June 9, 2023

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Oh god this is like bottom of the barrel youtube bad hey everyone i’m abby sharp welcome to abby’s kitchen today i will be chatting about keto and intermittent fasting enthusiasts everyone’s favorite doc dr eric berg but first let me type on my sponsor kettle and fire so i first tried bone broth during my sibo saga and while i never really got into drinking it

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Actually they even have a whole new cooking broth line and ready to eat soup line as well i’ve talked about the emerging research on collagen protein specifically right here but i’m personally quite encouraged by the positive findings for joint and bone health and since it’s just such an easy simple way to get more protein in my day it’s something that i can just

Add to the recipes i already love so if you want to try out kettle and fire to bump up the protein content in your meals and snacks check out the link in my description to learn more and you can pause the screen or look at the description to check out my general disclaimer including a trigger warning for those with current or previous experiences with disordered

Eating as always feel free to skip this video if it’s not supportive to your journey and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you are new here and ring that bell so you never miss out and also do not forget to follow me over on tick tock and instagram at abby’s kitchen oh boy where do we start we have a lot to unpack here folks but i do want to kick things

Off with a classic diet review from the man behind the healthy ketosis program who insists you need to do keto and intermittent fasting to be younger thinner happier smarter and less diseases that’s quite a tall order there bud i don’t know what you’re talking about but my gut says no but let’s take a look at what dr burke himself eats apparently every single day

From his video with over a million views i will usually get up about 5 30 in the morning and i will have coffee a very small cup of coffee it’s organic and i put cream in there whole cream and it’s grass-fed organic half a teaspoon of xylitol so i will drink that and then i’ll have about four of my nutritional yeast tablets okay i i just feel good when i when

I take this i get up early i study nutrition and during the time i might have a toccino which is a non-decaffeinated alternative coffee type drink or some more tea nutritional yeasts by itself for breakfast i’m a fan of nooch but this is such a strange suggestion like it seems kind of like a clunky way to squeeze in a plug for a product from his supplement line

Why not just put it in your eggs so my first meal is at 1 30 and of course i love eggs there are pasture raised organic eggs i put sea salt and pepper and they’re fried in butter in addition i’ll do six slices of bacon or three sausages or two grass-fed hot dogs okay with the eggs that’s a lot of saturated fat and salt in one go listen like i am a huge fan of eggs

And i’m also not opposed to any of these ultra processed meats in moderation but it does seem ironic that he advocates eating two hot dogs a day yet his website explicitly differentiates his healthy ketosis program approach from the traditional keto plan by suggesting you avoid processed foods grass-fed or farmer’s market it doesn’t really matter like these are

All still ultra processed foods that should be enjoyed in moderation because in excess they have been linked to things like heart disease metabolic syndrome cancer and all-cause mortality and this is just one of many examples where berg continually contradicts his own advice now i’ll do four ounces of cheese and sometimes i’ll throw some olives in there but i’m a

Little spoiled with cheese okay so this is the type of cheese that i like and this cheese is produced from sheep on a mountaintop in france i would love to know what would happen to mr berg here if the sheep who produced his cheese were not to come from a mountain top in france devastating effects i’m sure if i have an avocado i will also add that in there and

That’s pretty much my meal and then right after the meal i may consume about four tablespoons of almond butter with celery or pecans okay so if you’re going to go keto i say this is where you want to put your money i would love to see a greater emphasis on some of these plant-based sources of fat which provide the benefits of fiber and phytonutrients with less

Saturated fat sodium and nitrates again i’m not saying to not have your hot dogs or your bacon but rather to shift the proportion of our fat sources to plant-based where we can but i mean even still four eggs six rashers of bacon half a brick of cheese olives an avocado quarter cup of almond butter pecans and dairy butter all together seems like a lot of fat for

The old gut to process at once which is naturally the slowest macronutrient to digest most folks would not feel so good so i will add some my electrolyte powder wheatgrass juice powder in a mason jar shake it up and drink that down it seems to give me some good energy through the afternoon so i want to clarify this electrolytes and powders do not give you energy

Calories do and specifically for folks who are not in ketosis carbs are the energy source of choice i just think as a professional burke needs to be a little more cautious about some of the claims that he makes about supplements that he sells himself electrolytes are however helpful for some when doing keto or fasting because the drop in insulin can increase water

And electrolyte loss so if you’re feeling some of the symptoms of hyponatremia like headaches lightheadedness fatigue nausea and muscle cramps it’s worth seeing if a little extra sodium can help wheatgrass on the other hand isn’t stimulating nor does it contain many energizing calories or carbs but if anything it contains some micronutrients and it probably offers

Something kind of flavored to sip on in an otherwise kind of monotonous day so maybe that alone may offer the feeling of vitality and life now about 5 30 is when i’ll eat dinner okay i’ll have a huge salad i’m talking like about 10 cups okay all at once and i don’t do spinach i do other types of lettuce leaves and cabbage cut bell pepper i’ll stick sometimes an

Avocado on there maybe some other vegetables sometimes pork rinds and seeds roasted seeds that are salty with sea salt okay so then i’ll have my grass-fed beef or pork sausage which is from the farmer’s market again wild caught salmon as my protein and sometimes for dinner i’ll have the summer sausage probably half of this with cheese 10 cups oh dear lord like again

I’m happy to see some vegetables going on but this diet is screaming in digestion and bloat and this is one of the many reasons why combining keto and a very short intermittent fasting eating window is often bad news bears without any carbs we’re looking at needing to eat large amounts of very slow digesting fats and high volume fibrous foods all at once just to

Meet your nutrient needs and that is not gonna feel good or even be safe necessarily for the vast majority of his seven million subscribers listen if you’re absolutely convinced by the benefits of keto or fasting for you they can absolutely be had without needing to go to such extremes and that’s it folks that’s what berg eats in a day apparently every single day

And to my comment section warriors coming at me oh but that’s not his most recent one night a day i got you babes because i watched that one too and it’s pretty much almost identical like same same different year but with a little less commentary and that just goes to show how painfully monotonous this way of eating can be in his more recent video he includes a

Disclaimer that i can eat the same thing every single day and i assume that is the case at the end of the day there are only so many options when you need to meet your calorie needs on such a limited number of allowed foods but it’s important to note that diet variety is actually really important for long-term health not to mention the health of our microbiome so

This is just one of the many reasons why i would never recommend a diet as restrictive as this for the general population i also think that to share what you eat personally with a disclaimer that you know this is just how i eat is one thing i am actually not against intermittent fasting or the keto diet for the right person if it works for you and you feel good eating

That way amazing like you do you but when a health professional’s personal diet becomes the only diet they promote and prescribe we’re playing in grossly unprofessional waters no nutrition professional would only recommend a singular way to eat our job is to shelve our own bias acknowledge that all bodies are unique and to take into consideration an individual’s

Preferences budget lifestyle morals culture and unique health conditions and concerns we need to meet people where they are but burke’s pages are overwhelmingly slanted to cherry pick and present a strict keto intermittent fasting lifestyle as the key to good health he also is known to completely ignore the body of evidence to further his personal agenda and opinion

So for example burke states that the keto diet will decrease your bad ldl cholesterol but meanwhile a large 2013 systematic review actually found it to do the opposite further a 2019 review found that keto diets are not superior to other methods of weight loss but rather they have low retention rates have negative side effects and are associated with an increased

Risk of cardiovascular mortality so instead of citing the best evidence on these topics that we have he cites one super small study with like 66 obese patients aka not the general population that had a positive ldl effect it is scientific fact that’s not how we do science people that’s not how we do research and that’s not the only thing the knowledge doc as he

Calls himself has been known to give dubious advice about in his video on why you shouldn’t eat 100 whole grains in your diet he puts a bunch of scary words on the screen like increases weight gain fatty liver and cholesterol malnutrition with 10.9 million deaths under 5 years old like that’s frightening but meanwhile literally all the evidence that we have to

Date points towards the benefits of eating whole grains for things like cholesterol weight management and longevity like the evidence in support of whole grains of all things is pretty indisputable hard stop in another video he shares the best ways to get rid of love handles kicking off by saying this the medical term for love handles is a muffin top i’m pretty

Sure that’s not the medical term but anyways in this video he insists a bunch of exercises will help you get rid of your love handles for good but fails to mention that you can’t spot train your body fat deposits without losing weight overall like that should have been what the video said you can’t spot train i have to give the guy’s team credit for his click bait

Talent but when the content itself is also like total bs i get pissed i am so freaking pissed we also have to mention that a lot of the supplements study brands and cells are largely not evidence-based take his blood sugar support for example which i do feel is kind of crossing an ethical line in a lot of ways healthy people don’t need supplements to fix their blood

Sugars and folks who do need support because they have diabetes or insulin resistance should be working with their health care team on an appropriate safe strategy taking freeze-dried grass-fed bovine pancreas is not a safe or evidence-based way to fix your pancreas in fact there’s no evidence on the safety of this for humans and the only other product that i could

See that uses bovine pancreas is in dog food i don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum but no i also think it’s important to note that my team and i looked but found no mention of third party testing on any of his supplements which if you’re a regular abby’s kitchen viewer you know should be red flag number one and it gets even more dangerous than this he’s been accused

Of spreading misinformation linking vaccines to autism which is a dangerous assertion that has been thoroughly thoroughly debunked he also shares tips on what to do when your child does have autism including surprise surprise go keto cut out grains intermittent fast and detox from heavy metals honestly the fact that google hasn’t de-indexed this guy’s website

Is irresponsible as ultimately this is what happens when healthcare professionals overstep their professional boundaries and scope of practice i never want to disrespect the work of any allied health professional or paint them all with the same brush but it’s people like dr berg who give chiropractics a bad reputation let’s get one thing straight chiropractors

Are not dietitians and while they can use the term doctor they are also not medical doctors and this is obviously very deceiving and confusing to the public which is part of the reason why he was reprimanded in 2007. there were a number of grievances including selling bogus and potentially dangerous techniques and tests giving out advice outside of his scope

And constantly branding himself as doctor without clarifying that he was a chiropractor not an md again no offense to chiropractors i know there are a ton of talented and evidence-based practitioners out there but i do wish that they had a different designation that didn’t lead to this confusion same with nds who i also support but whose approach and scope are

Very different compared to mds ultimately i rarely watch a youtube channel that fills me with such rage most of the time when i critique the misinformation i see from influencers on youtube i feel some personal empathy and compassion because most influencers have just been misled on their wellness journeys themselves while they still should be held responsible

For their content i often think they genuinely don’t mean to do harm but people like dr berg should and do no better he was taught his scope he was taught how to read interpret ensight research he was taught he is to do no harm but with over 7 million vulnerable subscribers i see a lot of potential harm so please if you see one of his videos pop up in your feed

Scroll on by like nobody’s got time for science denial and on that note that is all that i have for you guys today if you like this video be sure to give it the thumbs up leave me a comment below on what or who you’d like to see your view next subscribe to the channel and i’ll see you next time on abby’s kitchen bye

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