being a debt shop lifter by any means i happily coughed up the eight dollars or so that the four packs cost me he had recommended to me that i buy some

Marijuana just in case i get nauseous however being the broken impatient bastard that i am i simply went ahead with my plans the next day without any weed i opened the packets and dumped the seeds onto my desk i attempted to count them losing count a few times but i can safely estimate that i had between 230 and 240 seeds close enough to what i wanted for me to

Be satisfied i put all the seeds in a pasta strainer a fine mesh one small enough for them not to fall through and wash them twice in my sink using the greasing dish detergent this was to remove any pesticides or chemicals that some seed companies use to deter kids from doing exactly what i was about to do after the early washing the seeds and letting them dry i

Set about as how to crush them i do not own a coffee grinder and i wish i did this would be by far the most easy and effective method by crushing the seeds what i ended up doing was double bagging the seeds in a ziploc baggie double bagged in case the inner bag ripped and then hitting them vigorously with a hammer this was surprisingly effective i was off of a

Crunchy crumbly powdery substance that looked like somewhat seen ice cream topping i ate a bowl of ramen noodles an hour and a half before ingesting the seeds and then mixed them with a bowl of apple sauce i eat it and everything went down pleasantly the applesauce was more than a perfect mixer and i was not bothered by any bad taste i then casually took a shower

And proceeded to mill around in my room waiting for the effects to set in i would like to state that in the course of this entire event i never experienced the type of nausea that i have heard described in so many morning gory stories aside from a very mild sensation a slight stomach discomfort which i felt a little more than an hour and a half after ingesting

The seeds i did not suffer at all and at no time was i even remotely close to vomiting although this may be attributed to my relatively low dosage the first phase of the morning glory experience is the weight and it’s also the face that sucks the most i was honestly expecting something close to a four on acid trip with vivid huston nations and delusions etc etc

And as such i was very excited and giddy for the whole thing to begin i have heard it described to me that mushrooms being absorbed through your digestive tract as opposed to smoked have a tendency to hide in a fashion such as nothing nothing nothing holy morning gory seats are not this way i was not hit by a brick wall of darkness i at least not in the dosage

That i consumed the onset was very slow and gradual though it was undeniable about an hour and a half after consumption i felt the first effects kicking in the onset is the second phase of my experience the first true phase of my trip so to speak i suppose it is a very metal thing i noticed myself becoming extremely relaxed and sedated with a slight warm tingly

Sensation in my body which was the start of a physical high that continue building itself up for the next hour and a half about 45 minutes after the onset began i found my thoughts becoming increasingly strange in noticeable ways my dad called out to me to help him take some groceries inside this was unpleasant as i felt physically sedated though not overpoweringly

Awful my speech became slightly jumbled and confused although i doubt my dad noticed after this was done i went inside and talked to another friend on the computer my state gave me many conversational insights and i felt way more immersed in our intellectual conversation than i feel i would have been normally the trip per se was nothing like i expected i did not

Have any visual hallucinations or even auditory ones there were some cool clothesline visuals that i experienced but the main attraction was the mental trip so to speak my trainer thought became very up and offbeat for example on the side of a package of healthy choices cans in my kitchen it said it’s all about the choices we make i became quite fixated on this

And thought of it as the secrets of life and living i analyzed my life and compared different aspects of it to him as a greek tragedy every two minutes i had some type of bizarre personal revelation this was quite amusing to say the least my perceptions for the most part were unaffected which was a massive contrast to marijuana and alcohol my vision did have

A slight change with the field of red dots in my peripherals but this dissipated if i focus on it my hearing i think was more sensitive during my experience as loud noises were much more agitating than they would have been normally the lack of perceptual changes did not discourage me though because i can see that my train of thought was that of an insane person

However not to give out any misconceptions i was not stupid at any point i never thought i could fly by myself on fire and live or anything like that i was simply over analyzing mundane things with an erratic train of thought my third phase was the peak and to be honest i’m not sure exactly when that occurred the entire intoxication process of the seeds is so

Slow that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when i was at the top at some point right before the time around which i peaked i went outside to smoke a cigarette this gave me a moderately severe headache which i then took one ibuprofen tablet for this was the only other substance aside from food that i consumed at any point during the entirety of my experience about

Four hours after consuming the seeds sometime around my peak i had a dinner in noodles and alfredo sauce with homemade garlic bread and water at no time did any of this food cause any nausea although stabbing the noodles with my fork proved slightly more difficult than normal the coming down phase was the exact same as the coming up phase it set the inverse it

Took approximately eight hours for the effects to completely wear off although six hours after ingesting the seeds i was for all intents and purposes sober although not quite baseline i also feel that when coming down the physical high wore off and i said the mental offbeatness was dominant i composed myself to meditation with candles and incense at about the six

Hour mark although i had come far down some of the closed eye visuals and sensations i had were pretty intense and i ended up wishing i had done that closer to my peak at the seven and a half hour mark i was tired and decided to go to sleep in the morning i was refreshed and in no way felt burnt out as with marijuana in conclusion i have decided that this was a

Very successful first experience for morning gory seeds and i think everyone’s first experience should be like this although i did not mind it i can easily see the erratic train of thought becoming uncomfortable for many people at the dosage i had i could always make it stop if i wanted to i more or less embraced it i think about 250 seeds was a good trial dose

To see if the seeds were my thing or not the advantage is as if someone was trying alcohol for the first time and then lay down and got the spins didn’t like the spins and then was able to make it stop at will those of you who have experienced the spins while laying down drunk know that unfortunately there’s no way to really make those stop but with the effects

Of the morning gory seeds i could or at least at the dose i took next time i plan to increase the dosage to 350 to 400 seeds and take them in a social setting with friends alright that was a good report i mainly want to focus on the morning gories for this section as we haven’t talked about them like that yet these seeds are native to mexico and latin america

And has been thought to have been used for centuries culturally especially among the aztecs and native americans it would be used as a psychedelic to help one achieve spiritual growth or for other shamanic practices there’s a good chunk of history with this substance and a lot going on with it now i said earlier many people bring out the substance i would say as

Being the main aquaid at play when it comes to these seeds at least that’s what i think the general conception is now but really there’s a handful of alkaloids that may be at play here lsh is one of those that’s also a baserdamide but there is another one that’s very similar in structure called ergometrine ergometrine is actually prescribed as a medication during

And after pregnancy the doses they use medically are nowhere near where they need to be to produce a psychedelic effect though but it has been noted to have activity with the 5 ht2 receptors in some batches of morning gories could possibly have a strong concentration of this which if this is the case not only can it help better explain the psychedelic experience

But it can also help explain some of the side effects you get from taking these seeds as in higher doses ergometrine has been linked to nausea and abdominal pain as well also some potential dangers concerning its impact on blood circulation which i wouldn’t doubt at the right dose with the right individual this could be deadly in some cases for another example

There’s another alkaloid called channel covine that has been found to be strongly concentrated in some versions of morning ori and this substance has demonstrated activity with dopamine receptors and mice but the point is morning gory seeds aren’t just urgent i would say these other aquaoids could be playing a role in the experience easily and at times they very

Well could be leading the experience but it’s going to depend on the concentration of alkaloids which with any given point it’s pretty much going to be impossible to find out without an analysis some species may have stronger concentrations compared to others but more research needs to be done to really clarify this and also i did want to point this out because

Not all experiences with seeds tend to follow pathology’s profile effects lsa itself has been noted to come with sedation and not be super visual itself but the thing is you can find reports where the experience seems to contradict this extremely in some cases i recommend you check out the report i am everything eyes shamans dimensions and alien surgery to just see

How strong i’m talking it’s pretty amazing to see that a lacerdamide is able to produce such a powerful experience comparable to that of a high dose of mushrooms or even dmt and visual content then if we take a look at synthetic lsa by contigo for example by alexander shogun we can see the psychedelic effects are pretty mild so i do feel like these other alkaloids

Can be playing a huge role in some experiences and plants so because of these reasons i’m sure you can better see how these seeds this user took was most likely lsa dominant as it was mainly a mental trip with some notes on physical impacts by coming to understand the plant better like this trying to understand more of what it contains we’ll get a better look at

How this experience unfolds and why some of these effects occur like for example another adverse effect that’s reported with the seeds can be vasoconstriction that is the constriction of the blood vessels which can be pretty uncomfortable at times but i wouldn’t doubt that some of the other aquaoids besides lsa is contributing to this effect so these are just

Things to be aware of but we’re going to end it there for today this was only the first look at morning gory’s and there’s a lot more behind it than what i presented here today but if you enjoyed this video and want to see more on morning glories or anything else at all let me know down below in the comments make sure to catch the next vote subscribe and like

The video if you haven’t already follow the socials send in a report join the discord and check out more in the description below it’s been someone that someone i’m excited for what’s coming up more bangers as always so stay tuned and i’ll see you guys next time peace out so you

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