March 22, 2023

🤗 Ciao, sono il 👔 Dottor 𝗠𝗔𝗫 della 🏠 PharmaMAX, che si occupa della pubblicazione, dei foglietti illustrativi o Bugiardini, dei Farmaci, in formato video, dove io personalmente vi leggerò i bugiardini. In questo video ti leggo il #Bugiardino del #Farmaco: #ALPRAZOLAM

Hello, i am dottor max of pharma max who deals with the publication of the package leaflets of the drugs in video format where i personally will read the leaflets in this video i will read you the leaflet of the drug alprazolam sandoz tablets sandoz spa last update 20 july 2021 what is it alprazolam sandoz tablets packs commercial information on prescribing indications

Posology contraindications special warnings and precautions for use interactions with other medicines and other forms of interaction take alprazolam sandoz tablet during pregnancy and breastfeeding effects on the ability to drive and use machines effects unwanted overdose pharmacodynamic properties pharmacokinetic properties preclinical safety data list of excipients

Equivalent drugs pharmacy esters what is alprazolam sandoz tablets alprazolam sandoz tablets is a drug based on the active ingredient alprazolam belonging to the category to benzodiazepine anxiolytics and specifically benzodiazepine derivatives and marketed in italy by the company sand spa alprazolam sandoz tablet can be prescribed with a prescription rr medicines subject to

Medical prescription package alprazolam 025 mg 20 tablets alprazolam 050 mg 20 tablets alprazolam sandoz 1 mg 20 tablets information commercial on the prescription holder san donà spa prescription rr medicines subject to medical prescription class c active ingredient alprazolam therapeutic group anxiolytics benzodiazepines champika tablets indications anxiety tension and

Other somatic or psychiatric manifestations associated with anxiety syndrome panic attacks with or without agoraphobia benzodiazepines are indicated only when the disorder is severe disabling or subjecting the subject to severe discomfort treatment period the need for treatment with alprazolam should be periodically re-examined santozzi the exact dose the optimal dosage of

Alprazolam sandoz individualized according to the severity of the symptoms and the subjective response of the patient the dosage indications given should cover the needs of most patients if a higher dosage is necessary the doses should be gradually increased to avoid risks of side effects in these cases it is advisable to increase the evening dose before the daytime dose

In general feel never treated with psychotropic drugs require lower doses than those patients previously treated with anxiolytics or sedatives hypnotic antidepressants oa chronic alcoholic patients it is recommended to always use the dose lower to avoid the risk of residual sedation and in case of side effects already with the initial administration it is recommended to

Decrease the dosage anxiety treatment must be as short as possible the initial dose 025 and 050 mg three times a day this dosage will be increased according to patient needs up to a maximum of 3 mg per day in divided doses the maximum dose should not be exceeded the overall duration of treatment cases may extension beyond the maximum treatment period be necessary in this

Way it should not take place without re-evaluation of the patient’s condition in elderly patients in patients with severe liver disease or impaired renal function or in the presence of debilitating organic diseases it is recommended to start with 025 mg two thrice daily and increase as needed only if tolerated agoraphobia and panic disorder in patients with agoraphobia

Associated with panic attack with panic disorder starting dose is 051 mg administered at bedtime for 12 days the dose of then be adapted according to the response of the individual patient ient dose increases should not exceed 1 mg every three or four days dose increases can be made from before noon then in the morning and finally in the afternoon bar evening until a

Dosing schedule three or four times a day is reached. more than 8 months in an international multicenter study involving a large number of patients the mean daily dose was 5.7 mg bar only in some rare cases it was necessary to reach 10 mg the patient should be re-evaluated regularly and the need for continued treatment should be carefully considered particularly if patient

And symptom-free patients under the age of 18 alprazolam should not be used in this specific patient group as safety and efficacy have not been stable discontinuation of therapy dosing should be tapered off gradually it is recommended to reduce the daily dosage of alpraz olam at an amount not exceeding 0.5 mg for three days some patients may require an even more gradual

Reduction contraindications hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines to one of the excipients contained in the tablets respiratory insufficiency severe hepatic insufficiency severe myasthenia gravis sleeping at night in patients with glaucoma acute angle closure the product can be used in patients with open angle glaucoma receiving appropriate therapy acute intoxication caused

By alcohol or other cns-active drugs hypnotic drugs psychotropic analgesics in the first trimester of pregnancy and during lactation aged patients less than 18 years see sections 42 and 44 special warnings and precautions for use tolerance prolonged use for several weeks may lead to a reduction of the hypnotic effect dependence on chronic use of benzodiazepines can lead to

The development of physical and psychological dependence the risk of addiction denza see the technical data sheet of the drug rcp access the site interactions with other medicines and other forms of interaction associations not recommended alcohol the sedative effect of alprazolam is enhanced by the association with alcohol this negatively affects the ability

To drive or use machinery see also section 47 effects on capacity see complete technical data sheet of the drug rcp access the website interactions reported in international scientific literature before taking alprazolam sandoz tablets together with other drugs such as daktarin gel of koderm lormic nikon for washing bar baths micotef gel cream neomedil solution

Nehoxi solution in alcohol nice col etc. ask your doctor or trusted pharmacist to verify that it is safe and not harmful to your taking alprazolam sandoz tablet during pregnancy and breastfeeding can i take alprazolam sandoz tablet during pregnancy and lactation gravidan and breastfeeding due to potential risks of congenital malformations already observed with other

Benzodiazepines do not administer alprazolam fantozzi in the first trimester of pregnancy there are insufficient data to see the and using machines due to the snc depressant effect of alprazolam patients being treated with the drug should be warned that activities requiring full mental attention such as the ability to drive or use machines may be adversely affected from

Effects such as sedation amnesia reduced ability to concentrate drowsiness dizziness and muscle weakness patients should be warned of this risk and advised not to drive or operate machinery during treatment these effects are enhanced by alcohol if the duration of sleep was inadequate the likelihood that he watches her if it is altered, undesirable effects can be increased

To evaluate the adverse effects the following were used and frequency estimates very common is one tenth common is one hundredth one tenth uncommon is one thousandth one cent rare see complete technical data sheet to the site overdose general information on toxicity as for other benzodiazepines an overdose should not present a risk to life unless you say

Concomitant intake of other snc depressants including alcohol in the treatment of overdose of any the same time should be considered treatment should be adapted accordingly and lethargy ia in severe cases symptoms may include ataxia hypotension hypotension respiratory depression rarely coma and very rarely death therapy special attention should be paid to respiratory and

Cardiovascular functions in emergency therapy following an overdose of benzodiazepines for oral use it is advisable to induce vomiting if the patient is conscious you can follow the gastric lavage with airway protection by tubing if the patient is unconscious if there is no improvement with stomach emptying, activated charcoal should be administered and if necessary let have

It in the stomach in association with a laxative in case of ingestion of large quantities it is possible gel effect persists even after a long period is that forced diuresis or hemodialysis are of no use flumazenil can be a useful antidote information the elimination half-life that i go to 40 80 minutes patients must be held under close observation due to its short duration

Of action additional doses of flumazenil may be required or the antagonism caused by flumazenil on the effects of benzodiazepines may increase the risk of neurological disorders convulsions especially in patients with epilepsy. comatose subjects the treatment is mainly symptomatic measures should be taken to prevent any complications such as blockage of the airways caused

By the patient’s own tongue or aspiration of gastric contents intravenous fluid administration may be useful to prevent dehydration especially in case of combination with other sedatives it is important to support vital functions, especially respiration pharmacodynamic properties pharmacotherapeutic group anxiolytics benzodiazepine derivatives atc code 15 via 12 alprazolam

Is an effective anxiolytic drug me for other benzodiazepines in addition to anxiolytic properties alprazolam possesses hypnotic sedative muscle relaxant and pharmacokinetic properties absorption after oral administration alprazolam is rapidly absorbed following oral administration the bioavailability is equal to or greater than 80% the maximum plasma concentrations are

Obtained by a preclinical safety data in fact treated for 24 months with alprazolam a tendency to increase in the incidence of cataracts and related to the dose in females and a tendency to disappearance of corneal vascularity can be observed also list of excipients alprazolam 025 mg tablets starch of maize microcrystalline cellulose lactose sodium sulfosuccinate magnesium

Stearate precipitated silica sodium benzoate alprazolam 050 mg tablets maize starch microcrystalline cellulose equivalent drugs the equivalent drugs of alprazolam sandoz tablets based on alprazolam are alprazig alprazolam a risto alprazolam aurobindo alprazolam doc generics tablet alprazolam eg alprazolam hexal ag alprazolam alprazolam mylan generics tablets alprazolam

Thinks alprazolam rachi opem alprazolam sandoz tablet alprazolam san front be updated to have access to the most up-to-date version we recommend access to the website of the italian drug agency aifa thanks for following me up to here i hope that the palm has been useful for you subscribe to the channel and you will be informed about the publication of the videos leaflets

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