December 8, 2022

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a gas molecule produced throughout the body. It is a potent vasodilator which means it signals to the blood vessels to open up and receive more blood flow. Nitric Oxide is responsible for the blood flow surge and stiffness that you get in the erectile tissue (both men and women).

Awesome so let’s see here go ahead and let me  know you can hear me and see me because today   i’ve got some amazing information for you today  so today you know it’s one of those things where   name is dr lauren right master lauren and one   thing about master lauren and his sexual kung fu  or whatever it is that he’s doing when

Gentlemen   go through and work with master lauren they’re  always in a different space so here’s the thing   in the throes of passion sometimes between the  stress of trying to make sure that you’re pleasing   this whole conundrum of how’s it going to go   this time i’m not really sure the whole excitement  of it a

Lot can kind of go in different ways   so what we got to talk about today is a way that  you can very quickly clinical data shows this   very quickly increase blood flow and open   up blood vessels to the majority of your body and  particularly to um the erectile function area so i   think what we got to keep in mind here

Is that we  always talk about nitric oxide and we talk about   nitric oxide in terms of blood flow because when  nitric oxide was actually invented not invented   but discovered uh you know the gentleman actually  won a nobel peace prize so when you think about   nitric oxide i want you to think about nitric  oxide is not

Only one of the key secrets to   erectile function i also want you to think about  nitric oxide as one of the key functions to life   flow is related to life to brain chemistry to   so what i want to do is show you the exact   thing that you can do before the throes of passion  during the throes of passion or even leading

Up to   blood flow almost immediately and i think you’re   going to be surprised because some of you actually  probably have already done this or already do this   and you know when you when you start to understand  the chemistry behind it then you’re like bam all   right so let’s get to it so the first thing i want 

To do is just a brief review just a brief review   important right so you know the basic pathway   and a lot of you may actually be on l-arginine or  l-citrulline in an attempt to boost nitric oxide   about nitric oxide is that you can’t take   a pill for it you can’t do anything like that but  what you can do is encourage

Your body to make   as much of it as possible so what we we’ve gone  through in previous videos we’ve talked about how   mouthwash can kill off your body’s ability to  make nitric oxide right we’ve also talked about   how if you’re blocking acid in your stomach and  your esophagus that can interfere with nitric  

Oxide production and we’ve also talked about how  being on a diet that does not include nitrate-rich   foods how that can interfere with nitric oxide  production and then we talked about it in a way   we’ve talked about how to augment and  increase nitric oxide production is what   of course green leafy vegetables and nitrate

Rich  foods which my smoothie recipes of of course are   packed in which are why so many guys have great  results with them so we take it one step further   i want you to go away from here understanding that  there’s a part of your body where so much nitric   oxide is produced that we never talk about that  you never hear

Anyone really tell you to focus   on this area and some of you are constantly in  a flux with this area of your body and it may be   reflective on your ability to sustain and maintain  erectile function and i think it’s going to blow   your mind when you see how simple it is to kind  of augment this area and to increase nitric

Oxide   about today study after study has been done   because when they first realized that this area  could be where nitric oxide production is like   skyrocketing i think they were a little confused  they’re like well wait a minute how does this area   have anything to do with blood flow so just to  kind of continue

Speaking about it now if you have   spent some time and you’ve taken my ed quiz right it it basically gives you a detailed   report as to where some deficiencies might lie  right but if i what i want you to do is look   at this picture here and what you’ll see is the  lining of the blood vessel right the lining of

The   blood vessel is what we call the endothelium so  as we age particularly after you hit the age of 40   as it did before and as a result of that   you’ll see it in that that first slide there   actually starts to not be as effective and we  need nitric oxide synthase to make nitric oxide   basically the lining

Of the blood vessels   are responsible for helping with the production  of nitric oxide and over time as those blood   oxide synthase starts to work a little less   and as a result of it we’re not making as much  nitric oxide as we should now the interesting   thing about nitric oxide is that nitric oxide is  made

And it disappears that quickly it’s made and   it’s disappeared it’s made and it’s disappeared  and it’s a gas so when the nitric oxide synthase   in the blinding of your blood vessels isn’t doing  exactly what we want the body is such an amazing   thing that we have another area that is designed  to make nitric oxide and when

They discovered   in through your nose and out through your nose   they had to say well whoa wait a minute   breath coming from the nose is it the nose   is it the nasal passages what in the world is  happening here but what is actually happening   is that you see these little tiny cavities in  your face these are

Called nasal sinuses and   give us trouble during hay fever season   the same area that you might get sinusitis or  feel stuffy nose particularly if you’re taking   what happens is the lining of the sinus cavities  are making tons of nitric oxide believe it or not   have been done where they have someone take   deep

Breaths they study people as they’re taking  deep breaths and then they’re actually studying   the amount of nitric oxide as they exhale but then  they’re taking it one step further to see if that   nitric oxide is doing what we know it to do which  is signal the expansion of blood vessels so that   blood can come rushing through

To where it needs  to go right so okay so i’ve blown your mind with   the concept of the nasal passages and the sinuses  so what this means then if you’re taking claritin   if you’re taking pseudo-fed if you have a sinus  infection if you’ve been relying on antibiotics   you may have actually thrown this area off   some

Of us are doing nasal sinus rinses to kind  of rinse the passages i mean because when they   actually look at the levels of nitric oxide they  can actually watch them decrease when these areas   are occluded right so if you’re a mouth breather  if you’re snoring at night and you’re breathing   hot air out of your mouth instead of

In through  your nose and out this is a big deal that’s why   you see some people advocating for taping your  mouth while you sleep because if you tape your   oxygen bathed through the the nasal sinuses   which is signaling your blood vessels to   relax and rush through the blood so that’s one  thing that you can do and

If you think about it   it makes sense right think about the times where  you’ve been so stressed out or just so ah and you   just take a deep breath in and out you kind of  instantly start to feel better right you actually   so one thing that i noticed about master   is that he always speaks about deep breathing  

With their erectile function and so what   deep breathing through the nasal passages the   reason why it works to help advocate for stronger  erections is because they’re actually helping you   make more nitric oxide which is helping make blood  flow now i’m going to take it one step further   there’s one thing that you can

Actually do in the  throes of passion and before the throes of passion   besides the deep nasal breathing that can actually  increase this process a little more so i think   what’s interesting about our bodies is i think   when god designed us he basically made all of  these other little areas so that if something  

Doesn’t go quite right we’ve got another area of  the body that might pick up on it right that might   actually do a better job than um than we thought  so so let’s talk about this a little bit so   our goal is to increase blood flow everywhere so  increasing by nasal breathing right we’re bringing   helping create more nitric

Oxide so more nitric   oxide is released and then when we get to the  heart when i want you to think about the heart   i want you to think how all this is connected the  red are the arteries so the heart pumps blood away   to where it needs to go and the the blue those  are the veins so those are actually going to the  

Heart right and so ultimately we want our veins  and our arteries to be as healthy as possible   erectile function what you’ve also got to think   about here is blood flow all the way here which is  a little further from the heart and what can we do   to increase blood vessel size even greater to have  a better response we call

That vasodilation so one   thing that science tells us now pay attention  to this and i want you to try it and i want you   to know that it makes sense we get vasodilation  or the expansion of the blood vessels guess what   when we hum okay so i want you to think about  this in in terms of science right think about this  

So we know that the sinus cavities are creating  nitric oxide and when we’re actually humming and   vibrating this area what is it doing it’s causing  that nitric oxide to be released at a greater   capacity so what i want you to try now is and it  makes sense right when you hear your partner kind   of humming a little bit making

A little noise  both of you get turned on a little more right   so this is a kind of guttural type of  you kind of want to be vibrating your  like that right it doesn’t have to be anything  super loud you know the neighbors aren’t gonna   actually going to do is turn your partner on   a little more because we all love to

Look up and  see somebody moaning in ecstasy but what it’s also   going to do is cause you to have a surge in nitric  oxide and that nitric oxide can potentially cause   have better results so i think my camera is dying  on me here so what we’re gonna do is take a hiccup   is for you to hum all right i’m out

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